Grass Valley Elementary School

Oakland, CA

Public School
operated by Oakland Unified School District
Phone:  (510) 879.1220
4720 Dunkirk Avenue, Oakland, CA 94605

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Oct 2009

Just moved over to this area and I was wondering about Grass Valley Elementary. Does anyone have any recent experience/comments about the school? Thanks! Jill

We moved into the Grass Valley neighborhood a couple of years ago and really like it. My child had been attending a private school beforehand. Let me just say that Grass Valley Elementary is the best kept secret in Oakland! It is considered a ''Hills'' school by those in the know. The principle, Mrs. Jackson, is a dedicated and passionate leader. She refers to the students as ''scholars'' during assemblies and jumps through hoops to turn kids into readers. She also successfully gained a three year science grant for the school in conjunction with Lawrence Hall of Science (one of only two schools to win the grant in Oakland). The school has a library and up to date computer lab for all students. PE, music, and art are included in the curriculum. So far the school is holding on to small class sizes, something they've actually paid to keep over the years. The school has not been very racially diverse but has been gaining in all types of diversity lately, family structure, religion, race, economics, I think the economic downturn had something to do with that. Mrs. Jackson and her staff are dedicated to making the school a welcoming and safe school for all children and families. So if you are looking for a school in which to be an active participant and maybe stretch yourself a little bit (depending on who you are) you can't find a better elementary education in Oakland. No Longer Paying for Private School

Oct 2009

Re: Elementary schools where African American boys thrive
My child just started at Grass Valley School, in Oakland and we are delighted with the school. It is a public school, predominantly African American and Latino children and the principal is an African American woman with years of experience and she expects ALL students to work to their potential. She and all the teachers, address the children as ''scholars'' and are really invested in their sucess. Unlike in many other public schools, class size remains small -- no more than 20 students per classroom.

I have found that my child, who until now attended private schools, is very happy, challenged and accepted for who he is. I suggest you look at the school, we are delighted to have found a public (free!) school that meets the needs of African American children. Scores are solid (824 API this year) and parent participation is good. Happy Grass Valley parent