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Home-Based Daycare/Preschool
Lauri Miller
(510) 524-4606
redwoodgardenpreschool [at]
Northwest Berkeley
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33 months - 60 months
Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri

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Nurturing Waldorf or Montessori inspired day care(2 responses)
Looking for a great pre-school in the Berkeley flats.(5 responses)

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Redwood garden is a small waldorf-inspired home-based preschool located in Berkeley on the Berkeley/Albany border. Lauri Miller, the teacher and director of the school and has over 10 years of experience working with children. Redwood Garden has 1 or possibly 2 openings for the Fall of 2018. Our 5 year-old son has attended Redwood Garden for two years and will be going to kindergarten in the Fall. 

Teacher Lauri embodies balance and equanimity and brings exquisite integrity and care into her school.  She creates an environment for the young child in which they can truly be free in their play and deepen their understanding of themselves, the natural world, and the natural rhythm of the day. Lauri carefully crafts the day to meet children’s need for active and resting space, with a wonderful balance of structure and freedom.  She is an artist of the day, giving much attention and thoughtfulness to each transition and to each activity in which the children take part. She truly sees each child, delights in each child’s unique character, and acts to support the spirit of each child.  Lauri creatively and loving engages children in meaningful and purposeful tasks of baking, cooking, cleaning, singing and playing. Through gardening, storytelling and puppet shows she fosters connection with the earth and all living beings in a grounded and yet magical way. She also handles conflicts between in the classroom more skillfully than almost anyone I have ever seen, and I have worked in early childhood education for over 10 years.  She is firm but kind, honoring and yet clear about boundaries and safety.  She can help a child to see the world from their classmate’s perspective, while feeling seen and recognized themselves.  Lauri also offers loving support and guidance with any difficulties or struggles you or your child may have, she was always present and attentive to anything that came up for us or our child. 

Redwood Garden has been a magical and joyful spot that has fundamentally supported our son in every way. We couldn’t recommend it more. 

You can reach Lauri @ redwoodgardenpreschool [at] | berkeley, california | 510.524.4606 

I'm the dad of a 5 year old who attended Redwood Garden Preschool for 3 years and I'm delighted to have my 2.5 year old daughter start this year. I didn't expect to, but I choked up, bursting with gratitude, on my 5 year old daughter's last day of preschool this past June. Teacher Lauri, who runs the preschool, provided the ideal environment for my imaginative, sensitive and perceptive daughter to thrive.

From day one, for every day, for three years, I had the utmost confidence that Lauri would provide her gentle blend of compassion, empathy, creativity and clarity for my daughter. Lauri has been teaching small children for years and I am blessed to have her in my daughters' lives.

Growing up, I had a preschool teacher for 1 year that remains, in the lore of my family, as someone who shaped my upbringing in a positive way. Now, what a gift to have Lauri to help raise and shape my kids.

The Waldorf influence was perfect for my daughter. Without being heavy handed, Lauri creates the perfect blend of story, play, cooking, crafting, appreciation of nature and outside-time. Lauri is wise in the ways of child development--I often (attempt) to invoke her wisdom while playing or (attempting to) reign in my kids outside of school. My daughter is simply a better little human because of Lauri's influence. 

Redwood Gardens has been a safe and splendid home for my daughter, where she has grown and developed, at her own pace, under the warm and observant gaze of Teacher Lauri. I recommend unequivocally.

Archived Reviews: 

Sept 2012

We are moving from the bay area to Portland, OR for business reasons. And, honestly, the part that was hardest for me in the decision was leaving my daughter's wonderful preschool and teacher...sounds strange, but she is so amazing that I just really wanted to keep my daughter there for another year before we moved anywhere, but this opportunity came up and it was too good to pass up. Which brings me to an opportunity for one of you or perhaps someone you know...

The preschool is called Redwood Garden and it's a home-based Waldorf-inspired preschool in Berkeley near Gilman St. The teacher, Lauri Miller, is fantastic and such a wonderful guide and resource for all the families that are in her care. She only accepts 6 children a day and they form such a strong bond because of the small size and her guidance. As is typical with Waldorf-inspired schools, the emphasis is on imaginative play, storytelling/puppet shows, singing & movement, baking, gardening, painting, crafts. It is such a wonderful program, I really can't say enough about it and about Lauri! You can read all the reviews on the BPN website, as well.

Our leaving and another child whose family unexpectedly has to leave early due to family reasons, have left an unusual couple of spots open at Lauri's. We will be leaving in Nov., as will the other family. Lauri usually has long waiting lists, but most on her list have already enrolled their children in another school, so I thought to reach out to this community, in case it might be a good fit for someone here.

Lauri can be reached at redwoodgardenpreschool [at] or by phone at (510) 524-4606. And, please feel free to email me with any questions you have, Thanks, Angelisa

Sept 2011

This regrettably short review is long overdue. Ditto on all the previous entries. Lauri is amazing! As is her sweet home and garden. My daughter started kindergarten at a small, private school last week and she still cannot stop talking about how much she loves and misses Lauri. I want to have another child just so I can go back there! Erika

Feb 2011

Re: Looking for a Tiny Preschool
There is a lovely home based Waldorf inspired preschool in Albany you should look into, it's called Redwood Garden Preschool. It has a small number of children and is very nurturing and warm environment. It could be just the kind of school your looking for. The teachers' names is Laurie Miller. Her email address is lauriemiler [at] and the number is 510.524.4606 Good luck. Julieana

Feb 2010

I'm another overwhelmed parent regarding the preschool process. I'm probably too late because my child will be 3 this spring, but I was wondering about what people thought about Albany Preschool (afternoon program) or Redwood Garden Preschool (Waldorf-based).
- Are these schools highly competitive to enter? I live in Albany, but I'm also thinking about sending my child for just 1 year due to budget reasons... But I also have a younger child who'll most likely follow the older one's path.
- Any recent reviews on either of those schools?
- Do most kids from Albany Preschool go on to Albany's kindergarten?
- Estimated cost for Redwood Garden? (There doesn't seem to be a website, but that's understandable for a home-based Waldorf school.)
Thank you in advance for your replies. daunted by preschool apps

I don't have any experience with Albany preschool (friends have been happy with it) but I can wholeheartedly recommend Redwood Garden. Laurie Miller is an extremely gifted teacher and a child magnet - the children really love her and she has a way of connecting with them that is wonderful to see. She's kind and compassionate, playful and enthusiastic. The whole package! My recommendation is to go and visit the school - see how it feels to you. I agree the process of choosing a preschool can feel overwhelming, but visiting really helps - you will have a gut feeling about whether a school is right for your child. My other observation is that in retrospect I see that in Berkeley we are fortunate to have many great preschools - which makes choosing harder, but if you put a little effort into the search, it's hard to go wrong. Happy in Berkeley

August 2009

Although I don't usually make the effort to post recommendations on this exchange, I am moved to offer my heartfelt recommendation to any parent looking for a preschool for their child/children. Lauri Miller of Redwood Garden Preschool has made an indelible impact on both my child and our family. My son, who is now going into 2nd grade, attended Redwood Garden for two years. Lauri's brilliant ability to create an environment where young children are simultaneously engaged and afforded a sense of freedom, encouraged in my son and his classmates a spirit of wonder and cooperation. At Redwood Garden children are met as individuals with unique needs. They are provided with opportunities and context to genuinely feel the marvels of the natural world, themselves as individuals, the community they belong to, and the larger world community. Through song, story, craft, food, and activity Lauri teaches a gentle, compassionate, and meaningful experience for the lucky children in her care. Sonja

April 2009

Re: Any Waldorf Preschools still open in Oak/Berk?
Redwood Garden in Berkeley is an amazing Waldorf preschool led by Lauri Miller in her home. My son attended Redwood Garden for 2 years and still, 2 years later, speaks with so much love of Lauri and his time at RG. I'm happy to talk with you more about her program; email me off-list. Or call Lauri @ 510-524-4606 and I'm sure she'll be happy to set up a time for you to visit as well as answer any questions. brenna

Sept 2006

I would like to recommend Redwood Garden Preschool in north Berkeley. Laurie Miller has trained as a Waldorf kindergarten teacher, and her wonderful, small (6 children max per day) home-based preschool is creative, warm, loving, and very inspiring for the entire family. Our daughter Emma attended her school for two years, and Emma loved going every single day. We were excited to witness as over time Emma's play time become more creative, her stories more elaborate, her social skills more adept, her joy in cooking and gardening grew, and her love for Laurie and the other children flourished. Laurie is wise, soft yet firm, imaginative and creative in storytelling, singing, painting and many crafts, intuitive and knowing about how to manage the energy of the children and how to call them to being their best selves. I highly recommend Redwood Garden as a place where your child can grow into his- or herself through creative play, closely held in a loving and nurturing environment. Laurie unexpectedly has a couple of openings this fall--you may reach her at 510/524-4606.