Transportation for toddler

Our 3.5 year old starts his IEP (due to speech delay) in August.  Since he has no PM care at his IEP, he will go to his current daycare in the afternoon.  We are looking for a reliable ride to take him from Emeryville to the Laurel Area in Oakland 3-4 days a week.  The pickup time is 12 noon at Emeryville.  Does anyone use any service for toddler transportation or have any other suggestions on finding a reliable ride?  

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As part of his IEP is he attending a public school in the morning, before going to his private daycare in the afternoon?

If yes, you should be able to request transportation as part of his IEP which is provided by the school district. It takes around 2 weeks to set up after its been approved.

Its free, but the travel time is sometimes long depending on the route they take and the amount of other kids on the bus and their destinations.

If for some reason that doesn't work then there is the Zum app you could pay for. Although OUSD are using Zum this year themselves too.

Good luck!