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Home-Based Daycare/Preschool
Celia Roe
celia_sherman [at]
North Berkeley
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Ages Served: 
6 months - 48 months
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Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri
8:00am - 5:30pm
Additional Services & Features: 
Part-time available, Lunch provided, Snacks provided, Organic options, Vegetarian options, Special diet support, Potty training support
About Our Program: 

There is currently one part-time opening for 2 days / week on Thursday and Friday starting in September 2017. 

Thousand Oaks DayCare is a small, home-based daycare located in North Berkeley. We provide a nurturing, loosely structured environment for your child to grow and explore. Daily activities include music, art projects, movement, gardening, walks to the park, story time and imaginary play. We use a play based approach to learning with an emphasis on discovery and self-expression. We provide organic, locally grown snacks and meals daily. Special dietary needs can be accommodated. The childcare is spacious, full of natural light, with lots of toys for both indoor and outdoor play.


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My 2 year old daughter has been attending Celia's daycare for the past year, and she loves it. She's a relatively shy kid so it's been great to be in a smaller scale environment, and Celia is attentive to her needs and personality. The space is beautiful and light-filled, with lots of toys and books with a sunny outdoor area. My daughter is always happy to arrive, no matter how grumpy she's been with me. Celia is very observant to her development, helping her become a stronger speaker and supportive of potty training. We are very happy we found this daycare and knew as soon as we saw it and met Celia that it would be a great place to send our daughter. 

My son has been at Thousand Oaks Day Care with Celia since he was about 13 months old and he will be heading off to preschool this fall at 3 years old.  Celia's has been perfect for us. Indoors her place is spacious and full of light, and there are many toys and books at floor level for the kids to access themselves.  Outdoors there is a wonderful terraced garden with a water table, a gravel'n'truck pit, a sand table, and all kinds of plants, flowers, and food plants which the kids even get to eat sometimes.  Celia cooks local, organic food for the kids, and the kitchen and kid-size dining table are part of the space so the food culture and habits Celia embodies are very consistent with what we do at home.  Celia takes the kids for walks to playgrounds or the Cheese Board, puts on music and radio for them, gives them gym mats to move and be physical on, to name a few activities.  Most importantly Celia is so experienced and capable, so kind and accepting towards children.  She will work with you and your child to gently guide them towards whatever new skills they are working on; sleeping, food, socializing, potty, etc.  Celia's has been great for us, our son has grown so much and learned so much, and I would highly recommend Thousand Oaks Child Care.

Our daughter has been at Celia's since she turned one, and it has been a wonderful experience for our whole family. The minute we walked into Celia's space, we knew that this was where we wanted our daughter to spend her days. It is filled with light, and the newly renovated space has beautiful light-colored wood and modern appliances that make it feel very cozy and calm and cheerful and homey- a perfect combination we didn't find in any of the other places we looked. She has mostly natural toys, without a lot of bright plastic things that make noise, and it is always impeccably clean and thoughtfully organized in a kid-friendly layout. She makes them fantastic meals and snacks every day, using mostly organic foods and lots of fruits and veggies. They take a long walk whenever the weather allows, and play outside in her abundant gardens (sometimes they even see deer!). Our daughter is always happy to find out she's going to Celia's house, and when we pick her up she often says, "I want to stay at Celia's house." Celia is one of the calmest, happiest, most even-tempered people I know, and her personality is perfect for spending her days with toddlers. She has clearly read a lot on child development, as she often gives us advice and recommends books to help with various child-rearing issues. Her lovely family, including a son and daughter who were raised in Berkeley, come to play with the children when they are in town, and Ada always loves spending time with them as well. It's truly a family daycare in the best possible way. We've had a wonderful experience at Thousand Oaks daycare, and recommend it wholeheartedly.

Celia runs an incredible, relaxed, home-based daycare where small children thrive and delight. We've known Celia for about 3 years - our oldest son attended her day care from the age of 1-3, and our younger son has attended since he was about 10 months old. Both boys loved Celia to pieces, and the hardest part is always extracting them from her lovely home at the end of the day. Celia is so generous and full of joy; if she's ever had a bad day, I haven't seen it. All of the children love her like family.

Celia's space is clean, bright, scaled for children and full of great toys and books. The indoor space directly adjoins a lovely garden where the kids spend a good portion of every day. Celia serves great home-made organic food and introduces the kids to new flavors and textures. My sons eat more veggies with her than with us.

I think the "sweet-spot" age for Thousand Oaks is about one to three old, because at those ages children can really play together and appreciate the wonderful environment.

We highly recommend Thousand Oaks DayCare!

Archived Reviews: 

July 2014

Both of our daughters currently attend Thousand Oaks Daycare (ages 1 and 3) and we highly recommend it. We visited many dark, dreary in-home daycares and several large, impersonal daycare centers. Celia's space is truly special. The daycare is separate from her home and is clean and bright with a great selection of toys and books and a beautiful garden.

Celia is an intelligent, kind, and fun caregiver. She takes the children on neighborhood walks, cooks them nutritious meals, and provides lots of love and caring. Our oldest daughter clearly loves her and is always telling us about the fun and interesting things that happen during her day. Our baby lights up when we arrive with a huge smile for Celia. Celia also has been really sensitive to our parenting style and I enjoy talking to her each day.

Various members of her family have helped out from time to time and they are all wonderful people who clearly love being around children. We feel incredibly lucky to have found Thousand Oaks Daycare. There will be full time and part time openings in September so feel free to contact Celia directly. I'd also be happy to answer any questions about our experience.

Feb 2014

Our relationship with Celia at Thousand Oaks Childcare started about two and half years ago when our son started at her home based daycare. As a shy and reserved kid, it was not an easy transition. Celia made it possible. She was patient, affectionate and so good with him that it was only a matter of some time when he was looking forward to spending his days there.

Celia has a lovely place with outdoor space. The days are filled with learning, fun and walks to nearby parks and berkeley paths.

Our son has thrived in her care and has moved on to a Berkeley Pre-School. Our younger child is now at Celia's under her great care! We highly recommend her for your childcare needs and would be happy to speak with you. Please feel free to contact me on my email.

March 2013

I am writing this to highly recommend Thousand Oaks Day Care, located in North Berkeley near Thousand Oaks School and Solano Ave. We like to call it ''Cia's House''. I have three children and my youngest attended Thousand Oaks Day Care. We wish all three could have experienced Cia's house. Our youngest is now in preschool but continually asks when she is going to ''Cia's House'' again. She loved going to Cia's house everyday. Celia (or we like to call her Cia) is very caring, nurturing and in tune with the children she cares for. She provides healthy home cooked meals and the space has great light and is very clean. The children enjoy going on walks and playing in her magical garden. There is time and space for creative play, dancing to classical music, reading books and it feels like home away from home. We love Celia and her daycare and highly recommend her daycare. Feel free to contact me for more recommendations.

Feb 2013

Thousand Oaks Child Care is an incredible place to have your infants/toddlers! We absolutely love Celia. She is loving, intelligent, and cares for our son as if he were her own. The daycare is bright, clean, and fun, with a beautiful garden where the kids play anytime weather permits. They take walks around the Thousand Oaks neighborhood as well. Our son started there at around 9 months after being in a larger daycare center, and he has developed into an amazing, curious, independent and confident 2+ year old boy who is ready for Montessori school, no doubt thanks to Celia.