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Home-Based Daycare/Preschool
DSS Facility License #: 
Chishiro Newman
(510) 336-0299
Chishiro4 [at]
Maximum Capacity: 
Language(s) Spoken: 
Japanese, Spanish
Ages Served: 
3 months - 60 months
Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri
8:00am - 5:30pm
Additional Services & Features: 
Year-round, Breakfast provided, Lunch provided, Snacks provided, Organic options, Cloth diapers accepted, Diapers provided, Potty training support
About Our Program: 

We have circle time, We sing Japanese and Spanish  children's songs accompanied by a piano and teach Japanese letters and English alphabets, numbers, and American sign language . Cooking ,Self difencing , art ,Music ,coloring classes .Home made meal . 

Please contact us we have an opening spot available for children over 24 months old .   .

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Our child is in Sakura Daycare (Japanese-Spanish emersion) which is in your neighborhood, and we love it!

Archived Q&A and Reviews

July 2014

My wife and I enrolled our then-two year old daughter with Sakura Daycare in January of '11 and have been delighted with the superb level of childcare that we've enjoyed from Chishiro Newman. Chishiro is outstanding, she provides a lively and engaged level of childcare that we are very happy our daughter is able to experience. Not only are there language introductions (Japanese, of course, but also Mandarin and English) but she also provides cooking classes for the children, judo, dancing, and we've got quite a few paintings and crafts adorning the walls of our house from Sakura Daycare. We are so happy with Chishiro's level of structure and involvement that we would be delighted to speak with anyone that is curious. She also posts daily pictures and videos for parent viewing and has special occasions like potlucks, zoo trips, and the very popular Parents Night events when she hosts an overnight so that parents can have an evening off and then makes a big breakfast for all to enjoy the next morning at pick up. Enrollment availability is sometimes rare, please email me with any questions you may have, thank you!

June 2014

When my wife and I decided it was a priority to give our daughter more exposure to Japanese language and culture (as that is part of her heritage), we were delighted to find Sakura Daycare in our Redwood Heights/Laurel neighborhood. It was significantly more affordable than our previous child care facility as well, which always helps.

Our daughter has been going to Sakura for almost a year now, and we are amazed at the amount of Japanese that she understands and can speak. Chishiro and her staff do an amazing job of immersing the children at Sakura in Japanese language (and even a little Spanish, too thanks to Mayra). Education is a huge priority, and the kids (of all ages) are constantly challenged with new and exciting activities, such as dance, music, art, cooking, and even judo! There is also plenty of free play time for the kids to interact and learn from each other.

In the summer of 2014, Sakura is currently looking for older children (over 2), so if you're searching for a wonderful home daycare for your little one with delicious organic meals, lessons in japanese, cooking, art, judo and more, please contact:

Chishiro Newman: Phone: (510) 336-0299 Email: Chishiro4 [at]
satisfied parent

May 2014

My son (almost 2) has been attending Sakura Daycare for last 6 months and he LOVES going to his daycare.

He is half Japanese and half American and we could not have asked for a better place for our son. (and us!)

Herewith top 5 reasons:
1. They mainly speak Japanese but also talk/read books in English and Spanish.
2. They provide 3 homemade organic meals + 2 snacks + organic milk
3. They have all sort of activities, such as art, Judo, and cooking!
4. They let the kids play outside all year long (unless it is pouring)
5. They provide cloth diapers!

Honestly, Chishiro and her staff really care for their children's well being and they make a lot of effort.

We are very fortunate to have found Sakura Daycare!!

Nov 2013

I highly recommend Sakura Daycare. My kids really enjoy their time spent with Chishiro Newman, her team of caregivers, and the community of kids. The daycare is focused on activities and learning, so the kids enjoy art projects, dance, judo, cooking, reading, singing, ABCs, and playing outside. Chishiro cooks three (!) meals a day for them, all from organic ingredients. The kids learn English, Japanese, and some Spanish, so it's a really great place for language development. And they have cloth diaper service, which was a big plus for us.

Chishiro also does a good job of keeping parents aware of their kids' activities during the day, providing pictures and videos, as well as a daily activity summary. She also does a great job with activities beyond the daycare, such as field trips and parents' nights. I recommend it highly. There will be openings soon, so give Chishiro a call.

Oct 2013

Sakura Daycare has been a wonderful experience for our son. The environment is caring and the kids have a great time with lots of activities - playing outside, singing songs, dancing, making art projects, doing judo, and cooking. They learn both English and Japanese, and enjoy homecooked, organic meals. The caring environment there and the strong community of other kids and parents have been a great social and learning environment. Chishiro and her team of caregivers give me confidence and peace of mind about our son's care. Chishiro provides daily updates, so I know what's been going on during the day and that everything is going well. Chishiro also goes out of her way to do field trips and special events for kids and parents. She currently has some availability, so I recommend contacting her soon before a waitlist forms again. - B

Aug 2013

I'm so happy to recommend Chishiro Newman and Sakura Daycare. Our daughter has been attending Sakura since she was 11 months old and she is absolutely thriving there.

Just some of the highlights:
- Japanese immersion: We weren't originally looking for a Japanese immersion daycare as we're not Japanese, but we're thrilled that she's already bilingual (trilingual if you count all the ASL they learn too)!
- Cloth diapers: We use cloth at home ourselves, and Chishiro provides prefolds at Sakura, you just have to provide covers. This is a big plus to us, not to mention a significant cost savings.
- Yummy organic meals: Chishiro is a fabulous cook and all the kids seem to have amazing appetites at daycare. She provides all of the meals for the kids, including organic milk and snacks.
- Journal/photos: Chishiro sends photos every day and videos at the end of the week. Every day you also get a report of the day (meals, diapers or potty trips, etc.) so you have a really good sense of the fun your child had that day.
- Enrichment activities: Every day has a scheduled enrichment activity like music lesson, judo class (with gis for the kids to wear!), and cooking. Chishiro also takes the kids out for some small group field trips to places like Habitot and the Oakland Zoo to provide even more enrichment.

March 2013

Sakura Daycare will have an opening soon. I wanted to share this wonderful opportunity as I had to wait a year to put my son at this great day care. He has been attending this daycare since he is 11 months old. This is a Japanese immersion daycare, where all caregivers are Japanese natives. Language immersion was the best attraction for me. Here's quick summary of the daycare. 1) Full time, 7:30am to 5:30pm; 2) 12 kids, 3 months through Pre-K; 3) Cloth diapers, provided by the day care; 4) Provides various activites - Art, music, cooking, martial art, etc. Older kids may participate in occasional field trips; 5) Daily reports and photos. She likes communicating with parents; 6) If a child has allergy or other special diet related conditions, Chishiro will work with parents; Here's more info at their website.

Sept 2012

We are, like many parents, wishing we could put the brakes on our son's growth. They weren't kidding when they said ''it goes so fast.'' We are broken-hearted that he won't be going to Sakura any more, as he's ready to enter preschool. Thus, Sakura has an opening for a toddler to take his place. Chishiro at Sakura is absolutely a parent's dream. We have been nothing but ecstatic about having our son in her daycare. He has grown so much as a young person due to her guidance, care, teaching, and overall attention to him and his needs.

Here are the things we love about Chishiro and Sakura daycare:

1. Chishiro knows and loves each child that is in her daycare. As we've become part of the community, we have gotten to know the parents and children not only currently enrolled, but from kids that she has stayed in touch with. It's a testament that families want to keep in touch with Chishiro after their kids have moved on.

2. Language immersion was not our goal when we looked for a daycare, but we are constantly amazed and proud that our (white, non-Japanese) son is fluent in Japanese. Chishiro only speaks in Japanese during the day, and the kids are all able to speak pretty well. Our 3 1/2 year old son has been able to have conversations with people we've met, all of whom were amazed at how well he was taught.

3. Chishiro was a nurse, and knows how to take care of kids in an emergency, or if they are sick.

4. Chishiro is a black belt in multiple martial arts. Not only does this make us feel that our kid is safe in her care, but she teaches the kids judo once a week. They LOVE taking the judo class!

5. Organic home cooked meals, three times a day, included in cost of care. Chishiro serves nothing but the most wholesome and delicious of foods.

6. Cloth diapers are the norm, and provided by Sakura.

7. Parents' night out: twice a year (more or less), kids who are in Chishiro's care are welcomed for a sleepover, free of charge, so that parents can have date night. The next morning, everyone comes over for a big brunch when they pick up their kids.

8. Chishiro is a no-nonsense caregiver. When kids are acting out, she doesn't reward them with extra attention, but puts them aside and deals with the situation appropriately. I have heard other parents suggest that it seems a bit harsh, but I have watched Chishiro manage a house full of kids with more care and expertise than I could ever muster. It's a great testament to her that the children love her to pieces, but respect her completely.

9. Our boy LOVES to go to daycare, and he comes home happy every day. Sometimes he doesn't want to leave, but wishes he could stay at Chishiro's all the time. There's no more important sign that a daycare is a good one than this. He loves to go, as do the rest of the kids.

Wow, that was way too long, but I can't recommend Sakura highly enough. If you have a toddler that is ready for daycare, or if you have a child in a daycare that is less than you'd hoped for, please contact Sakura Daycare. Chishiro can be reached at chishiro4 [at] I'm also happy to make my recommendation or answer any questions - you can email me, and I'm happy to respond. Peter M

Sept 2012

My wife and I enrolled our then-two year old daughter with Sakura Daycare in January of '11 and have been delighted with the superb level of childcare that we've enjoyed from Chishiro Newman. Chishiro is outstanding, she provides a lively and engaged level of childcare that we are very happy our daughter is able to experience. Not only are there language introductions (Japanese, of course, but also Mandarin and English) but she also provides cooking classes for the children, judo, dancing, and we've got quite a few paintings and crafts adorning the walls of our house from Sakura Daycare. We are so happy with Chishiro's level of structure and involvement that we would be delighted to speak with anyone that is curious. She also posts daily pictures and videos for parent viewing and has special occasions like potlucks, zoo trips, and the very popular Parents Night events when she hosts an overnight so that parents can have an evening off and then makes a big breakfast for all to enjoy the next morning at pick up. Enrollment availability is rare, please email or call me with any questions you may have, thank you!

Sept 2012

My son has been coming to this daycare since he was five months old (he will be 3 next month) and I could not be more satisfied. I couldn't be more thankful to have found such a wonderful environment for my son! Chishiro cares for the children as if they were her own and is ''top- notch'' when it comes to organization, education, and management. Each day, she serves the children home-cooked organic meals and involves the children in such learning activities as cooking, gardening, art & crafts, music, dance, judo, gymnastics, and reading. At Sakura, there is a large backyard for the children to run and play. There are also outdoor play structures and a wide variety of bikes, wagons, and riding toys to keep the kids busy and active. The children have a structured day, with consistent meal, nap, and activity times. Chishiro writes everything down on a slip of paper that she gives to the parent each day, so that when you pick up your child you know exactly what time they ate and napped and also their potty times throughout the day. And you never have to wonder about the day's activities, since Chishiro takes photos (and records videos) throughout the day and then emails them to all of the parents each afternoon. Contact Chisiro silvva [at] 510 336 0299

Jan 2011

Re: Son's dairy and gluten allergies at preschool?
Both of my kids have severe food allergies (my daughter swells up even by touching milk), so I had the same concern when I started her in daycare. She went to Sakura daycare in Oakland and Chishiro (with my guidance) was really careful with my daughter. Accidents do happen, but if there is a plan in place, then things are not as bad as you anticipate. For example, Chishiro knew when to give my daughter Benadryl if needed and knows how to give Epi-pen if needed (my daughter never needed it). I think that my daughter did have some milk that make her sick to her stomach and she vomited it in daycare, but somehow that ended up to be a good thing for my daughter, because she learned what not to eat and touch. She loves to eat, so she would put everything in her mouth if you are not watching her, but because of those few incidents, she learned to ask and actually learned to touch some food (like cookies) to make sure it does not hurt her lips before eating them. Also, she learned to avoid some food and felt okay to not eat them because she does not want to be sick.

Sept 2010

Our son stayed at Sakura Daycare for a year and I really appreciated how Chishiro took care of my son. It came with 3 home-cooked meals, and they use cloth diaper, so we saved diaper cost. She has great program every day such as art, Japanese music, dance, cooking, and Judo. We have so many art projects that we can display. She also takes pictures and sends the link to only parents so that we can see how our son interacts with other kids and spends the day, and now my son moved on to pre-school, I really appreciated that. She reads Japanese books and shows Japanese flash cards. My son started to identify some Chinese characters. I truly recommend her. Ayumi

Aug 2010

I highly recommend Sakura Daycare, run by Chishiro Newman. She is a dependable and responsible caregiver. My son 2 yo and my daghter 4yo go there since last year. Each day, Chishiro prepares variety of organic meals for the kids, and my kids eat better at daycare than home! She also uses cloth diaper and my son's diaper rash dramatically improved. Each day she has special activities for the kids and she even purchases toddler outfit for Judo and cooking and it is so cute to look at the pictures that she takes daily and shares with us online. My husband waits for those pics everyday and look at them at work. She also teaches sigh language and it is so cute, when my kids do the baby sign at home. My kids picked up Japanese pretty quickly and they can now talk to my parents in Japan on the phone in Japanese. She really loves children and is a very caring person. You can be at work peacefully, knowing that your kids are in great hands.

Aug 2010

As first-time parents, we were terrified about the transition to full-time daycare but have found that our son loves and thrives at Sakura. We are very grateful to Chishiro Newman, her staff and the wonderful children and family at Sakura.

The children at Sakura get to participate in a wide-range of activities: music, dancing, cooking, art, gardening, judo, and Japanese. Thankfully, Chishiro posts pictures/videos of the children and their activities EVERY SINGLE DAY! When you first send your child to Sakura you hold your breath for those pictures to arrive, just to see that they are happy. After a short time, it becomes a daily reminder that your child is in good care with Chishiro and enjoying their time at Sakura.

We are constantly amazed at how much Japanese our son speaks (and sings). He adores his friends at daycare, is so excited to go in the mornings, and is in a great mood when we pick him up. We love that Chishiro home cooks organic, Japanese food and uses cloth diapers. We couldn't ask for more!

May 2010

Our son, who's been under Chishiro Newman's care at Sakura Daycare for a year and a half now, is graduating to preschool in June, which makes a spot available starting in July 2010. Chishiro has provided great care for our child, feeding him home-cooked, healthy, and hearty organic meals, teaching him Japanese, and providing him with many opportunities to learn, play, and discover in her home in Oakland through daily music, art, cooking, gymnastics, and Japanese language activities. Our son speaks in complete sentences in Japanese already, comes home well-fed and rested, and has made friends that I hope he'll keep for many years to come--I know the connections we've made with other parents and families will last. Contact Chishiro to learn more about this special place.
Contact: Chishiro Newman, chishiro4 [at] / (510) 336-0299

Dec 2009

Sakura has an opening and we fully recommend this daycare for your little one. Chishiro keeps a full schedule of art, dance, music, judo and cooking. She also teaches them Japanese and reads to the kids daily. She is a black belt in Judo and is fully certified in CPR. The daycare is a great setting with a beautiful backyard full of trikes, cars and toys. Bonus: she sends pictures online so you can see what your child is doing during the day. Contact: Sakura Daycare, 510-336-0299

Nov 2009

We have to recommend Sakura Daycare for your little ones. Chishiro has been watching our little one for over a year and we all have been so happy. Our daughter adapted to her new school within a week and has grown so much in Chishiro's care. The programs are great: Japanese, Judo (Chishiro is a judo master), Cooking, Art, Music, Dance and Gymnastics. It's adorable to see the toddlers having such a great time in all these activities and they are in costume which really adds to the excitement. Bonus: the staff take pictures during the activities then email you so you can see what your child has been doing. Have you ever seen a 3 year old in a full judo outfit? Cute!! Sakura also prides itself on serving only organic foods and does provide three full meals plus snacks. Her hours: 7:30 - 5:30 Monday - Friday.

p.s. the facilities are great: swings inside and out, a beautiful and safe yard with many trikes and playhouses. It's definately worth a visit.

June 2009

Our daughter, now 19 months old, has been cared for by Chishiro Newman, the owner of Sakura Daycare a few days a week since she was 9 months old. She's learned to love the Japanese food Chishiro has introduced her to - like seaweed and miso - and even gobbles it up for breakfast! We started making homemade miso with tofu and beets at home because she's grown so fond of Chishiro's cooking. In addition to the organic food (like homemade applesauce from backyard apples), Chishiro teaches the children Japanese. Neither my husband nor I speak Japanese, but our toddler has learned to say a few words and clearly demonstrates an understanding of commands and requests she gets in Japanese from Chishiro. This capacity has been amazing to see develop! Chishiro runs the daycare efficiently and much like a little school, with structured time for play and for learning. She teaches the children to be independent and provides regular lessons in sign, music, and Judo, in addition to craft projects and daycare activities for all the families. It's a fun place to be part of and cloth diapers, too!

April 2009

My son has attended Sakura Daycare since Deccember '08 as a 7-month-old. We are lucky to have found Chishiro--she's so wonderful that my husband abandoned his plans to be a stay-at-home dad after just one meeting! From our very first visit, we have felt at home and know that Chishiro's is a safe, loving, educational, and fun home daycare. She is trained as a nurse so I trust her with our son's health and safety. The kids adore her and her creative activities: music, reading, American sign language and ABC lessons, gymnastics, cooking, art, and plenty of outdoor play time. I have to force myself to leave for work every morning because I'd rather stay with Chishiro and the kids all day! She send pictures via daily e-mails so we can see how our son is thriving--learning Japanese, growing and making friends, eating organic meals and sleeping more soundly than he ever would at home! It has been a joy to be a part of the Sakura Daycare family-- we're lucky to have found this gem. I highly recommend Chishiro and encourage you to contact her to learn more about spots opening up soon. Tracy
Contact: Chishiro Newman, (510) 336-0299 or chishiro4 [at]

Feb 2009

My 2 year old son is currently at Sakura Daycare and we could not recommend a more wonderful place! Sakura is home-based and run by Chishiro Newman.

She runs a wonderful program with lots of different activities (music, cooking, art, crafts), plenty of playtime outside in her yard, all organic snacks and meals are included (including dinner!) and a loving environment. My mother-in-law owned a daycare center in San Francisco and is very impressed.

Chishiro only speaks Japanese to the children so my son now speaks and understands Japanese (my husband and I do not).

If we have any more children, we definitely want Chishiro to care for them!
Contact: Chishiro Newman, 510-336-0299

Jan 2009

My two year old son has been nurtured in every way possible by this incredible daycare. Sakura Daycare is run by a care giver who ends her day spent with crying babies and rumbunctious toddlers with a sweet sigh saying ''I really love my job''. We found Sakura through recommendations from other parents, initially because we were looking for a Japanese care giver for our son's language exposure. Little did I know that she has a nursing license( always adding skills by going to work shops) and a complete organic nutritious meal program (her husband is a gourmet chef) which really helped with my sons allergies and eczema conditions. A lot of the children under her care has/had severe allergy issues and parents could just trust that we are leaving our children in very good hands. Everyday at lunch, she emails parents pictures of all the children doing that day's activities; cooking in chef's oufits, art and crafts, gymnastics in martial art outfits, music, bubbles, just having a lot of fun. This is the next best, or as good a place as home for our precious little bundle of joy.

Dec 2008

My daughter attended Sakura Daycare when she was 1.5 years old until she turned 3. Chishiro provided excellent care. She made organic foods daily and my daughter loved her cooking. Chishiro even sent dinner home with me sometimes! I have another baby now and hope that she will also be fortunate enough to attend Sakura when she is older.

Dec 2008

My daughter currently goes to Sakura daycare and she just loves it. She started there when she was 14 months. It is run by Chishiro Newman and she had made it a second home for my daughter. The main reason that I picked Sakura daycare was because my daughter has food allergy and I wanted to send her to a daycare that can manage her food allergy. Chishiro had done a wonderful job with it and since she was a nurse in Japan, she did not have any problem giving my daughter the Epi-pen if she needed it (which she never needed it). But it was definitely a plus that Chishiro only gives the kids organic food, my daughter actually eats better and more nutritional meals when she goes there than at home. Chishiro\xc2\x92s daycare is very educational, I wanted my daughter to learn another language and Sakura is a Japanese daycare, which means they only speak Japanese there. We are not Japanese nor do we speak Japanese, but my daughter already knows Japanese. They also have music, art, and cooking sessions, which my daughter loves. I highly recommend this daycare.

Nov 2008

My daughter is currently being cared for at Sakura Day Care. I researched and visited many Oakland and Berkeley Day Cares and this was the best one I observed. Chishiro is an absolute gem. She is a nurse and blackbelt in Judo...I sometimes wonder if my daughter is under better care with her than with me! Chishiro serves the children organic and homemade food whenever possible. She offers a range of activities for the children from baking to music time to martial arts to painting. Not to mention, my daughter is learning Japenense. Her home is safe and well equipped with indoor toys and swings and outdoor sturctures. When emergencies have come up, Chishiro is kind, helpful, and accomodating. I give Sakura Day Care my highest recommendation.

July 2008

I recently left a wonderful daycare so there are at least two openings. I have had my children in many different daycare settings and this is by far the best. The name of the daycare is Sakura Home Daycare and it is run by Chishiro Newman. She lives near High Street past 580. She is trained as a nurse, has a blackbelt in martial arts, has a degree in home economics (is a great cook), only serves organic food, plays piano and the best part is that she teaches them Japanese. She is really great! She can be reached at: Chishiro Newman chishiro4 [at] 510.336.0299


July 2008

I would like to recommend Sakura Daycare to care for your child(ren). My daughter was cared for by Chishiro when she was 5 months old until she was 3 years old. And she received the best care! Chishiro feeds all the kids organic and healthy snacks, vegetables, fruits; as well as prepares hot lunches. She has an array of outdoor and indoor educational toys for the kids. She plays the piano, reads books, and most importantly speaks and teaches the children Japanese. By age 3, my daughter was fully bilingual. I think you and your child(ren) will be happy at Sakura Daycare. For questions feel free to contact me.

Contact: Chishiro Newman 510-336-0299

May 2008

Sakura Daycare--a home-based, Japanese language immersion daycare--has current openings. My daughter was there part time for over a year and really thrived (then we moved). Chishiro is a fun and energetic caregiver. She teaches the kids Japanese language and songs, sign language, and arranges all kinds of activities including occasional off-site visits to the library and local museums. She prepares nutritious, organic meals and snacks, including lots of Japanese food. The kids there are a mix of those with Japanese background and not, but they all seem to pick up the language. Prior to starting a daycare, Chishiro worked as a nurse in Japan, and also taught judo here in the US. I always referred to her as my Japanese Mary Poppins, but without the umbrella. You can contact her at chishiro4 [at] or 510-336-0299.

May 2008

I would like to recommend Sakura Daycare in the Oakland Hills area. My daughter, now 3 1/2 attended Sakura daycare when she was 4 months old until 3 years old. Chishiro took very good care of her like she was her own daughter. She feeds the children all organic meals, lots of organic and fresh fruits and vegetables. She speaks to the children in Japanese and its amazing how quickly they become bilingual. Additionally, she teaches the children music, art, cooking, reading, and plays lots of indoor and outdoor games. The number of kids is always quite small - on a given day there are usually 4 to 6 kids, including her daughter. She takes the kids to the park and on walks on a regular basis, as well as spending time in her backyard. One thing that I appreciate is she always take pictures of the children everyday and sends them to me during work. I am very lucky to have found Sakura Daycare, my daughter still very much feels attached to Chishiro. Please contact her at 510-336- 0299. Or feel free to email me for more information.