Learning to Leap

Oakland, CA

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Gerri Hofstetter
(510) 325-4446
learningtoleap [at] gmail.com
Maxwell Park on Fleming Ave.
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Ages Served: 
24 months - 72 months
Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri
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  • Learning to Leap moved from San Leandro to Oakland in 2015.  Previous license # 013419493

Parent Reviews

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Learning to Leap has moved to Oakland! The school is now located in Maxwell Park. We recently moved our 4 year old to Learning to Leap and we could not be happier. Gerri Hofstetter, the director, is wonderful. She and the other teachers have created a warm and welcoming environment and our daughter is doing great there. She used to complain about going to preschool and now she can't wait to go to school. Gerri thinks deeply about everything that goes into the class room and that goes on in the class room. She and the teachers are very communicative and responsive. Also, it is affordable! I strongly recommend this school. Come check it out!

Archived Reviews: 

Feb 2014

Any parents out there had recent experience Learning to Leap Preschool in San Leandro? Would also be interested in any other recommendations for smallish, play-based or emergent curriculum preschools near San Leandro. (Only folks not affiliated with the schools, please!) Thanks. SL parent of 3 year old

My daughter has attended Learning to Leap for the past two years. We have appreciated the smallness, and the child-oriented and respectful-of-children-where-they-are approach. There is a lot of freedom to play and explore based the child's interests. And the teachers are always tuned in for teachable moments, and assisting children in these moments to navigate conflicts. I think the social negotiation skills and the emphasis on building each kid's confidence are what I've valued the most. There is no shaming, things are positive and there is room for free expression. There is also curriculum to ready children for kindergarten - pre-math, reading, writing, etc. It's a good safe place with caring teachers. SL mom

Sept 2013

Re: Daycare/preschool with focus on temperament?
Hello, I would like to strongly recommend that you contact Learning to Leap in San Leandro. The way you describe what you're looking for resonates with what my experience with this school has been like for my daughter. Website: learningtoleap.com. You can call or email the head of school, Gerri Hofstetter, info on website. My daughter has done very well at the school, grown her confidence and social negotiation and verbal skills. The approach and curriculum is child-centered. You'll read this as you review the website. The teachers do not keep the kids in line by shaming. Children's individual temperaments are respected and celebrated. It's also small, about 10 kids. The teachers have college degrees related to child development and or education. They are all warm and caring and truly knowledgeable of child development. I wish you the best in finding a better place for your daughter. LTL Mom

April 2013

Re: San Leandro play-based preschools
Schedule a tour at Learning to Leap CDC in San Leandro. It's a play-based, emergent curriculum, and not church based, though it is on site of a church. Great school! Anon

April 2011

We are so happy to have found this great new (small!) program. Our 2 year old was in a small daycare and while we knew he'd thrive in a preschool setting, we were also nervous about the transition: how would he do around older kids, with a more structured day, and a set of new people? We felt the right vibe almost immediately upon visiting L2L and meeting the staff. On all 3 counts we have been so pleased. The mix of ages is really great for diversifying his experience and learning. There is just enough structure to provide consistency of expectations and a sense of some routines (but with lots of variety in the activities and a great deal of self-directed and silly play throughout the day). Perhaps most importantly, the supportive teachers have fostered an environment of empathy and fun that has benefitted the kids and created a very positive and nurturing culture. Our son has a blast getting messy with art and science projects, learning songs and books, and navigating new friendships and routines with his new friends. We would highly recommend this preschool, especially to families whose children thrive best in small settings. Julie