Independent schools for reserved, nervous kid

Hi parents, I have a 4-year old girl. She is bright, curious, artistic and enjoys the companionship of her friends.  She is, however, also tends to be very nervous outside home -- extremely quiet during circle time, rarely initiates a conversation, and can't properly respond to adults' questions. We are trying to encourage her speaking out and be more adaptive, but of course it takes time and efforts. 

She will start K next fall, can anyone recommend a private school for reserved, nervous, and neurotic kids?  Thanks in advance. 

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Is it possible your child suffers from an anxiety disorder called selective mutism?  This causes children to be unable to talk to people/adults. A friend's child could have been described the same way as yours, and therapy and medication have helped her immensely - just a thought.

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I would urge you to check out Berkwood Hedge school ( It is a lovely, small community (100 kids total, 1 class for each grade). And I have especially seen shy kids blossom there. The classes are small (up to 19 kids) and the teachers are extraordinary.  Our son is graduating this year from Berkwood Hedge. Please ping me if you'd like details. 

Check out The Academy on Benvenue in Berkeley. It is a very small but academic school. I know of a few very shy kids that started in K and really bloomed at The Academy. The class size is small, so she will get a lot of attention.