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  • Ride Shares for Young Kids?

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    Hi!  I was wondering if anyone has used kids ride share services (like Zum) for young kids (kindergarten age) - to get their kids from school to home/after school activities?  If so, which one, and what was your experience?  Thanks so much for the insights!!

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    We just tried Zum a week or two ago. We ordered the day before for a ride at noon, were told it was all set. My husband checked the app in the morning and it said there was no driver (they didn't actively attempt to notify us of this). We cancelled the request and rearranged work schedules so we could shuttle him at noon that day. That was our only experience.

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    We have used HopSkipDrive for our kindergartener for emergencies. It worked without a hitch but it is not cheap and it’s a little weird that a stranger shows up to pick up the kid. They are supposed to use a password that only the kid knows and we have not had issues but still it is the last resort. The fee we were quoted was about $20/ride for less than 1 mile distance. Our after school also uses it occasionally when their staff can’t pick up, I feel a little better in that setting because it’s a group of kids going together and it’s through the childcare center. The kid does not like it when it is only her although he gets the concept that it is like a taxi and he’s used to lyft/Uber which we have used together many times on vacation. 

  • Transport services for kids

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    Any families out there that can recommend transportation services. Has anyone had any experience on “Hop Skip Drive; Kango; KidsKart” kids transpiration services. First student only takes children with special accommodations and paratransit does not take minors. Looking for a trusted reliable transportation with fingerprinted drivers!

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    The new one in town is called zum. The drivers are all fingerprinted. 

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    We have had good experiences with Zum. Not sure what your exact needs are but the drivers we had all used SUVs and they were easy to schedule and reliable. 

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    Contact Americana Limousine Services, they have a car seat transportation services. I used them before going from my place to the airport, they installed the car seat, clean black vehicles and reasonable prices
    Their number 415-305-0819
    Good luck

  • Hi there, I am going back to work and considering a ride service for my kid (5th grader) for one day a week to an activity.  I am looking for reviews/advice on services such as Kango, HopSkipDrive or Zum.  It is just a pick up from school and take a 12 min ride to an activity.  Seems like an easy win for busy parents, but wanted to hear from others.  Thanks


    I am in the same boat as you... I have read up on “Zum;HopSkipDrive;Kango;Kidjetz andKidsKart. More stressed out than ever before—the reviews are 50 good and 50 bad. Bad as over charging the cards and not having reliable drivers...  

      We have used Zum on multiple occasions.   They have been reliable.  They've always had a driver available when I needed one and you know the cost up front.  I tried another service once and they didn't have a driver available.  I didn't know that they didn't have a driver, though, until 24 hours before, so I was scrambling last minute. Not what you want as a busy parent.  Zum doesn't match you with your driver until 24 hours before, but they have always had a driver for me.  So I don't worry about that.  I think they have an option to set up recurring rides if you have a regular activity.

  • Hi, I'm coming to spend a few weeks in Berkeley with my two kids (we live in Rome and are planning to spend the next several summers here).  I don't have a current license (long story about the Italian drivers' license situation, etc) so we'll be using Uber or Lyft to get to day camp and some other activities.  Do these services generally have car or booster seats or does it take extra time/need special request to get one with seats?  My daughter will turn 8 when we're there so technically she needs a booster seat until then, is my understanding.  My son is 6 so needs a booster seat, yes?  Any insight about using Lyft with kids, and generally cost (equivalent to taxi?) would be most welcome; thank you kindly!

    You will be traveling with your kids, right? That's important because Uber and Lyft won't accept unaccompanied minors. They also, like taxis, do not provide boosters. Many people do use them without boosters, but that's not safe or legal. You have to provide your own. You can buy a regular backless booster seat for around $20, but then there's the challenge of carrying it around or storing it somewhere while you're at camp or other activities. We bought an inflatable one for travel. It rolls up to about the size of a 1 liter bottle, so you can carry 2 around in a backpack easily. That one is called BubbleBum.

    From my experience, Uber tends to be cheaper than taxis and similar to Lyft, but that can vary. You can use just Uber (or Lyft) all the time and know you're getting a pretty good deal, or you could compare the 3 for each ride and choose the cheapest if you're really a deal-seeker.

    One more thing to consider about transport companies- if your children need to ride alone (getting dropped off at camp, for example), you can check out Hop Skip Drive. That service is for unaccompanied kids ages 6+, they should have boosters, but it's more expensive than the other options. I haven't used it, but I know it exists.

    And yes, your 6 year old needs a booster. Your 7 year old needs a booster until she's 8 AND she's tall enough that the seat belt is positioned correctly over her shoulder. That can vary depending on the car and even the seat within the car. My 9 year old stepson is fine in our minivan without a booster, in my car he can sit behind the driver or passenger but not in the middle, and he needs a booster in his bio mom's car still. I think he's around 52 inches tall now? So if you're going to camp in one car and coming home in another, she may need a booster one way but not necessarily the other.

    I'd go to Target when you get here and buy a $20 booster seat for your son. You can then take it with you in the taxi and leave it at the camp for the day. They're not too big. For your daughter, it's a judgment call whether you get a second booster seat or not. Every parent is different on this one. We chucked our daughter's in the dumpster on her 8th birthday. But some families stopped sooner, some used them longer. It has to do with how big the kids are and where the shoulder belt hits them.

    I've had to uber/lyft with my preschooler a few times and I've always had to supply the carseat, and even then some drivers seem putoff by needing to install one in their car. Depending on the size of your kids, buying a couple cheap backless booster seats might be the route to go for a 6 and 8 year old.

  • Kid Rideshare app?

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    Does anyone have any experience with any of the "kiddie uber" apps, such as Kango, HopSkipDrive or Zum? I am suddenly facing a four times a day drive from Oakland to Pinole, and trying to determine if any of these services might help me out. Thanks, Ysa 

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    We have used HopSkipDrive with an 8-year-old from Emeryville to the Berkeley HIlls.  It worked very well and the child loved it.  They picked her up from a class where they had to park and go in and get her.  

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    HI, we have been using HopSkipDrive for a month now and it has been great. The driver picks up our 8 year old afterschool and drives her to her afterschool program 3 miles away. We also tried Kango which seems to have more drivers but is more expensive- and there is a tip portion too. HopSkipDrive will post final cost (no tip expected) when you book your ride. the only issue so far was when we had requested a ride for Friday afternoon and by Wednesday evening- no driver had accepted. It left us in a bit of a lurch, so I ended up joining Kango Wednesday evening and by Thursday morning a driver had been found. Happy to discuss more via email.

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    Hi. I've used HopSkipDrive a few times and appreciate the convience. The app is good, their drivers have been great and my 10 year old son felt comfortable. 

  • Transport for 4 year old for school year

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    Hi.  Does any one know how to find or recommend someone who can reliably and safely transport a 4 year old child from N. Berkeley to Elmwood from Sept-mid June most school days?  Pick up would be at noon and would occur Mon-Friday except for school holidays etc.  Obviously willing to pay for the service -- what is the going rate to do this?


    We are looking for a similar service (although from Alameda).  We are considering using Kango which is a service that specializes in transporting younger children.  They give you the opportunity to interview drivers in advance.  Alternatively, a carpool with another classmate (of course, that means you would have to drive on occasion as well).