Latitude High School

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Charter School
400 students
1112 29th Avenue, Oakland, CA 94601

Latitude is a charter high school serving students across the East Bay. Led by an experienced team from High Tech High in San Diego, Latitude offers High Quality Project-Based Learning and meaningful field experiences in a small, personalized setting.

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You didn't say the age of your child, but my daughter has a very similar profile and we've found a High School that meets her needs fairly well- Latitude High (a public charter school). It is a project based learning school with a block schedule, small groups of kids that stay in the same pod over the 4 years, and a wonderful special education department that supports her IEP. If your child is younger, I would encourage you to look at the site in general, they have a list of schools that may serve 2e learners ( Feel free to reach out as well and good luck in your search!