About Hercules Public Schools

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Sept 2009

My family is considering locations to buy a home and have honed in on Hercules. We like the thoughtful development of the city and that there are many young families there.

We don't know much about the public schools, in particular the elementary schools. We've met some families in the area but their kids attend private schools. We'd love to hear from Hercules families who attend the public schools there - what works, what doesn't, are there schools/parts of town that are better than others?

Our oldest is three now but we know it will take a while to buy and be settled before kindergarten starts. Thanks in advance for the information! Hercules bound?

We have been living in hercules for the past 4 years and love it! Our son just started kindergarten at a hercules public school. We find that they get a lot of homework and the class room sizes are small. For kindergarten we are happy thus far. It does seem disappointing that there is no standard schedule for field trips, but that really is my only concern. drea