Gan Israel Day Camp

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Kinder, School-Aged, Preteens

Gan Israel Day Camp offers an exciting array of activities, swimming and trips in a joyful Jewish atmosphere.  A summer that lasts a lifetime. The counselors are full of warmth, enthusiasm, and genuine concern for each child's experience.

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My child went to Camp Gan Israel when she was 3.5 yrs old and loved it.  During the summer, they had the little kids (<5 yrs) separate from the older children, which my child really enjoyed.  There were multiple fantastic counselors on hand, in addition to the family that runs the camp, so children get a lot of individual attention. They allow enrollment either for a full summer, half summer, or one week blocks.  The latter is really useful if you are trying to fill in gaps in preschool coverage over the summer.

If you can get him into the regular Gan Izzy (not the “mini” one) in Berkeley I would definitely recommend that for an active kid. But note that a certain level of maturity is required (100% potty independent, can get in and out of a swimsuit by himself, etc). 

Archived Q&A and Reviews

July 2015

 My kids are having a great time at Gan Israel Day Camp. I like that it is an outdoor camp; they are getting lots of exercise by running around and playing sports in the fields at Lake Temescal. They offer swim lessons at Montclair Swim Club, and the pool is just right for beginning swimmers. My older son is swimming after just a few lessons. The counselors are friendly and fun, and my kids come home singing camp songs, and excited to tell me about their day. Trips twice a week to many places of interest around the Bay Area. Highly recommend. Rikki

March 2012

Camp Gan Israel is the best! For families of all Jewish persuasions. My child is on the quiet side, and he really flourished there, and came out of his shell due to his caring and attentive counselor. Coach Rance from Playworks made a sports enthusiast out of our child. He was really dreading camp since he dislikes competition and organized sports, but loved playing all of the games with beloved Coach Rance! Pleased Parent

Feb 2012

I heard Gan Israel is a great camp with warm loving counselors. Wondering if it's good for a laidback Jewish family. We are not so traditional, just wanting to show my kids some Jewish spirit! Jewish Mom

I highly recommend Camp Gan Israel. We are a family that is pretty ''laid back'' about Judaism, as well (after almost 20 years in the Bay Area, we only just joined a synogogue). I was definitely nervous about Camp Gan Israel, but the bottom line for me was how much my kids LOVED going everyday. They really connected with the other kids and the counselors. There are amazing activities planned on those days they are not on field trips. The camp calendar is already online.

Camp Gan Izzy provided fun experiences for my kids all summer long. The kids love it and the parents aren't ever made to feel uncomfortable about the level of Judaism they practice at home. As an aside, my daughter refused to wear long skirts and was never made to feel uncomfortable about wearing shorts or leggings. I was also very pleased that she became a stronger swimmer after her twice a week lessons at the Montclair Swim club.

Please don't hesitate to contact me directly to answer any questions you have. Daphne

My kids went to Camp Gan Israel last summer, and I found the counselors to be quite abrupt and not very enthusiastic. They would sing the songs and stuff in a way that made me feel they were just trying to get through them to be done. The rest of the camp was okay - great field trips, but kind of disorganized. Plus, now that they have my phone number they won't stop calling me. Better camps out there

July 2011

My son and daughter are both begging me to send them for the entire summer because of the wonderful feelings they have. Camp Gan Israel Berkeley is the most loving, spiritual, fun, good feeling, Jewish camp in all the camps we have been to. Both my children are absolutely in love with the counselors, the Ferris family and all the activities, and honestly I am too. Your love and kindness cannot be matched ANYWHERE else. You guys are #1. Spaces still available for 2nd session! Happy Camp Gan Israel Parent

Feb 2010

Camp Gan Israel Berkeley is a summer camp dedicated to enriching the lives of children from diverse Jewish backgrounds and affiliations through a stimulating camping experience. June 21-July 30 2010 9-3:30 p.m. At beautiful Lake Temescal. happy camper's Dad

Jan 2010

My son attended Camp Gan Izzy for the very first time this past summer and had a blast.

They do a LOT of different activities and field trips,and kids are separated according to their age.

Rabbi Ferris and Mrs. Ferris are there every day greeting the parents and the kids and to answer any question you might have.

Staff are friendly and engaged with the kids and teach a lot of jewish traditions and stories.

I am definitely a Happy Mom of a Happy camper!