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Taking a class at a community college for PS credit?

March 2001


Has anyone had experience with their BHS student taking a PE course at a community college and getting high school credit? My son is having trouble squeezing in PE during the school year and it will not work out for him to take it at summer school this year. Any related suggestions? By the way, I am very supportive of PE and wish it was simply a part of every student's day as it was those many years ago when I was in high school. There are so many required courses that it seems a challenge to incorporate it. Thanks, Candace

I am very interested in trying to get PE credit for a child who takes PE outside of BHS. I have heard in the past that this credit was not given, even in cases of children involved in very organized and strenuous dance programs. I would be happy to be part of a lobbying group, if there are other parents in the same situation. Anne

PE at college-- Check what is offered at Vista, Laney, etc. if anything. It is possible to have what is called "concurrent enrollment." With this enrollment, you do not pay fees. The counselor and principle (or their stand ins) must sign the form. You need two signatures from the school plus parental approval. I think it is the records office or someone there who has to determine if it qualifies in place of the high school course. You get the form from Vista or sometimes Rory Bled has them. Check with your students counselor or Ms.Bled. Merle

I realize that you said your son could not attend summer school this year, but the best way to fit in PE credit for graduation is to:
- Take 2 PE courses during the summer
- Play a sport during the school year ... from volleyball to badminton to wrestling, etc.

The problem with taking PE at the community college is that most of their PE courses are 1 unit which translates to 2 units at Berkeley High School and you need 20 units to graduate. (Each BHS course is 5 units.)

I believe that the freshman class that arrives at BHS in August/September 2002 will be required to take a full year of PE during their 9th grade. Then only 2 more will be needed after that as long as the requirement stays the same.

Flora Russ --
Berkeley High School