Alameda High School

Alameda, CA

Public School
operated by Alameda Unified School District
Phone:  (510) 337-7022
2201 Encinal Avenue, Alameda, CA 94501

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Archived Q&A and Reviews

April 2011

Re: Questions about Alameda Middle & High Schools
We live in Alameda and my kids go to Alameda High and Lincoln Middle school. They are both great schools. The high school has excellent teachers and a good AP program. It has a mix of students, with a lot of high achievers. Lots of kids get into great colleges and universities. They have high number of National Merit scholars. They also have a lot of clubs and sports to do, with a good Booster parent program. They don't have a lot of money, but our local Parcel tax just passed, so that was a good sign that there are some people here that support the schools. It is a little smaller than most high schools with 1800 students. Lincoln middle school has mostly great teachers, with a few that are not so great. It has about 1000 students, but most are good students. Overall, it is a well run school and a lot of PTA support. They also have a few sports teams that are funded by the parents. We are very happy with our experience at these schools. angie

Nov 2003

Re: Public school v. private school in Alameda
The short version of what I have to say about your question is that Alameda is blessed with a whole bunch of good schools and good teachers, including the high schools.... I have to say that Alameda High is a great school. About 80% of the kids are involved in extracurricular activities, including really outstanding art, music, drama, and athletic programs. Particularly for ''high achieving'' students [and don't almost all parents of young children who read these postings believe or hope that their kids will be that?], but I think for almost all students, AHS has really excellent academics. The A.P. program is very strong. Every year AHS students are admitted to the top schools in the country, including Ivy League schools and the top U.C.'s. Contrary to what may be a public perception, many of the teachers at AHS are ''overqualified'' educationally for their jobs. For example, in the history/social studies department, most members have graduate degrees. The science department alone has three Ph.D.'s teaching. The staff includes three former lawyers and a former Rhodes Scholar. Much more importantly, the staff is filled with incredibly dedicated, bright, caring, experienced teachers. There is a lot of other great stuff going on there too, but I think I'll end this here. It definitely is not "so-so." Rob