Little Pilgrim's

Oakland, CA

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Preschool, Afterschool Care
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Pilgrim Evangelical Lutheran Church
lutheran.pilgrim [at]
Laurel District
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Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri
Church affiliation
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  • Preschool license 010212910 (capacity=42)
  • After school license 010212911 (capacity=30)

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Archived Q&A and Reviews

May 2015

RE: Preschool with room left for 3 year old girl?
I don't know anything about current availability, but I would suggest you check out Little Pilgrims Preschool. They are located behind the Lutheran church on 35th Ave above Macarthur. They are affordable and were wonderful with my son. Also look into the very affordable Starlite Child Center and East Bay Academy. This is a very affordable Chinese bilingual program. Good Luck! Mom of 3

Nov 2013

My son's preschool, Little Pilgrim's (, has openings (starting at age 2). When we needed new childcare, we scoured the internet for reviews, asked around for referrals and toured 5 different preschools. Then grandparents randomly saw Little Pilgrim's as they drove by, and it turned out to be perfect. The school combines enriching cultural and arts activities with academic and social skills development, all wrapped in good old-fashioned love. From what I can see, the teachers all adore children and have *decades* of experience teaching. We were coming from an awesome nannyshare, so we were nervous about the transition, but from the first week until now (6 months), my son is eager to get to school and - frankly - reluctant to leave because he's having so much fun. Of all the places we saw, this one just felt right. It was also one of the cheapest! (The only cheaper one was downright creepy.) It's unstuffy, unpretentious, super diverse and geared toward shaping happy, healthy, well-behaved, much-loved little kids with values of community and equality. Happy preschool hunting! -L.C. (happy mom of 3 year old)

March 2009

Re: Preschool with ''Supernanny style discipline''
Our Daughter is at Little Pilgrims Preschool in Oakland. They use time-outs as discipline and get their point across that way to our daughter. They are also loving and caring, but you definitely know who is boss around there. Check it out. happy Little Pilgrims family

March 2009

Re: Looking for a preschool in Montclair
Hi, We live in Oakland and our daughter is currently in her last year of preschool at Little Pilgrims located on 35th ave in Oakland. I believe it is 3900 35th Ave, but the phone number is 510-531-3715. While this school is not in Montclair, it is 2 exits down the freeway using either 13 or 580. We have had a great experience at this preschool. It has been around for 20 years and the original founders and teachers of the school are still teaching there. The school is not rich with money but rich with experience and a love for children that is easily recognized. The school has lots of diversity in terms of ethnicities, socioeconomics and types of families. The Director, Linda Holt and her husband Pastor Paul Holt have 12 children, 7 of which are adopted and they continue to take in foster children. They are an amazing family along with all the other teachers and have made us a part of the family as well. They enroll children as young as 2 and have a before and afterschool program for the public elementry schools in the neighborhood. When we started there 2 years ago we enrolled late as well so if they have an opening they will accept students at anytime. They have the 2 year olds seperated from the preschoolers who are seperated from the school-age kids. That way they can focus on your childs specfic needs and teach the children age appropriate material. In the preschool there are about 5-10 kids per teacher during class time and what my daughter has learned there has made her MORE then ready for kindergarten next year. When applying for schools for kindergarten, the teachers where very impressed with my daughters knowledge and readiness for kindergarten and have been very pleased with the children that have come out of Little Pilgrims. If you are looking for a great education, with a safe loving enviornment and lots of diversity then I would check out this school. In all the time they have been open they have never once advertised, all of their families have been brought there by word of mouth. I will tell you it is a Lutheran based school so if you don't want any religion taught at all, this may not be the school for you. We are not a religious family and have NOT felt obligated to become religious in anyway. You do need to be open to the fact that your child will be learning a little about God and prayer, but along with that they teach the children about kindness and compassion. Happy Pilgrims family