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Hello: Looking for recommendations for a good limo company for transport of 4, a pet, and lots of luggage. To SFO from East Bay. Do not want to use airporter services, would prefer a limousine service.  

Thanks very much. Cheers

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We have called on Eddy for airport services for YEARS and our neighbors have used his services for much longer than we have.   He is super responsible, on time, great car (and has a van when you need more room), and an excellent driver.   His number is 510 4100774.    Just to demonstrate how highly his customers think of him, there were several rounds of raising funds for him under the lock-down because he lost his livelihood.   That reflects very loyal and happy customers!!! 

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I have been using Oriente Lux Limousine out of Danville. We live in the Rockridge area and have been calling Tog, the owner, for the past 5 years. Tog and all of his drivers are wondering and so kind! We are a family of 5. I haven’t asked about taking out pup since she hasn’t traveled by plane but ask I bet they would.

Tog - +1 (925) 639-1326

safe traveling!



Good evening Jennifer,

Oriente Lux Limousine 

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My son and DIL got a big UberX to SFO for the two of them, two cats, and a lot of luggage when they moved to Greece a few years back.  Would have required two cars in convoy otherwise.  Went very smoothly. 

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We have used DPM Limo ( numerous times and have always have excellent service.

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I've used these folks many times. They're great and super responsive!

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We've used David at MCBT for multiple trips - he's very reliable and we had complex logistics - multiple locations for pick up, car seats and lots of luggage. Https://