Shy kids at Head Royce, CPS, Bishop O'Dowd, Tech

We're trying to figure out which high school community would be a good fit for my son who's kinda shy.  He's thinking about Head Royce, CPS, Oakland Tech, Bishop O'Dowd and Bentley.  We've heard about each school's reputation and read some older posts, but would love to hear more recent stories about how shy kids do at these schools (especially when they didn't start in Kindergarten or MS).  

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I've had one child at Bishop O'Dowd and one at CPS. My sense is that BOD might seem a bit overwhelming at first to a shy Freshman, but once he finds his place in one of the many clubs or music or debate or a sport, he will be fine. They have a fun orientation week for Freshman to make the transition easier. There's something for everyone at that school and generally it's a great community. Shy kids at CPS would be just fine as long as the school is a good fit. It's a small and extremely welcoming school, but the most important factor at that school is that your child is academically suited to it. It's not for everyone, but the kids who love it really have a great experience there.

Both of these very different schools start in 9th grade so everyone is "new." That was a draw for both of my kids.

We have a son at Orinda Academy and it has been a super welcoming community for him. I have seen shy kids come to the back to school day BBQ, barely able to leave the car and feeling comfortable the first week. The school is very aware if kids are socially shy and they work to make them feel safe, comfortable and included. As freshmen, there is a buddy system that pairs an older student with a new student to show them the ropes. There is a fall retreat where teachers and students build community and have lots of fun. The students at Orinda Academy are super welcoming, mixing grades with friendships and a place for everyone. My son has gone from a reclusive quiet kid to confident and saying hello to all teachers and students by name.

If you want to talk or message me for more questions I'm happy to answer! 

Head Royce was amazing for my daughter,changed her outlook on life. She went there in 11th grade, moved cross country from high powered Washington DC private school. At HRS, she realized she was smart, confident, etc. This was 2011-12.