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  • Long term SFO Parking

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    We are heading to the east coast for 2 weeks over the holidays. In the past, we have used Park n' Fly, and it has worked well, but they recently jacked up their rates, and their reviews have plummeted, so we are loath to give them another shot. Can people recommend a safe place with a regular shuttle service where we could keep our car for the 2 weeks. We would love to pay around $10/day. Thank you

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    If you are not locked in to driving to SFO, and you live in Berkeley or Oakland, GigCar just announced that their cars can now be dropped off at SFO. They're a car-sharing service, and the cars can be parked anywhere in Berkeley or Oakland (and now, SFO). It's an app, so you can lock/unlock the car from your phone. The cost for the car should be about $15 each way. I've used GigCar myself and it's been pretty easy. I plan to use GigCar myself now anytime I need to get to SFO.

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    We used (and liked) SkyPark at 1000 San Mateo Ave in San Bruno. Very smooth transitions, and it was affordable (as of about a year ago). They have valet and both indoor and outdoor parking (outdoor being cheaper). I think they encourage looking online for coupons. 

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    Have you ever done the airport/long-term parking at Millbrae BART?   It's our absolute favorite SFO trick. It's only $7/day, and it's a one-stop, $3 ride to SFO.  (Aside, I once used SFO on-site long-term parking when parking for work, and their shuttle bus took longer terminal-to-car than hopping on BART to Millbrae - it's super fast.)   Often we'll have one person go from plane > Millbrae after landing to snag the car, and meet the other person and our bags in the arrivals area to save on a BART fare and speed-up getting home.    Also, if your trip begins or ends on a weekend or holiday, you don't pay for those weekend/holiday days.  (You do pay for weekend days in the middle of the trip.)

    While I know some dislike BART, we've generally found the Millbrae > SFO segment to be uncrowded, clean, regular, and easier than any off the offsite services and their shuttles.  Plus, if you're coming/going before or after BART runs, it's a very minimal $8-10 Uber ride to the terminal.    

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  • Baby to SFO

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    We have a trip coming up and need to get our son to SFO.  We do not live by the Bart and were really hoping not to have to bring his car seat.  Does anyone have any reliable recommendations?  Thanks! 

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    We have used a car service that had their own seat.  It was $100 from Oakland.  Best money I have spent in awhile as you get dropped off and picked up and don't have to worry about getting on an off of shuttles with strollers, etc.  For a 2 week trip, we would have spent more than that on a garage anyway.  We used Welcome Limo.

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    There's a company called 'airport taxi cab services' where you can request a taxi with a car seat. My wife and I used them when we had to go to SFO with our daughter.

    RE: Baby to SFO ()

    We just flew with our daughter and used ABC Shuttle Service -- door-to-door pickup and they will put a carseat in the van for $10. I might double-check the installation though, as our driver installed it WAY too loose. For what it's worth, we brought our daughter's car seat with us (used it on the plane) and found that it was very helpful for getting her around the airport (we bought a GoGoBabyz stroller/cart which let us strap her convertible carseat in and basically treat her like an additional piece of carryon luggage ;))

  • We are looking for a reliable and affordable taxi service provider to pick up 4 adults and 1 child from our house in Alameda, and drive us to SF Airport on Friday, July 17th, in the afternoon. We have four 28" upright spinner suitcases.

    Please let me know if you have had good experience with a taxi driver or company in the past and would like to recommend them.

    Thanks and happy July 4th!

    We love Bassa Limo. They are a family-owned business in Alameda, very reliable and reasonable.

    We have had great experiences with Thunder Cab. Always reliable and responsive.

    Bassa Limo- +1 (415) 640-0888

    local Alameda family, we have use them several times and they are very reliable.

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SFO Airport Car Service Recommendation

Aug 2015

We, a family of 3, are coming back from an international flight into SFO on a weekday rush hour afternoon and would like to have a car take us home. Can anyone recommend a reliable company that they have used in the past? Thank you vmn

Hi - We have used Red Tie transportation several times. It's expensive for an individual, but for a family works out to be about the same cost as less convenient shuttles as they charge per trip, not per person. Door to door service without multiple stops. The drivers have always been on time and extremely courteous and helpful, even when we were leaving at 4 in the morning. You should be aware they add a gratuity to your fee so you don't need to tip again unless you really want to. Make a reservation and call them when you arrive and they will meet you near baggage claim area. albanymom

We have used Green Carpet for a few years now; very reliable, easy to work with - not cheap but they are always there when they are supposed to be: info [at] Maggie H

Hotel near SFO that offers long-term parking?

Nov 2005

Does anyone know of a hotel near SF airport (Burlingame?) that offers free, or inexpensive, long term parking when one spends the night there? I recall a hotel where we stayed the night before our early flight, took their shuttle to the airport, ten days later took their shuttle back. Very hassle free and a pleasant way to start a vacation. (Especially now with all the bridge renovations and time delays.)There was no charge for the parking, other then the nightly hotel rate. Does anyone know of hotels that do this? Or, other than calling each hotel, how to find out which ones might offer this service? Thanks! Heather

The Best Western in Millbrae does this (14 free days of parking & free airport shuttle to SFO), see: Also I think the SFO TravelLodge does 10 free days of parking with a stay. Kat

We used the Best Western in Millbrae last year and really liked it. Parking was free for two weeks, after that it was 5$/day. The hotel has a nice restaurant and a free shuttle bus to the airport every 30 minutes. When you get back, you call them from the airport. By the time the shuttle brings you to the hotel, your car is waiting for you. Happy traveler

Need reliable taxi service to SFO for elderly mom & luggage

Aug 2005

We need to take a taxi to SFO at the end of August and I don't find any recommendations for a reliable, clean taxi service from North Berkeley/Albany. I'm travelling with my mom who uses a walker and we'll have a lot of luggage so a van or station wagon would be good. We've had very bad/weird experiences with the local taxis here so would appreciate a specific recommendation. (e.g. one guy tried to 'poach' us by listening in on some other company's radio; another place never showed up, a third company didn't show and then wanted us to pay them because they did come later.) Appreciate any suggestions! kathy

I have hired Bayporter as a private charter to get from SFO - with many bags and arriving late at night with my family. This means you don't have to drive around and around dropping people off (or picking them up). Bayporter just goes from the airport to your house and you are the only passenger. They also obviously provide this service going in the other direction. It is a flat cost, about $75, which may seem like a lot, but would probably be about what a taxi would cost on the meter esp. if the taxi is in traffic getting you to SFO. And Bayporter accepts charge cards... seasoned Bayporter user

Long-term parking at SFO for trip to Europe

Feb 2003

My family and I are going to Britain for two weeks in the early spring. has anyone had recent experience with long-term parking at SFO, especially at one of the non-SFO lots that shuttle you to the terminal? Security all right there? What about cost? I'm just weighing the advantages of driving our own car versus taking Bay Porter or whatever. Thanks for your help. Melanie

We have used Anza Parking on several occations when flying out of SFO. They are located just south of the airport on 101. Recently (Christmas) I think they were 9.95 with an internet coupon. We did try a shuttle service once which was great going to the airport but on the way back, jetlagged with 2 babies, we waited for ages for the shuttle and were then the very last delivery in a very full van that went all over the East Bay. Melody

Last time we went through SFO at an ungodly hour (so there was no public transport), we used private, off-airport, long-term parking: . It was more convenient and cheaper (a coupon helped) than SFO's own long-term parking. There was even free coffee and newspapers. I cannot recommend it, however, because the shuttle driver was simply reckless. A great pity! White knuckles

We go to England with our chilren every year to see the in-laws. As for parking - don't. Just book an air-porter. It's vastly cheaper and much less hassle. Have fun in Blighty! Julie T.

I've parked at ParkSFO several times in the past year and I've been pleased with them. The rate is $12/day and you can get a coupon for one free day parking on their website The other private parking lots that I've paid for I haven't liked as much for various reasons. However if you're going to be gone two weeks, it would be better if you had a friend drive you to the airport with all your stuff and take a shuttle home. Jessica

Regarding long-term parking at SFO. We have used the off-site and on-site long-term parking and found them satisfactory, but expensive. Recently a friend told me that her strategy is to book early morning flights and stay in a hotel near the airport the night before. Many of the hotels specializing in travelers provide free long-term parking in their garage and a shuttle to the airport. The cost of one room for a night (even for a family of four) was significantly less than a week of long term parking at SFO. Additionally, the stress of fighting traffic and unexpected delays on the way to the airport were eliminated as well. Something to consider! Happy travels rachel

Family of 5 with enormous quantities of luggage to SFO

April 2000

Two adults, three children, and one infant with enormous quantities of luggage will need to get to SFO from Rockridge next month (and from SFO back home again a week later) - I don't want to have to take two taxis - any better ideas? hopefully $50-60 each way? or have a magic wand I could borrow? Fran

Just did this with Bayporter and two adults and two kids: Kids are $5, first adult is $24, subsequent half. See:

Getting to SFO from East Bay: We have used both Airport Connection and Bayporter. For under $60, they provide private door-to-door service. Make sure you tell them you want your own van. Linda

SFO long-term parking

April 2005

We have decided to drive to SFO and leave our car there for a week while on vacation, for a variety of reasons. Can anyone recommend a good parking lot, that doesn't cost *too* much? We have our faves at Oakland, but we're not flying out of there this time...We're members of things like AAA, Costco, etc. if that makes a difference... Thanks in advance! vacation-bound

We usually go to PCA (Parking Company of America - 160 S. Produce Ave off of South Airport Blvd.) and use our AAA card for a discount. Also here is a website that offers discount parking all over the US: Unfortunately if you print out a coupon and use it at PCA they will not honor an additional discount with using your AAA card (only one discount per ticket). Have a great trip. Suzanna

We recently used SkyPark ( which is located just north of SFO. What I really liked about them was that you drove to a covered area where they helped you unload your gear right onto a shuttle-no running to the shuttle bus stop with 4 bags,a carseat, and toddler. On your return, you simply call when you get your bags and they pick you up and drop you again in the covered area where your car is waiting. They have a good AAA discount. Parker