Yellow House Playschool

Oakland, CA

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Home-Based Daycare/Preschool
DSS Facility License #: 
Jan Lozito
lozitofam [at]
Lakeshore Area on Mandana Blvd.
Maximum Capacity: 
Language(s) Spoken: 
English, Portuguese, Spanish
Ages Served: 
24 months - 60 months
Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri
8:30am - 3:00pm
Additional Services & Features: 
Afternoon option, Drop-in available, Part-time available, Year-round, Sibling discount, Lunch provided, Snacks provided, Organic options, Vegetarian options, Special diet support, Cloth diapers accepted, Diapers provided, Potty training support, Special needs support
About Our Program: 

Yellow House Playschool is a play-based program for children two to five years old.  There are12 children per day, with three caregivers. Jan Lozito, the director, has been licensed since 1980 and has provided high quality care to hundreds of children since that time. Our day includes free play, circle time (stories, songs, movement,etc), art activity, outdoor play, a nutritious snack and a hearty, homemade lunch. Our outdoor space includes a large covered deck. We focus on language acquisition, literacy, and math concepts, but our primary emphasis is on developing social skills and a strong, loving community. Our wonderful staff come to us from diverse backgrounds, but all share an intense love of children and a commitment to their well being. 

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  • Yellow House Playschool

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    Are there any recent Yellow House Playschool families out there who would be willing to share your experience?  Yellow House Playschool seems like a great play-based environment for our social 2.5 year old a couple mornings a week (she'll be 3 when she starts next school year). We read some very positive reviews of this program but most posts were from years ago, so we are wondering if anyone can share a more recent experience with the program.  We're looking for a program that is play-based, not overly academic, progressive, queer-friendly, supports social-emotional growth, etc. Thank you!

    We had our little one there with Jan and she/we loved it!  The environment is small and nurturing.  Jan's team is top rate.  We miss those days and think of Jan often

    We LOVE Yellow House! My son went there from 2015-2017, my 4 yo daughter is there now and my almost 2 yo will start there in the fall. The space is filled with all kinds of fun and has a comforting “homey” feel for the kids. It is largely play-based and they have everything imaginable for the kids to explore and play with. They have circle time as well as various regularly scheduled activities like dance, creative story-telling, show-and-tell, art, and music. Jan is excellent at balancing the business end of running the school and being a loving teacher. She does a great job of teaching the kids the fundamentals of being a good person and member of the community. The other teachers are also warm and attentive. Lastly, the other families with children at the school are wonderful. After pick-up you can usually find the kids playing in the front yard while the parents stand around and chat. I feel 100% confident each time I drop my daughter off at Yellow House that she will be well cared for and happy the entire time she’s there. Highly recommend!

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Hi there! Our 3-1/2 year old daughter has attended the Yellow House Playschool in Oakland both pre- and post-COVID. YHP is a very small, play-based program run out of the director’s home and we received no fewer than four unsolicited recommendations for it from acquaintances and family friends.

Since it reopened in June, it’s been even smaller and 100% outside. As it gets colder/rainy, they’ll go indoors more but I expect they’ll still spend time outdoors playing and going for walks in the neighborhood. It’s definitely not forest school, and it’s part-time hours, but it’s a wonderful program and feels very safe and supportive during this uncertain time. 

I want to add that I went to Montessori school for part of my childhood and it was formative for me. However, we decided play-based was better for our shy toddler and it’s been an amazing fit. Her imagination, curiosity, and self-confidence have blossomed, as have her social skills.

Best of luck and please reach out if you have any questions about YHP!

Our 3 year old daughter was at Yellow House for a little under a year.

It was a truly fabulous experience; to be honest, we really miss Yellow House!

Here's why it's so special.  Jan is really good at what she does.  I think people often get mired in the details of specific teaching methods (Montessori, etc.).  Jan has done this a long time and she simply understands how to flex her style to all children.  She makes them comfortable and they grow accordingly.

In addition, the kids get a TON of attention from Jan and Teacher Merrill, among others.  This really helps avoid problems and ensure that the kids are learning.

Most importantly, the school is simply a very happy place.  After a couple of days of adjustment our daughter was so very happy...I think she enjoyed school more than home!

One other detail - lunch is provided, which is great!

Archived Q&A and Reviews


March 2011

The Yellow House is a wonderful place for toddlers and Jan Lozito is a wonderful teacher for toddlers. I have sent all three of my children to her. She is very experienced, smart, loving, and just laid back enough to handle all that comes with a room full of 2 year-olds. The house itself is cozy and filled with quality toys and a seemingly endless supply of the best children's literature. The backyard is perfect for kids with grass, sandboxes, play kitchens and a brood of friendly hens. Jan provides a predictable routine that includes circle time, free play, art projects, outdoors time and music. She also provides healthy morning snack and lunch. There are holiday parties and potlucks for the whole family. My last baby finishes in the fall and I tear up every time I ponder the end of our days with Jan and the beloved Yellow House. Kara

Aug 2007

Next week my daughter will be saying goodbye to beloved Jan Lozito who runs the Yellow House and moving on to preschool. My daughter has attended Yellow House since she was 22 months old and I can't speak highly enough of the program Jan offers. Jan runs Yellow House from her home which has great play areas for the kids indoors and out. Everyday there are independent activities set out, art projects, circle and story time - and, of course lots of play time to develop social skills and have fun. Jan serves the kids nutritious lunches before pick up time, which almost certainly insured a napping child by the time we got home. Jan also has a knack for creating community so the kids really learn about friendships and the parents form nice connections. The hours of Yellow House are 8:30 - 12:30 - 5 days per week. I sent my daughter 2-3 days per week and it served as the perfect opportunity to get in some additional work hours, time with my new baby and ocassionally, a little me time. It was great! With my daughter leaving, there are some open spots. Get one or some if you can!

May 2007

I can't say enough wonderful things about Jan Lozito's morning program for two-year-olds. Yellow House is the perfect place for a toddler's first experience away from the home front. Jan provides the comfort of a a cozy house, a storybook backyard, a predictable routine, a healthful snack and lunch, an enormous library, and a loving and respectful caregiver. She also offers the excitement of tons of toys (many that I remember from my childhood and few--if any--of which are battery operated), creative art and gardening projects, biweeky music sessions, and seasonal family parties. My son fell in love with Yellow House immediately and had an absolutely fabulous year there. Yellow House is located on Mandana near Lakeshore. It runs from 8:30 to 12:30 daily, and kids can attend two or more days per week. Jan can be reached at 839-8786. Feel free to contact me with questions as well.

July 2005

My daughter's daycare, Yellow House, has an opening - snap it up while you still have the chance! Jan Lozito's program runs from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., five days per week. She has an excellent library, an ever-expanding array of toys, and a backyard complete with garden (which the children tend), slide, and water tables. Jan has 25 years of experience, and three grown children of her own. I trust her absolutely. No tv, lots of reading and art projects, field trips, a weekly music lesson, holiday parties, several parents' nights out every year...It doesn't get any better than this. Jan treats toddlers like people, and they adore her. My daughter, now 3 years old has been going to Jan since she was 14 months old. She often says, appropos of nothing, ''Mommy, I love Jan.'' We love her too, and will miss her awfully when our girl starts preschool in September. Contact: Jan Lozito, 839-8786

March 2005

The ''Yellow House'' has a part-time opening for a child aged 2 years or older. The Yellow House is a toddler program run by Jan Lozito in her home. The program runs M-F from 8:30-12:30 and includes a nutritious morning snack and lunch. Jan provides an enriching program for the children that includes daily story time, a weekly music class, art projects, and outdoor play and exploration in her spectacular backyard. Jan creates a nurturing and stimulating environment for the children and is very aware of the individual needs of the children in her care. My daughter, who is now almost 3, has been attending the Yellow House since the age of 18 months and has had a wonderful experience there. We will unfortunately be leaving the Yellow House soon as we are moving to the East Coast. To learn more about the Yellow House contact Jan Lozito at 839-8786 or please email Suzanne. I would be very happy to speak with anyone who is interested! Suzanne

June 2004

I highly recommend ''Yellow House Toddler Care'', a small, nurturing program run by Jan Lozito. Jan provides a wonderful morning of fun, stories, arts & crafts and other activities. Jan serves a nutritious snack and lunch, and is accommodating of allergies and dietary restrictions (e.g. my daughter is vegetarian). The toddlers in Jan's care are there 2 to 4 mornings per week from 8:30am to 12:30pm, and she has a couple slots open for starting in mid-August. Most of the children there now are between 23 and 29 months, so that age is preferred, though she may consider a little younger. I'd be happy to answer any questions or you are welcome to contact Jan directly for a tour. It's a very special program and I'm sorry to leave. My daughter will be ''graduating'' and moving on to preschool this fall. Contact: Jan Lozito, lozitofam AT

June 2004

I would like to highly recommend a toddler program run by Jan Lozito in her home called the ''Yellow House.'' The Yellow House is open 8:30-12:30 Monday-Friday. There are typically 4-5 children there each morning. Jan provides the children with a nutritious morning snack as well as lunch. Morning activities include free play, story time, art projects, water play, and much more! Jan has a deck and yard for outdoor play, a slide and sand box, and this spring the children planted a vegetable garden. Jan creates a safe, loving, and fun environment at the Yellow House. My daughter, who is 26 months old, has been going to the Yellowhouse since she was 18 months old, and has had a terrific experience there. She has grown socially and emotionally under Jan's care and the Yellow House has become a second home to her. Please feel free to contact me by email to learn more about the Yellow House or contact Jan Lozito directly at 839-8786.

Dec 2003

I highly recommend Jan Lozito who runs Yellow House, a toddler program at her home. Jan's program is wonderful! She is nurturing, provides care in a safe, clean, fun and stimulating environment for your little one. There are currently a maximum of four toddlers at any given time. Jan offers care from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., and provides a snack and a lunch. When you pick up your little darling, s/he should be ready for nap without your having to prepare lunch. Jan adores the kids in her care and it shows. I would keep my daughter there but my schedule requires two full days of care. If half days are right for you, don't pass up Jan. My daughter is currently attending M,W and F. Her space will be available Jan 1. If you have any questions of me, I will be happy to answer them. To arrange a tour or to inquire further, please call Jan at 839-8786.

Oct. 2003

My daughter has been at the Yellow House, Jan Lozito's licensed family daycare, for one month. Now Jan has openings for one or two more toddlers on weekday mornings. Yellow House is on Mandana off Lakeshore, and is a clean, safe and attractive environment for little ones, with tons of toys and books. It also has a big backyard. Snack and lunch provided. Jan is warm and loving, and toddlers are her thing. She has a ton of experience and I trust her implicitly. My daughter is very happy in her care. You may call Jan directly or email me if you want to hear more about how great she is. Contact: Jan Lozito, 839-8786