Ride Shares for Young Kids?

Hi!  I was wondering if anyone has used kids ride share services (like Zum) for young kids (kindergarten age) - to get their kids from school to home/after school activities?  If so, which one, and what was your experience?  Thanks so much for the insights!!

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We just tried Zum a week or two ago. We ordered the day before for a ride at noon, were told it was all set. My husband checked the app in the morning and it said there was no driver (they didn't actively attempt to notify us of this). We cancelled the request and rearranged work schedules so we could shuttle him at noon that day. That was our only experience.

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We have used HopSkipDrive for our kindergartener for emergencies. It worked without a hitch but it is not cheap and it’s a little weird that a stranger shows up to pick up the kid. They are supposed to use a password that only the kid knows and we have not had issues but still it is the last resort. The fee we were quoted was about $20/ride for less than 1 mile distance. Our after school also uses it occasionally when their staff can’t pick up, I feel a little better in that setting because it’s a group of kids going together and it’s through the childcare center. The kid does not like it when it is only her although he gets the concept that it is like a taxi and he’s used to lyft/Uber which we have used together many times on vacation.