In+Addition Educational Center

Private School
625 San Pablo Avenue, Albany, CA 94706
Program Type:
Homeschool program,
Micro school

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Hi I have been homeschooling my 12 yo with the support of Valley View Charter school and he attends classes at a wonderful micro school with mixed ages in Albany Called In Addition. Vonnie is the director and can be reached at tel:(510) 693-1959

My son also enjoys going to Trackers homeschooling classes. Trackers is in Berkeley across from Ashby Bart  there’s lots of various classes and programs  

Good luck! 


We are also a homeschooling family in the Hercules area! My 3 oldest kids, ages 6-10 recently started attending micro school one day a week at In Addition:

It is run by two wonderful certified teachers who because it is :not: a school have a ton of flexibility in the way things are presented. Because of the small class size they can adjust to the individual child's needs and really give them 1:1 attention. The classes are roughly broken up by groupings of K/1 and 2-5, and 6+ so that the teachers can do differentiated instruction. For example, my 1st grader went on a hike to gather some leaves, which they then painted with shaving cream, and my 3rd & 4th graders engaged in a group activity where each of the children acted out a different part of city government (think mayor, parks & rec., etc.) It provides the types of group activities that you cannot get within your own family, but with all homeschooled children. This week they were working on haikus, and non-fiction reports about turkeys that live in the east bay, among other things!

Additionally, one of my favorite aspects of In Addition is how responsive the owner/head teacher Vonnie is. She is always reachable and does her best to accommodate schedules, which with 5 kids can be complicated! For example, I recently asked her about reading tutoring for my 8 year old, and she set up a small reading group which has led to wonderful progress!

Anyhow, I really love this place, and it fits in with our other activities nicely. My kids love going there and always ask when they will be going back! Feel free to contact me off list!

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In-Addition Educational Center

Oct 2014

A few weeks ago someone asked about one-day school options for homeschoolers. I didn't get a chance to respond then... but my homeschooled kids go to In-Addition Educational Center in Albany one day a week and it is the part-time school of my dreams.

In-Addition is run by a wonderful teacher named Veronica ''Vonnie'' Davidson. She works with kids of all levels using a geography/scavenger hunt sort of curriculum she designed herself. My kids are riveted. There is also plenty of time for play and for Vonnie to work one-on-one with students when they need extra help. Her space is cozy and just wonderful.

Working with Vonnie makes us all feel less isolated as new homeschoolers. She is a vendor for several independent study charter schools which helps make it affordable. You can sign your kids up for 1-5 days per week.