Berkeley High School PE requirement

Our daughter will be starting 9th grade at BHS this fall.   She's not very much into sports, and we're trying to figure out the best way for her to take care of needed 20 PE credits.  She is busy two afternoons a week after school as part of her choir, so that limits her after-school time for PE.   She also wants to give herself room to take a fun elective class like video production, so it seems that doing PE as an in-school class would make that impossible.  Is her best path just to take the PE Waiver option and try and fit in the hours she needs at the YMCA?  From the YMCA website it looks like they're pretty organized in logging those hours.  For those that did this, did it work out well? 

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Our kid did Ultimate Frisbee recently, which required three 2-3 hour practices per week, and because they're all over the map literally [it's a club, not a school sport, so they have to use whatever school or city space is available], the times are dependent on when the coaches can get space reserved. My son practiced 7-9 Monday nights, 3:30-5:30 Thursday nights, and 10-1 Sundays, but there were several different options for them to choose from. Starting about February they're in game mode, so the weekend practices turn over to game days. They began in late September and ended in late May. It's a perfect way for busy BHS kids to get the PE credit.