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Shy kids at Head Royce, CPS, Bishop O'Dowd, Tech(3 responses)
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Good Elem School(s) for Sensitive Boy?

March 2011

Our almost 5 YO son will be entering Kindergarten next year, and we've been searching for the right fit. He's a sensitive, bright, and delightfully intense boy who loves school. He sometimes gets overwhelmed in large or chaotic situations. He's in his second year at a small, nurturing preschool. We live in N. Berkeley and have entered the central zone lottery for BUSD (Oxford, Malcolm X, Washington, Cragmont, and BAM). We have also applied to some private schools -- Windrush, Berkwood Hedge, Park Day and Black Pine Circle. I was wondering if parents of other sensitive boys out there might be willing to share their experiences/advice/recommendations at any of the above schools? Or any other school recommendations? Thank you! Dizzy from the choices in the EB