High School Input Requested: Pinole, Hercules and John Swett

Dear BPN Network,

We have lived in the East Bay for the past 25 years and plan to buy a home soon. We are looking seriously at Pinole and Hercules. Our son will be in 9th grade when we move. I would like to hear from parents with high school age kids currently, or recently, in Pinole Valley High, Hercules High, and John Swett High. I am aware that West Contra Costa schools continue to be underfunded, but really want to hear first hand experiences from parents (and their teens) about the challenges and positives of their schools (school culture, activities, teachers, class choice, feeling of safety, and more). Also, if you chose to leave any of these schools, why did you leave? Where did you go?

I appreciate your candid responses. 

Many thanks


Parent Replies

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This isn’t a direct answer to your question, but if none of those schools ends up seeming like a good fit, Albany High School, which is within daily driving distance of Pinole and Hercules, is actively seeking inter-district transfer students. Albany High has a strong academic reputation and many extracurricular activities, so keep it in mind as a backup option.