Camp Augusta

Outside the Bay Area
School-Aged, All Ages
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Located in Nevada City, CA

Parent Reviews

Parents, Sign in to post a review on this page. MIGHT still have a few spots.  They are one of the few camps that fills 100% every year.  It is incredible - partially because they train the counselors!  At many summer camps the staff arrives on Friday and the kids on Saturday.  At Camp Augusta, the staff has week of training clear communication and challenge by choice.  It is truly lovely.

Archived Q&A and Reviews

    April 2014

    Re: Outdoor/ camping summer camp for 13yr old boy
    Check out the wonderful Camp Augusta near grass valley. They are great. I go for family camp

    May 2007

    Re: Seeking outdoor camp for 14-15 year old boys
    My 2 boys, now ages 12 and 15, have attended Camp Augusta for several years and both like it. It is a sleepaway camp in the Sierra foothills and all the activities you mentioned, and more, are available. However, it's not cheap and tends to fill up quickly. Here's the website: Camper mom