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March 2013

RE: Starting to question our opposition to organized religion

I go to Christ Church East Bay, a Christian church. I have found it to be a community of thoughtful and caring people grappling with life's big questions. Virtually every sermon begins by acknowledging those in the room who are not Christian and/or don't believe in God and affirming their decision to be there. There are lots of nice young families. Even being part of the community, regardless of beliefs about God, could be an enriching experience for your family. If you have an hour and half on Sunday, I would highly recommend visiting.

The only caveat is that it is still a church service with singing, responsive reading, etc. It's totally acceptable not to participate, but might be slightly uncomfortable on a first visit. It's also not a discussion.

Oftentimes, discussion in the context of organized religion (including at Christ Church East Bay) happens in smaller groups at some point during the week - discussing a book, a topic, or the Bible. tyler

Nov 2009

Re: Family friendly church for Uk transplants
We are members at Christ Church Berkeley, and love the community there. Lots of families and young people. Very accessible to those who are exploring faith, and a safe place to ask tough questions for those who are already Christians. This is the first church community I have really felt OK saying that I don't have my ''act'' together. (My main issues with churches in the past is that I felt they were not ''real''...everyone seemed to go around acting like they were happy and fine.) This is a place where you can admit your faults, struggles, and doubts, and hear the gospel that Jesus has paid the penalty for all of that and accepts you fully just as you are. The website is if you'd like to check it out. (There is also a night service at 5pm on Sundays in the Rockridge neighborhood in Oakland.) -Laura

October 2008

Re: ''comfortable'' church near El Cerrito
Christ Church of Berkeley has two congregations - one in downtown Berkeley and one in Rockridge. My wife and I have attended both and have found it to be a very relaxed, friendly, certainly non-judgmental place. You can find information at Good luck in your search. Thomas S.

Sept 2008

Re: Liberal, inclusive Church with strong social interest
I go to a Christian church that meets in downtown berkeley at the Gaia Center (Allston and Shattuck) - Christ Church of Berkeley. It is connected to the Presbyterian Church of America, but it does not feel like it's a ''denomination'' kindof church. Very focused on serving the community and loving others. There is also a sunday evening service at another location in Rockridge. web site: Celeste