Lil Bears Family Daycare

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El Sobrante, CA

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Home-Based Daycare/Preschool
DSS Facility License #
Randi Hartwell
rbh813 [at]
El Sobrante
Maximum Capacity:
Language(s) Spoken:
Additional Services & Features:
Afternoon option,
Drop-in available,
Part-time available,
K-5 afterschool available,
Sibling discount,
Breakfast provided,
Lunch provided,
Snacks provided,
Special diet support,
Cloth diapers accepted,
Potty training support
Editors' Notes:
  • In April 2020 this daycare (license # 073404452 owned by Theresa Harris) moved from Richmond to the home of the owner's daughter, Randi Hartwell, in El Sobrante. Randi has now been licensed for the new facility.

Parent Reviews

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Our son has been attending Randi's Lil Bears Daycare since he was 5 months old and I cannot emphasize enough how wonderful they've been! It's a family run operation, the mom Teri has been involved for ~30 years. They all emit such warm, positive, caring energy. Teri is in charge of our son and it truly feels like they have a special bond and that she's personally invested in his development. Our son adjusted there quickly, smiling when they open the door and sometimes crying when he has to leave (which I have been trying not to take personally). He's made his first friend there and learned so much from the other young kids there. Randi and family have been great at getting him to eat more solid foods and wean off the bottle. They are priced extremely competitively, especially with meals and snacks being included once the child is on solids. We are only leaving because the drive is too far and has gotten to be too much for us but it's been an extremely emotional decision. Again, I cannot recommend Randi and family more highly - they are the absolute best and have been like an extension of our family!

Our daughter has been attending Lil Bears since she was ~15 months old. She is happy and smiling when she goes and happy and smiling when she is picked up so I always feel good knowing that Randi, Terry and Martina are taking care of her. I toured a lot of different places before finding a Randi’s and felt an instant connection with her. Randi is warm and jovial and an experienced mother of 3. Big thank you to Lil Bears for running a homey day care. Check them out if you need reliable and affordable childcare in the East Bay! 🥰

We really liked Lil Bears in the Richmond Hills and they are very affordable.  We had our son there until he was 3.  They may have moved to a home in El Sobrante (not sure about that) but it's definitely worth checking out.  Email Randy at rbh813 [at] (rbh813[at]gmail[dot]com).  You can let her know Yvette recommended you!

My son has been with Lil Bears since August last year and he just loves it!  He's almost two and speaks in complete sentences, loves to sing and play with other kids. He brings a lot of art work home and loves to show me what he did.  He goes full time as both my husband and I work but I'm so glad we found Lil' Bears.  Randi, Teri & Martina are amazing.  Thanks LIl Bears!