Little Bears Day Care

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Albany, CA

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Home-Based Daycare/Preschool
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Marisa Beltrao
510 529 4123
marisacbeltrao [at]
Albany/N. Berkeley border
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Language(s) Spoken: 
English, Portuguese, Spanish

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Hi, my kids and many of my neighborhood kids went to/go to Little Bears, in Albany at Marin/ Evelyn.  The caregivers are wonderful, warm professionals who care for babies to toddlers, and we will always be grateful to them.  :) 

Archived Q&A and Reviews

May 2013

Marisa Beltrao's Little Bears Day Care in Albany has openings for infants and toddlers. My son is now 2 years old and has been with Little Bears since he was 5 months old. We absolutely love Marisa and her staff and feel very fortunate to have found such a great daycare! They provide warm healthy home-cook food, lots of love, music, dance and outdoor play for the little ones. Marisa gives us lots of advice and tips on childcare and provides a safe, nurturing environment for the kids. We highly recommend it to anyone!

March 2013

Just an update to say: My youngest is about to ''graduate'' from Little Bears Daycare later this year, to start preschool. It's been a total of four years for my two sons, and my opinion has only gotten better over time.  In the time my boys were with Marisa, they both became confident, loving, empathetic, verbal little people who could ask for the things they want, and tell me the highlights of their day. Marisa has continued to accommodate schedule changes and family emergencies, and I have come to trust and depend on her greatly. School is going to be a big change! She has moved to 1230 Marin Ave, across the intersection from the Albany Public Library, and her phone number has changed to 510 529 4123

Sept 2011

Our daughter is 22 months old and has been at Little Bears Day Care since she was 3 months old. We are so happy we chose Marisa as our daycare provider! She has been supportive of our individual wishes (e.g., cloth diapers and vegetarian meals). We love all the outdoor time that the children receive in the backyard and at the playground plus visits to the nearby library. Marisa and her assistants are such caring individuals and our daughter is quite attached to them and really looks forward to going there each day. It gives us peace of mind to know that our daughter is in good hands while we're at work. Little Bears currently has openings for children ranging in age from 3 months to 3 years and we highly recommend it!

Sept 2011

I cannot speak highly enough of Marisa Beltrao and Little Bears Daycare. My daughter has been going since she was 16 months old and absolutely loves it. She is well fed, happy, gets daily trips to the park and naps better than she ever does at home. Marisa has a wonderful outdoor area and enclosed garage area that is full of fun activities and projects. The kids go on a daily trip to the park where they play for hours! They listen to music, dance, read, sing songs and everything is positive and nurturing. Marisa and her helpers speak Portugese and Spanish (and English and my daughter has become more cooperative, outgoing and social as a result of her time at Little Bears. We could not be happier.

July 2011

I highly recommend Little Bears Day Care. Both of my daughters (who are two years apart) attended from when they were about six months old until they turned three. Marisa Beltrao is an incredible woman who exudes warmth and empathy. She truly understands children, and they respond in return. My daughters still enjoy spending time with her. Judy

June 2011

I would like to highly recommend Little Bear Day Care. My 2 year old daughter has been attending Little Bear since she was 12 months and has really flourished. Marisa Beltrao, the owner, and her two assistants are so warm, loving and attentive. The children enjoy time at the park and the library, they eat healthy and delicious homemade meals and snacks, listen to music and also get in a good nap. Marisa is full of positive energy and goes above and beyond to ensure all the children in her care feel at home and to ensure that their days are filled with stimulating activities, love and nurturing. Marisa has some children starting preschool soon and will have some space opening up. For anyone looking for a daycare that will provide all the love and comfort of home, I can not recommend Little Bear enough! John

June 2011

We have two daughters and both have been in Little Bears Daycare from very early on (3-4 months). We are absolutely thrilled with the care there. Marisa Beltrao and her staff are wonderful and work very well with infants and young children. Both of my daughters are high energy kids, which is fostered instead of being suppressed. It is a very warm and loving environment, and my wife and I highly recommend it.

Oct 2007

I would like to highly recommend Marisa Beltrao's Little Bear's Day Care. My son started at 6 months old and has been there for two years. She is a warm, effusive, energetic, fun, caring and affectionate woman whose spirit touches all the children there. Marisa and her staff can tell you what made your child laugh on any given day. They genuinely care about each child and are unbound in their attention and affection. Marisa provides a safe learning environment and is good with teaching the children social skills. She provides a home-cooked hot lunch and snacks too. Reasonably priced and strongly recommended. Her number is 510-526-8543.

Sept 2007

LIttle Bear's Daycare (lic # 013419081) is a wonderful day care (with F/T or P/ T openings) run by Marissa Beltrao. Little Bear's is located in the neighborhood near Marin Elementary School on the Albany/N.Berkeley border. Marissa is Brazilian and speaks english, portugese, and spanish. She has 2 assistants, one of which is her grown daughter. Marissa is patient, loving, warm, funny, and firm when necessary. The kids in her care get nutritious snacks (grapes, cheese, kiwi, crackers etc) a hot home cooked lunch (chicken, rice, veges etc) plenty of fresh air, quiet naps, a lots of time to play, crayons, playdough, crafts, and interaction. We love Marissa and all her kids seem so well adjusted and ready for school when they ''graduate''. We highly recommend Marissa to anyone looking for that daycare that feels like home. Please call Marissa directly at 526-8543 or you may try me (although she would have more specific information, I'll just give you more warm fuzzies!) Thanks. Carolin

March 2007

Little Bears Day care is a licenced day care, our beloved Marisa takes care of 8 kids during the week. And although her daycare is booked for weekdays, she is taking kids 2yrs old & older on Saturdays on a contract or drop in basis. She is wonderful, a very happy and cheerful person, loves what she does and provides a safe, nurturing environment for the kids. The area she is in is quiet, and she takes the kids to the park, 2 blocks away, regularly. She provides great food and a quiet nap area. We are a graduate of Little Bears day care, but still stop by when we need help, let me know if you want more info: cynthia
Contact: Marisa Beltrao, 510-459-3712

Sept 2006

Marisa Beltrao's Little Bears Daycare in Albany has openings for infants and toddlers. I brought my daughter to Marisa's when she was four months old; two years later she still adores going to Marisa's. Little Bears is housed in a quiet Albany house with lots of sunshine and separate sleeping spaces so naps are uninterrupted. A small backyard offers a play area with lots of toys. My daughter comes home most days with sand in her shoes from the playground just around the corner from the house, and an art project she\x92s completed during the day. The kids also listen and dance to music every day. Marisa provides breakfast, lunch, and snacks, as well as lots of hugs and love. If you need dependable, loving care for your child, please call Marisa at 510-526-8543 Contact: Marisa Beltrao, 510-526-8543

Sept 2005

Our fantastic DC has openings for todllers. Little Bears day care, run by Marisa Beltrao, a Brazilian, is a warm, fun, stimulating and safe environment for our son, who has been there since 09/04. Marisa has been in child care over 7 years, works with 2 other experienced assistants in a very low child/caregiver ratio. On the Albany/Berkeley border, Little Bears currently has 6 children from 8-28 mos. in a variety of days and schedules. She is expanding her licence to accomodate up to 12 and will be taking 3-5 more in the coming months. Marisa has 3 grown kids of her own who are all in college now. The house is warm and completly set up for the little kids, lots of toys and drawing tables, the back yard has slides and cars, mornings they walk to a playground. Her food is wholesome and freshly cooked every day, each child sleeps in their own pack and play. I could not recommend a better place for your todller! Cynthia

May 2005

Little Bears Day care has two opening for 20-26 months children. Our son enjoys the joy, care, play yard and great homecooked food. We consider Marisa Beltrao's house as our second home and appreciate the way her family cares for our lill' one. She has good, clean, light indoor and outdoor play spaces, goes often to the playground weather permitting and each child naps in a quiet room in their own crib. She is very loving and cheerful, patient and resposible. I feel fortunate that we've been with her since September 2004 and I highly recommend her. She works with 2 assistants, one of them being her daughter. Marisa is licenced and cares for 5 6-12 month children and 3 20-24 months. Please ask Bananas, or e-mail me for a reference. Or call her directly to make an appoitment for a visit: 510- 526-8543. This is a fantastic place!
Marisa Beltrao: 510-526-8543

Aug 2004

We have used this wonderful home day care (one of the few licensed home day cares in Albany!) for the past five years (first with our daughter, and then with our son). Sadly, off to preschool we go. Our children absolutely LOVE Marisa. She spends the day playing, reading, singing, dancing, and most importantly, loving the children. If you are looking for a safe, loving, small home day care, Marisa is the answer to your prayers! She is currently taking infants and toddlers. Full time available (excellent rates). CPR certified. Call or e-mail me with any questions you may have or Marisa directly (she is from Brazil, and is trilingual in Spanish, Portuguese, and English) at 526-8543.