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  • Hi all,

    My 14 yr old starts BHS in a few weeks and is interested in the Orienteering Club for his physical education credit. I've seen a few bits here and there about the BHS Orienteering club, but the info is a not precise. Can someone please connect me - so that I can connect my son - with someone who can answer his questions? 

    His questions include: 

    • How hard is it, if you're not athletic?
    • What days does it meet after school and from when to when? 
    • Do the practices include enough hours to count as credit, and if not, how do you make up the rest of the time?
    • When are the weekend meets? (Will it conflict with his Berkeley Youth Orchestra Saturday morning practices?)
    • How does he sign up?

    Thank you!



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RE: P.E. at BHS ()

Consider joining the Orienteering team.  They meet Fridays at lunch.  They have a handful of trainings (after school) and a handful of meets.  It's a lot of fun and a great way to connect with other BHS students.

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Dec 2014

RE: Alternative to YMCA for PE Credit?

My son is also a freshman at BHS this year. He joined the Orienteering Club at the beginning of the year to make progress toward the PE requirement. They meet every Friday at lunch and also once a week after school (either Monday or Thursday) for an actual orienteering practice. The meets aren't every weekend, so your son would need to make up the other hours doing other physical activity for ''training.'' Here is a link to an article in the school newspaper: http://www.bhsjacket.com/features/meet_bhs’s_adventurous_orienteering_club The are a nice bunch of kids and I'm sure he could go to an Friday meeting to just check it out. It has been a nice activity for my non-sporty kid who likes to hike around in nature. A New BHS Parent