Little Beans Preschool and Bridge K

Berkeley, CA

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Heather Stephens-Smalley and Kathleen Fitzpatrick
littlebeanspreschool [at]
2117 Acton
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Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri
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My two sons are off into the world of elementary school and thanks to Little Beans Preschool, they are off beautifully. They both went to Little Beans for 3 years, starting when they were 2 and they thrived there. While each teacher has a different personality (the directors, Miss Kathleen and Miss Heather, as well as Miss Christie), they create a really warm and loving environment and knew each child really well. The philosophy is mostly play base, which is best for kids, but there is just the right amount of "class time" as they call it. Children learned basics with numbers and letters, and even a little bit more if parents want to. They know how to listen to what parents want while offering good guidance and advice. Drop in at any time of the day and you will see happy kids there. The whole child is taken into consideration: art, dance/yoga/music class with the wonderful Miss Carly twice a week; trips to the library and the local playgrounds and for the bigger String Beans, small Urban adventures by city bus and even the BART! My sons loved these trips and are very aware of street safety thanks to Little Beans. Little Beans was also very patient and flexible came potty training, which was really helpful. Both my sons made great friends there and the parents community is wonderful. Once a month they have a date night for parents and my oldest son loved his pre-K so much that he attended until 2nd grade! I would definitely recommend Little Beans; my sons were more than ready for K and we consider them family!

We have been Little Beans parents for 5 years. Both of our sons have graduated from Little Beans and are doing very well in kindergarten and elementary school. They both enjoyed going to Little Beans and enjoy going back to visit. The teachers are very loving towards the children and also teach them wonderful values. In addition to improving their writing, fine motor skills and language skills, they also learn how to treat others with respect and kindness. We had a wonderful 5 years with Little Beans and I highly recommend this amazing preschool.

We are so happy that we chose to send our son to Little Beans Preschool. The daycare (inside and outside) is bright and cheery. The teachers are warm, thoughtful, and always prepared to discuss your child's day. Our son is always happy to arrive and is full of stories about his day when he leaves. And as parents we especially appreciate the ease of drop-off and pick-up. Upon arriving, the kids have several quiet playtime options, including an art project that is always creative and interesting. And at pick-up time, the kids are typically involved in story time so they are not too amped up before getting in the car. Win-win!