Sterne School

San Francisco

Private School
185 students
Email: info [at] sterneschool.orgPhone: 415.922.6081
838 Kearny Street San Francisco, CA 94108
Program Type: 
Special needs support

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My son sounds very much like your son;  very intelligient, sweet and a super hard worker.  Now an 11th grader, he thrives at Sterne School in San Francisco.  Any inconvenience due to the school being in San Francisco is worth the effort to get there.  Concerns regarding academic challenge will be taken care of with the tailored curriculum.  They provide opportunities for the kids to perform community service which helps on the college applications.  They also look out for his non-academic future with the Bridges program. That program worked with my son to land a job at the Exploratorium.  His counselor is always available if any issues come up.  He is earning his own money and is so fun to watch as he matures before my eyes.  So my advice is to check out Sterne School.

Archived Q&A and Reviews

Oct 2008

Re: High School for learning disabled teens
You should know about a terrific high school option for your child. By way of background, my son attended Raskob for six years (grades 4-9). Although we live by Lake Merritt, we opted to send him to Sterne School in San Francisco for his remaining high school years. Sterne has been around for over 30 years and was started by instructors affiliated w/UCSF's dyslexia program -- a pioneering center dating all the way back to the 1950's. Sterne has been fully accredited for many years, has a highly experienced and loving faculty, a cheerful and friendly student body (with a mix of dyslexia, NLD, Aspergers, and ADHD), a great technology program (employing Kurzweil, for instance), enrichment classes, optional tutoring, a new experiential learning program (students will go to Yosemite this fall), AND it has a brand new head of school, Ed McManis, who spent 25 years in executive and academic leadership roles at Denver Academy. (Denver Academy is one of the premier LD schools internationally.) There are many East Bay families who have placed their middle and high school students at Sterne, so there are reliable and convenient carpool, as well as public transit, options. We could not be happier with the education our 16 year-old son is receiving. Check it out at; or call Ed directly at 415-922-6081. You'll find him to be very friendly and down-to-earth. I'd also be happy to talk to you. Sincerely, Kathleen

Nov 2007

If you are seeking a great special ed. school, check out STERNE in SF(grades 6-12). WASC-accredited, STERNE has a 30+year track record of educating LD and NLD kids for success in their adult lives. Each student's needs are thoroughly addressed in an individualized instructional plan that the Ph.D. special ed. director prepares at the start of the school year. The plan is then skillfully implemented by highly experienced, deeply caring, and FUN-LOVING teachers. These teachers have the recipe for success for each of their cherished students! No more struggling! STERNE is small. Teacher-to-student ratios are very small. The latest instructional technology, a PATHFINDERS program, daily PE and enrichment, many social and community service activities, and a strong and involved board and parent community round out the wonderful STERNE experience. Tuition is reasonable, especially when compared to some other private schools; 1/3 of students are on financial aid, making for a socio-economically diverse student body. STERNE occupies a handsome former residence on Jackson St. in beautiful Pacific Heights, next to a public park w/tennis and basketball courts. Public transportation is just outside the front door. Students commute from across the Bay Area; e.g., we carpool with four EAST BAY families and use Muni/BART as back-up. STERNE is a rare, shining gem, and the academic gains that our LD child has made are the best ever. GO STERNE!

Oct 2007

I am a former Raskob Day School and Raskob High School parent (from which emerged the brand new high school, Bayhills). I am happily now a Sterne School parent of a high school sophomore. Sterne is an outstanding, well-established, WASC accredited, and State of CA certified middle and high school in San Francisco for students with language-based learning disabilities. There are many East Bay-based students who attend, so carpooling has proven to be easy, plus it's accessible by public transportation. I'd be happy to speak with you in person about these high school programs -- and others in the Bay Area (there are some great ones -Stanbridge Academy in San Mateo being another) -- and try to answer any questions that I can. Our search for a special ed. high school that focuses on language-based LD was exhaustive and took a few years to accomplish. We found Sterne to be the best solution for our child, short of sending him to one of those famous New England boarding schools, which we could not bring ourselves to do. If you will respond to this message by email with your contact information, I'll provide you with my phone number. Best wishes, Kathleen

Sept 2007

Re: School for intelligent child with learning issues
My teenage son has a language-based learning difference and attentional issues and attended a small, well-known special ed. school in Oakland for many years. Sadly, in contrast to the wonderful elementary and middle school, the high school part of that program was brand new, not well rooted, had uneven leadership and curriculum development, and was unable to meet his basic academic needs. Our year's search for a new high school paid off. My son now attends STERNE SCHOOL (grades 6-12) in San Francisco. Sterne has been around for 32 years and has an expertly developed and challenging academic program, operating in compliance with State of CA frameworks and custom-designed for LD kids w/ av. to above av. intelligence. Teachers are phenomenally experienced, knowledgeable, and caring, and the school adheres to small teacher-to-student ratios. A physically beautiful environment, the latest computer technology, including Kurzweil, a daily PE program, a Pathfinders program for high schoolers, expectation of work in the community, and a strong sense of family and school spirit round out the experience. Sterne is WASC accredited and State of CA certified as a nonpublic school. Our biggest issue was the commute from the East Bay to Pacific Heights, but, thankfully, there are 1/2 doz. families carpooling from Oakland. There are still other families commuting from Marin and San Mateo, and many from SF, of course. This school is both a gem and a life saver. Anyone with a child with LD in the Bay Area should check it out. anonymous