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Home-Based Daycare/Preschool
Yasmeen Catoline
yasmeen.c [at] gmail.com
N. Berkeley BART
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3 months - 28 months
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Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri
8:15am - 6:00pm
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Parent Reviews

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I would like to highly recommend Yasmeen's Bunny Hutch for exceptional infant care. Yasmeen and her assistant, Lai, have taken care of our daughter since she was 5 months old, and we have been exceptionally happy with the care she has received while at the Bunny Hutch. Returning from work after maternity leave was a hard transition and it was only made worse by my little one refusing to take milk from a bottle. Yasmeen welcomed the challenge and reassured me that my daughter would eventually come around to it. Yasmeen was patient, caring, and she really worked with my little one to get her to drink from the bottle. The babies spend their days playing with many age-appropriate toys, listening and dancing to music, eating delicious homemade food, and taking restful naps. We really love that we receive a daily report that details our daughter's day. The low ratio of 2:1 allows Yasmeen and Lai to really get to know each child in their care. The Bunny Hutch definitely feels more like a community than a daycare arrangement. Yasmeen is also a wealth of knowledge having been an infant caregiver for over 12 years, and she has shared plenty of helpful advice with us, particularly when we needed it as new parents. It is worth noting that Yasmeen has a fairly strict illness policy, but I feel because of that, our daughter has rarely been sick in the 12+ months that she has been in daycare. We have loved watching our daughter grow and thrive at the Bunny Hutch. It was her first home away from home, and it will always be a special place to us. The Bunny Hutch currently has an opening available, and I highly recommend checking it out if you are in need of infant care.

We had a great experience with the Bunny Hutch. Our second child was there from about 4-9 months old. Yasmeen and Lai create an environment that feels very similar to the nanny share we did with our first child -- but without the hassle, uncertainty (and cost!) that comes with it. They take four babies/toddlers max -- with a 2:1 ratio, there is plenty of undivided attention.

Yasmeen was particularly adept at helping me transition to work. As my maternity leave came to a close, we worked out a schedule to have my baby stay for increasingly long periods of time, starting with a couple of hours and culminating in a full-day "trial-run". While Yasmeen got to know our son and his habits, I was able to cross several items off my mile-long to-do list. And by the time I returned to work, I knew our son was comfortable and happy -- which made it so much easier to leave him with someone else. I highly recommend that transition to other parents, and credit Yasmeen for suggesting it.

Our son thrived under Yasmeen and Lai's care. We were thrilled with the skill and love they give him every day, and the way that they nurtured and tracked his development. We received detailed reports of his eating, diapers, etc every day. He also learned how to nap with minimal fuss -- something his older brother never figured out! The Bunny Hutch is a gentle, sweet, and nurturing place for babies to spend their days.

I would like to highly recommend Yasmeen Catoline and the Bunny Hutch daycare. My daughter has been attending the Bunny Hutch fulltime since she was 4 months old, and I have always felt safe and secure knowing that she was spending her day with Yasmeen and her wonderful assistant Lai. Yasmeen is incredibly knowledgeable, skilled and experienced with children, and seems to have a special sense for my baby's needs and how to help her grow and develop. As a new mother, I've also learned so much from Yasmeen - from sleep training to feeding and navigating through every health concern.

Yasmeen and Lai take special care with each of the infants in their program, bonding and building a unique rapport with each child. The low child to caretaker ratio the Bunny Hutch offers (2 caretakers for up to 4 babies) feels closer to the experience of a nanny than a daycare with mixed ages where my baby may have gotten less attention and care. They clearly love their work - and when we arrive at daycare and my daughter gives them each a huge smile, I can tell she loves growing and learning with them each day as well.

The Bunny Hutch currently has a rare opening for an infant in her daycare, and I would highly recommend that you reach out to Yasmeen if you are seeking childcare.

Archived Reviews: 

June 2012

I am writing to highly recommend ''The Bunny Hutch'' in Berkeley for exceptional in-home infant daycare. My daughter attended The Bunny Hutch from 8 mos old until 2 years old, when she graduated to another program. Yasmeen and her assistant, Lai were incredible ''other mothers'' to my daughter. Returning to work full time with an infant was a daunting task, but Yasmeen and Lai provided such loving, attentive care to my daughter that I always felt at peace when I was away. The Bunny Hutch is a small, home based daycare with 4 babies and 2 adults. I felt such comfort knowing that my daughter was receiving such intimate hands-on care. Once the babies begin eating solid foods,Yasmeen and Lai cook incredible meals for the babies every day (veggies, baked tofu, pasta, fruit). I HIGHLY recommend it for anyone wanting to ensure the most loving home away from home. I have included Yasmeen's email for you to contact her directly.

May 2012

I'd like to highly recommend Yasmeen's Bunny Hutch for outstanding in-home infant daycare. Our daughter, now two and a half, is graduating from Yasmeen's after being in her care since she was five months. Yasmeen and her assistant Lai have provided exceptional loving and individualized care for my daughter. Their high quality of care gave me the peace of mind I needed to return to work after maternity leave! The Bunny Hutch is a small daycare with 2 providers and 4 infants, so each child receives lots of one-on-one adult attention while also learning to socialize with a close-knit group of other babies. Right now Yasmeen has one full-time position open for an infant between 3-7 months. For more information, contact Yasmeen at yazg [at] sbcglobal.net or 510-548-0716. You can learn more about the Bunny Hutch at https://sites.google.com/site/yasmeensbunnyhutch/. I highly recommend it for any parent looking for a safe, loving, and stimulating environment for their baby. Juliet

April 2012

I'm writing to recommend a wonderful daycare I've sent my son to for over a year now. Yasmeen and Lai have worked together for over 5 years and run a small, professional, cozy family day care. I've been very happy with my son there because I know he's with two incredibly loving mothers, surrounded by their families. It's also very small, only 4 children total, and they're looking for a 3-8 month old right now. Yasmeen has been open for over ten years and collectively Yasmeen and Lai both have a lot of experience - it is evident in their care for the kids and general attitude about caring for children on a regular basis. My son came home cleaner than I left him. He ate better than I could feed him. He slept better, learned to walk and talk there. I feel as though we raised him together as a community. Both Yasmeen and Lai helped me feel better about going to work each day. I felt confident he was in a safe, nurturing, clean, caring environment. Feel free to contact me with questions. Becca

Sept 2005

I want to highly recommend Yasmeen's Bunny Hutch where spaces are available for 2 infants in her Berkeley home in October. Yasmeen is energetic, loving, nurturing, reliable, and has created a safe and fun environment with 2 rooms devoted to the kids. She was wonderful with both our kids and the families who have been in her care keep in touch.

The following contains some specifics. Please only contact her if you meet the age criteria, as she is interested in having the children learn and grow together. She also takes the kids on walks, to parks, and to age specific classes at gyms, activity centers and Music Together.

* 3-6 months of age
* Full and part-time available (3-5 days a week)
* State Licensed
* Infant First Aid and CPR Certified
* Healthy meals/snacks provided

Contract agreements, payment receipts, and daily reports are included. Call Yasmeen at 510-548-0617 or yazg at mindspring.com

May 2003

Our present home daycare, Yasmeen's Bunny Hutch, in Berkeley, will have an opening for a 3-5 month old beginning mid/late June and two more openings late summer/fall. Our daughter started with Yasmeen at 4 months old and will be 'graduating' to preschool this fall. Yasmeen is incredible! She provides a loving, nurturing and stimulating environment for every stage from young infant to rambunctious toddler. She's very responsive to all my concerns. My daughter loves her dearly and always looks forward to her days with Yasmeen and her friends. They often go on outings to parks and the Y. Yasmeen is very organized, resourceful, environment and health conscious. Her home is safe and sunny and she is state licensed. I could go on and on! She's open 8:30-5:30 and would like someone 3-5 days/week. You can contact me, Diana, for more info or you can contact Yasmeen directly at yazg at mindspring.com or (510)548-0716.