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We are looking to move to Hercules and would like to learn more about Ohlone and Hanna Ranch elementary schools. We like that both schools seem to have racial and income diversity (our children are Black/Asian Indian). We are looking for a school with music/arts, parent involvement, strong leadership and teachers, and a culture where students feel supported (regardless of race, income, ability). We're not interested in test scores alone and currently have a child at the Glenview school in Oakland and like the principle/teachers and social justice focus. Thanks!

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We LOVE Ohlone and the Hercules community!

Our son has attended Ohlone since kinder, and is now in third grade.  As educators ourselves (my wife teaches high school in Marin and I teach community college), we have been very happy with the community, with it's focus on diversity, inclusion, and anti-racism.  It is an exceptionally diverse community in all senses of the word -- but also, we see integration, as is attested by the relationships our son has formed.  As to music, the program starts in 4th grade (we plan to join).  As to art, it was only twice a month (pre-COVID), but run by awesome parent volunteers.  There are many community programs for kids run by the city of Hercules (including the arts, dance, and so on).

We moved to Hercules 5 years ago from Albany (and before that, Oakland). We were nervous about finding both a school for our son, and a home for our family.  We've found it here.  Even though COVID has pulled things apart (as with all places), we still pop by East Bay Coffee for take out, and often see fellow parents or neighbors; on our walks, everyone waves and smiles.  We feel very fortunate to have found this gem by the Bay.