Vivan Los Ninos

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Oakland, CA

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Home-Based Daycare/Preschool
DSS Facility License #: 
Hilda & Renan Manzanero
hildamanzanero [at]
Peralta Heights / Fruitvale on Prentiss St.
Maximum Capacity: 
Language(s) Spoken: 
English, Spanish
Ages Served: 
24 months - 60 months
Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri

Parent Reviews

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I can recommend my daughters preschool, Vivan Los Ninos, but the latest pick up is 5pm. Drop off is as early as 7:30. A few weeks ago they had a few openings. Hilda is the director and we love her.

I highly recommend the preschool our daughter attends, Vivan Los Ninos. I think it ticks all your boxes. Hilda has been running the school for a long time and the other 2 teachers have been with her a while I think. They are all very loving and creative a wonderful community with the kids and parents too. Lots of outside free play time, and different inside activities too. Breakfast, lunch, and snacks are provided, the hours are pretty good, and so is cost. Give her a call!

I recommend Vivan Los Ninos to my friends & communities every chance I get. We are so happy we are part of the VLN family. Our twin boys started there when they were just two and immediately were welcomed with open arms (literally, arms open in hugs from both teachers Hilda & Delia and the other kids!) They had no problems transitioning and never looked back.

They have grown so much in the year-plus they have been there. They were using few words when they started, and in fact, a speech therapist recommend that we not enroll them in a Spanish-speaking daycare so as not to further retard their progress. I'm happy to report that our children thrived and within months were speaking English as well as other kids their age, plus some Spanish!

It's such an amazing environment for the kids, with the love and respect taught (and personified) by Hilda & Delia, the fantastic home-cooked food and the outside space where the kids can run and laugh and play. We also love the other families we've met there-- it was so hard to say goodbye to the kids who "graduated" to kindergarten this summer, but luckily we continue to stay in touch and get together to play.

Archived Q&A and Reviews

May 2013

I highly recommend Vivan Los Ninos Preschool Child Care for more reasons than I can list here, but here are the ones that come to mind first. 1) amazing teaching & demonstration of social skills & how to treat peers & adults w/love & respect. 2) deep understanding by caregivers of each child's developmental needs. 3) extraordinary demonstration of love & patience by caregivers. 4) wonderful combination of home-like environment w/creative preschool classroom & lovely outdoor play area. 5) exposure to Spanish (my kids go only part-time but understand a good deal of Spanish as result of this bi-lingual program). 6) home-cooked meals daily! I could go on but still not capture the essence of how special this place has been, not only for our family but a whole network of families we have become a part of since joining this preschool. It truly has been pivotal in my son's developmental trajectory as he prepares to enter K this fall. I must also add, I have learned a lot myself through what VLN has taught my kids. Hilda is an amazing gift w/genuine passion for children.

April 2013

I'd like to recommend Vivan Los Ninos Preschool/Childcare in Oakland. My daughter has been attending for about a year and a half, since her 2nd birthday. We were referred to VLN by friends who were thrilled with it. My husband and I were able to arrange our work lives to alternate care of our daughter ourselves for the first two years of her life. We hadn't anticipated enrolling our daughter until she was a little older, but when a spot came open at VLN, we grabbed it....and never once looked back. She is happy beyond measure, and safe. VLN is a haven of love and affection, a training ground for respect and good manners, and just a happy place for kids. The teachers are kind and loving, but firm when discipline is needed. The school is immaculately kept, cleaned top to bottom every day (if you've visited other schools, you will be impressed!), the food is home-cooked, manners are taught at meal-time, mutual respect is taught all day, and children are encouraged to treat one another like family. My daughter attends two days/week - she can't wait to go in the morning, and is reluctant to leave at the end of the day. We moved about one year ago to Rockridge when our daughter had only been at VLN for 6 months; we weren't thrilled about the drive back to VLN and explored well-reputed schools in our new neighborhood - but nothing compared to VLN. VLN's director, Hilda, is very communicative, and very receptive to feedback; the one or two times that I had any minor concerns, she got right back to me. I am so grateful that Hilda & VLN have been a formative part of my daughter's early life. simmin

April 2013

Vivan Los Ninos Preschool Child Care (VLN), a home away from home. We were on the waiting list for 7 months. So worth it.

Without hesitation & confidence, I dropped off my daughter at VLN because it provides:

1) A licensed, bilingual, professional, genuine, loving, qualified wonderful staff that works in collaboration to make an amazing day for the kids full of play, art, dance, singing, & learning.
2) A safe & outstanding facility!!! An amazing yard with playground structures
3) A spacious indoor learning & recreational space with excellent natural light. Impeccably clean, organized a safe, well equipped. Feels very (Waldorfy).
4) A dining area, where the amazing healthy home cooked meals are devoured! Yes! Kids are welcome to make meal requests.
5) Field trips.
6) Modeling & practice of good manners!!!
7) Opportunity for children to explore & be creative.
8) Opportunity for families to build friendships.

We continue to visit & attend yearly holiday & end of the year celebrations. We love these reunions & the opportunity to see the graduate grown children.

With great pleasure I highly recommend VLN -- a place where children are children! Elba