Are there reliable and affordable taxi / transportation services to the SF airport?

We are looking for a reliable and affordable taxi service provider to pick up 4 adults and 1 child from our house in Alameda, and drive us to SF Airport on Friday, July 17th, in the afternoon. We have four 28" upright spinner suitcases.

Please let me know if you have had good experience with a taxi driver or company in the past and would like to recommend them.

Thanks and happy July 4th!

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We love Bassa Limo. They are a family-owned business in Alameda, very reliable and reasonable.

We have had great experiences with Thunder Cab. Always reliable and responsive.

Bassa Limo- +1 (415) 640-0888

local Alameda family, we have use them several times and they are very reliable.

I use an app called Wingz. If you use this link, you'll get a $5 credit towards your first ride (and so will I). Just indicate the number of suitcases and passengers, and you'll get a driver who has a large enough van for your family.

Wingz is like Uber and Lyft with the huge advantage of (1) being able to schedule a pickup in advance and (2) having a set price (no surge pricing, no rolling taxi meters). I've used their service a number of times and really found it reliable.

We just used Uber for the first time to go to SFO and return from SFO.  The driver showed up for the pick up within 15 minutes at our house, which is a distance in the country outside Castro Valley,  and at the airport within 6 minutes. We were  very happy with the experience.  Cheaper than a taxi, more convenient pick up times, and cheaper than leaving our car at the airport.  The price is determined by # miles traveled, more for weekends.  If you have a lot of luggage, request an Uber XL car.  Minivan with lots of room.