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El Sobrante elementary schools?

Aug 2015

My family is looking at moving to El Sobrante and my daughter will be starting Kindergarten for the 2106 school year. We are looking at moving to attend one of the following schools: Valley View, Murphy, and Sheldon. Does anyone have any feedback on these El Sobrante schools? Thanks so much in advance! El Sobrante bound!

 Please come and check out Valley View Elementary School in El Sobrante!  As a member of the Parents' Club, the mother of an 2nd grader, and an incoming Kindergartener, and as a former Elementary School Teacher, I can vouch for the excellent community and dedication to the students that teachers, principal, and parents provide. Valley View welcomes both neighborhood and transfer students, has an excellent after school enrichment program, and provides school day enrichment as well.  Check out the website:, and feel free to call the school to learn about school tours. 

I have my oldest daughter at Valley View Elementary School (entering 2nd grade), and we love it! We have had our principal for 2 years, and she is starting her 3rd year with us. She is a fantastic ally to the school, the children, and especially to the Parent's Club. We have an amazing community of teachers, parents, and staff who are working together to ensure that our children are getting the best support and programs that we can offer. The school looks physically uninviting at the moment as we are in the very beginning of building a new campus. The temporary buildings are up, and the much needed tear down of the old facility will soon be under way. Don't let the temporary cosmetics get in the way of seeing the amazing things our school is doing. I am very happy with the teachers, support, and school, and am glad that this is the school my daughter gets to call home. When the time comes, my 2 younger children will also be enrolling in Valley View Elementary. Tabitha

Jan 2010

Re: Successful intradistrict transfer in West County?
We made a successful transfer to Valley View elementary two years ago. 50% of Valley View students are transfers. There are 2 other elementary schools in the neighborhood so there is plenty of room for transfers. Valley View is an excellent school. My daughter has learned so much from her kindergarten and first grade teacher. The principal is great too. In addition to excellent academics and a high API score the school offers about 20 after school enrichment classes. It also has a very strong parents group. Two thumbs up for Valley View! D.


Does anyone have any experience with the Valley View Elementary School in Richmond? Thanks very much. Karen

Valley View has a very strong PTA with many involved parents. They have a principal who's been with them a few years that they like very much. I can't remember her name but she has been very supportive and involved in obtaining several grants for various programs. It's a nice attractive campus. I don't know any of the teachers.I also know that they have a strong and sizable GATE program (Gifted and Talented Education). I have a good friend with 2 children at Valley View. They're very happy (and involved). If you contact me I'll give you her name and number. June