Ruth Asawa San Francisco School of the Arts

San Francisco
Public School
operated by San Francisco Unified School District
555 Portola Drive, San Francisco, CA 94131

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  • I have an 8th grader who is interested in applying to SOTA. We would love to hear any feedback about the school. We have no knowledge about the school and will be visiting for the first time this October. My child is very invested in the performing arts.

    Thanks so much

    My nephew went to SOTA many years ago and after SOTA he went to Curtis Music institute and New England Conservatory of music. He had a great experience at SOTA. The principal of SOTA while he was there is now at OSA(Oakland School of the Arts).

    As of a year or two ago, SOTA is restricted to San Francisco residents only.  The information is posted on the SFUSD website.  

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that does seem extreme. that said, my niece loved SFSOTA and i think if your daughter has a particular art form that she really really loves and really really wants to go to SFSOTA she will be able to get in eventually.

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My daughter went through 1 year at berkeley high and began thinking seriously about dropping out. she was very depressed there and hung out with kids that scared me. then we heard about the school of the arts, in san francisco, which is a regional public high school open to kids from all over northern california who are accepted, either through audition or by portfolio. the entire school is only 400 kids,but they are all passionate about their art. there are various departments, including theater and visual art. my daughter is now in her 3rd year at sota, planning on majoring in theater in college, and in love with life. if you think your daughter might be interested, their phone is 415-469-4027. Barbara