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Richmond, CA

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Home-Based Daycare/Preschool
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Kunga Tseyang
(510) 367-4252
kutseyang [at] hotmail.com
Richmond Park Plaza
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Ages Served:
0 months - 60 months
7:00am - 6:00pm
Additional Services & Features:
Sibling discount,
Snacks provided,
Cloth diapers accepted
About the Program:

My daycare is very conveniently located just a few blocks across the El-cerrito Del Norte bart and with easy access to I -80. I'm dedicated to providing absolutely the best care, attention, warmth, love and nurturing in a very safe environment.My goal is to bring the best every day and provide the parents with a sense of reassurance that their little ones are under the care of a truly loving and nurturing care giver. I have lots of space inside and a big fenced backyard with a safe surface for kids to play.

Parent Reviews

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Both of my daughters attended Kunga Daycare from 5/6 months old until 4 years old for my oldest (we delayed starting preschool due to Covid) and now my 2.5/almost 3 year old has left to start preschool. Tseyang has truly become like part of our family and we miss seeing her every day already. Both of my girls love her and her family as well as all of the friends they have made.

It is so nerve-wracking to find the right daycare for your infant but from the first day we knew that Kunga Daycare was the right choice for us. Tseyang cares for your child as if they are her own and you can feel that she really has a passion for this work. She provides a nurturing and enriching environment; my girls learned so much from letters, colors, numbers, songs (they both even know Twinkle Twinkle Little Star in Tibetan!), and she had more advanced lessons for my oldest who was already starting to read and write! Lots of fun art and outdoor activities as well, balanced with quiet time, yoga and meditation.

Rest assured that your child will be in the most capable hands with Tseyang and her helpers and you will find yourself with a wonderful new community of caregivers and other parents/families. I cannot recommend Kunga Daycare enough!

This review is long overdue.  My son started at Kunga Daycare when he was roughly 4 or 5 months old.  Now he is 3 years old and moving on to preschool.  This was such a hard decision for our family to make as Tseyang has provided the best care in the last couple of years and I cannot thank Tseyang enough for the love and care she has provided my son.

I remember initially looking at daycare when he was a baby and feeling scared.  But the moment I entered this daycare, I knew this was the right daycare for us.  She has a very warm demeanor and the daycare itself is clean and homey.  As other posts have mentioned, tseyang truly cares for the children like a second mother.  From the very beginning she has always been easy to reach throughout the day if you have any concerns.  

My son has also learned so many things from songs, colors, numbers, even yoga!  The children do activities like painting and drawing.  Everytime I picked up my son, he was always smiling after having so much fun at Kunga Daycare.

I highly recommend this daycare.  If and when we choose to expand our family, we will definitely bring our next child here as well.

My son was struggling to catch things up during his 1st year until 1.5 years. As a first parent, we were so worried about his development. After sending him to Tseyang, he showed an immediate progress, started talking, started learning new things, and then he became the favourite of all in the class. I am glad that he has become more active, more naughty, and now almost wear me out every single day. I cannot thank tseyang enough to create such an amazing culture and envionment at the day care that every kid feels very comfortable.

I know tseyang is very emotionally connected with every kid. When Tseyang throw a farewell party for my son, and three other kids, I could see she is crying from inside because she has been with these kids like a second mother, and I know she is going to miss all the kids. well. we are not going to forget her and my son still talks about Tseyang all the time.

I would highly highly recommend her if you want your kids to develop well, learn new things, and more importantly, been taken care of with love and compassion.

Good work Tseyang and god bless you.


Our son is now 3 1/2 and has been with Tseyang at Kunga Daycare since he was 1. Finding Kunga Daycare was one of the best things to happen to us as new parents. We signed our son up for Kunga before he was born and we have been extremely happy with the decision ever since. Tseyang and her caregivers are extremely skilled with the under-5 group and more than anything it has felt so good to be able to leave our son in such a loving place for the last 2 1/2 years. Tseyang was especially skilled at helping us as new parents ease our son and ourselves into the daycare. He has loved attending Kunga Daycare and has made many friends! As he has grown, he has learned many things with Tseyang: letters, colors, shapes, and songs. Tseyang is a wonderful singer and our son has come home singing songs he has learned. And finally, Tseyang was adept at managing the daycare during a pandemic. She was careful to lay out the new expectations and guidelines for families, and she expanded her cleaning routines in order to meet the new regulations. Lastly, in pre-pandemic times, Tseyang organized an annual barbecue with delicious food; families had the opportunity to meet each other and share a delightful meal. Tseyang has been wonderful on all accounts and you will be lucky to secure a place at Kunga!

Tseyang who was an amazing nanny for our oldest child (now 9) has a home daycare in Richmond on the El Cerrito border called Kunga Tseyang day care.  She is amazing and baby/kid whisperer.  Her in-home day care set up is very sweet too.  I can't recommend her enough.  Good luck with your search!


I truly can't recommend Kunga Daycare more highly.  I'm not sure what the status is for their current openings, but Tseyang is an absolutely wonderful care-provider (we've been with her for 3 years and are looking forward to many more for kiddo #2 who's on the way).  Kunga Daycare is very reasonably priced. 


It's about time for us to write a review for Tseyang, and her extraordinary daycare.  We're super fortunate to have gotten space for our son when he was around 1.5 years old and he's been there for 2 years now!  We're not are all that motivated to move him to a preschool since he's so happy each and everyday at Kunga Daycare.  At Kunga Daycare our son has learned so much!!  Everything from potty training, alphabet, numbers, and is beginning to learn to read to learning how to be a good playmate to boy and girls his age and younger.  He's now the oldest at the daycare and he has been "helping out" his teachers and setting a good example for the younger kiddos.  Which is great because, as a side effect, he's now super duper excited about becoming a big brother.  Tseyang and Dahlwa really go out of their way to make all the kids feel safe and loved.  I especially love that everyday our son tells us with all sincerity that what he did that day at school was play!  Kunga Daycare is fantastic in every single way!  Tseyang works super hard and yet you could never tell as she makes it look so easy!  Thanks Kunga Daycare for making ours and our son's life so much richer :)


Not sure if its too far to travel, but Kunga Daycare is absolutely fabulous and worth checking with for openings.  https://www.berkeleyparentsnetwork.org/recommend/preschool/kunga-daycare.  Tseyang and Dahlwah are loving, kind, and thoughtful caregivers and you'll absolutely be happy there.   


We can’t say enough great things about Kunga’s daycare. Our son has been going there since he was five and half months and it was the best decision we made. All of the ladies at the daycare take such great care of my son and the kids. He is always so happy to see Tseyang each time we drop him off. The first time we met Tseyang, she immediately took to him and he was so happy to be around her. It made me feel at ease to know that he was loved, and taken care of in a fun and safe environment. 
All of the ladies who look after our son take amazing care and paid great attention to our details in how we wanted raise him including diaper changes, nap and feeding routine. They even cleaned up our diaper bag for us when we accidentally spilled milk inside of it. They are so sweet and kind in every way. 
I have seen such a huge difference in my son’s development since going to Kunga’s daycare. He is now socially comfortable around a lot of people and play so well with other kids.
I strongly recommend having your kids go to Kunga’s daycare because it will be your best  decision ever when looking for someone to care for your children. 

This review has been long time due. I highly recommend Kunga day care for the wonderful childcare they provide. Tseyang is a wonderful mom who is a great caregiver and incredibly patient and works with kids. She has story time, art time, free play time and singing time. my baby loved the circle time in the morning and she would enact that circle time at home pretending her to be tseyang. I am grateful to tseyang for helping my baby keep her love for books. that one year went so fast and we had already enrolled her to the preschool, reluctantly we had to take her out of tseyang's care and move on. It has already been few months and she still talks about tseyang.

Her day care is nice and clean, safe play area. lots of fun toys and books. and yes best of all she offers mostly healthy snacks which includes fruits. 

Highly recommend Day care experience for toddlers and we genuinely recommend KungaDay care.

Dolma and Woeser

Very happy to recommend Kunga Tseyang’s daycare. We’ve been meaning to recommend it for a while but never found the time. In short, they are absolutely fantastic! 

Tseyang and her employee Dawa are both very nice and caring, and really seem to love all the children in their care. We initially found them on BPN, and very happy that we did.

Our daughter has been in Tseyang’s care since she was 4 months old - she is now 14 months old and still going there.
She cried the first few days we dropped her off, and hasn’t done it since. Actually, she now sometimes cries when we take her back from her friends in the evening!...

You can drop off from 7am every morning and pickup til 6pm every evening, from Monday to Friday. The price is very affordable and even though they don’t provide lunch, they give snacks to the children when they’re old enough to eat them (mainly fruits).

Just to make things clear, this is a home daycare. You enter via the front garden then living room and kitchen of the family, then you get to the children’s gate that delimitates the play/nap area. After the play area, you find the changing area, lunch area, and then a bay window that leads to the back garden. There’s lots of fun and educative games.

Right now (Feb 2019) there’s about 8 children total (sorry, we often drop off early and pickup late -I know, boo!- so not 100% sure of the exact number), with ages ranging from 13 months to about 4 years old. They all seem nice, well-behaved and happy.

The surrounding area is very close to the Del Norte Bart station, and it is not super nice as it’s close to the highway underpass (you have to walk under it between Bart and the daycare). It has never bothered my husband or myself even when we picked our daughter up by foot, bike or stroller (although you have to be careful by bike with the highway entries/exits you have to cross.

So, yes, very happy with Tseyang’s daycare. Our daughter absolutely loves it and flashes big smiles when we drop her off every morning (unless we request a last hug, she runs off without looking back!), and at the end of the day, that is all we care about.

Tseyang, if you ever read this, we’re super thankful to you and Dawa! We wish you all the best — and of course to always have a full daycare with lots of happy children.

It is my pleasure to recommend Tseyang of Kunga Daycare. My son has been in her care for nearly 3 years (age 3 months to 3 years) and it has been the best decision we could have made. I trust her implicitly. As important, my son loves her and the friends he has made there. On the way to daycare, he tells me “I have lot[s of] friends” and proceeds to name them one by one, including Tseyang and her young daughter—a bright, inquisitive preschooler who loves to interact with the younger children. 

Tseyang impressed me from the start with her warmth, calmness, and respect for each child and family. Days are filled with songs, indoor and outdoor play (always with sunscreen and hats), and reading. I can attest to her amazing ability to capture the attention of an entire group of small children, engrossed in hearing her read a storybook. She is highly organized and sends each parent/caregiver home with a written report of each day (activities, number of wet/soiled diapers, times slept, foods eaten, and any supplies needed for the coming day).

 Another wonderful thing about Kunga Daycare is her desire to foster community. She and her husband host an amazing Kunga Family Day each year with delicious food, games for the children, and time to get to know each other.  When we were making our decision to join Kunga, Tseyang welcomed us to visit and spend some of the day there. I encourage anyone considering Kunga to do the same. I am so grateful we found this incredibly loving and supportive place for our baby/toddler to grow. I give Kunga my very highest recommendation! 

I cannot recommend Kunga Daycare enough! My daughter has been with Tseyang for nearly two years (6 months to 2.5 years), and I am so so sad that we are leaving (we're moving). What drew me to Kunga Daycare is the home-like and loving atmosphere. There are two great indoor spaces with a lot of toys, books, and natural light, as well as a nice backyard with a bunch of outside toys. Every day as a group they sing, dance, read books, color, learn numbers/shapes/colors. 

Tseyang was a nanny before she and her husband opened the daycare after they had their daughter, and it's clear she has lots of experience caring for children. She and her assistant are all very loving, attentive, and seem to really enjoy what they do, which is very important. I've never seen any caregiver on their phone or otherwise not actively interacting with the children. Every day I get a slip of paper with what my daughter ate, when she slept, and what kind of diapers she had, which I really appreciate. They know my daughter's favorite song, her favorite book, what she doesn’t like doing, her personality traits, etc. They will also let me know if something unusual is going on with her (even if it's small), like rashes, runny nose, discolored poop, etc. In addition, anything else I ask about (such as how did my daughter like the food I brought today) she'll always remember and give me details. 

Most days my daughter doesn't want to leave when I pick her up, and she tells me nearly every day that she had fun at daycare. As a parent, I've also enjoyed the parent community. The daycare's annual backyard party has been a great way to meet everyone (if you don't see them at drop off or pick up) and the kids always have a blast too. 

Thank you, Tseyang, for the wonderful experience we've had the last two years! Knowing that my daughter is well-loved, taken care of, learning, and having fun, has made working full time a lot easier. 

For anyone considering Kunga Daycare, please feel free to contact me with specific questions. 

I highly recommend Kunga Daycare! I feel so lucky to have found Tseyang when we moved back to the Bay Area one year ago and needed childcare. Tseyang runs her daycare with help from her husband, Ogen, and they are two of the loveliest people that you will every meet. I always felt comfortable that my son was safe, secure, and being lovingly cared for. Tseyang was extremely accommodating to our needs and is an excellent communicator. Her home is immaculately clean and organized, and there is plenty of space, including a large backyard for lots of outdoor time when the weather permits. Another nice touch with this daycare is how Tseyang and Ogen actively facilitate community amongst the families—through a yearly party and occasional Friday night chai tea and snacks during pickup time! Finally, I was truly touched to have them throw a goodbye party for my son when he “graduated” to preschool. We were sad  when it was time to leave Kunga Daycare, but so pleased to have been a part of this wonderful family.

We were so fortunate to have our little one at Kunga Daycare, from when he was 4 months old to 18 months old. Leaving this daycare was the hardest part about moving. Tseyang is an incredible caregiver. She as nurturing, warm, and affectionate as a family member, but she is also an experienced professional: detail-oriented, dependable, communicative, and efficient. Her home is warm, spacious, well-appointed, and immaculate. Our son loved having so much space to spread out in, and he absolutely loved the large backyard area. Like the other reviewers, I do not quite understand how Tseyang managed all of the activities, naps, and feedings while managing to keep the space so clean and tidy. I dropped in on short notice several times, and always saw a clean space with kids playing happily or napping peacefully in cribs.

I would recommend Kunga Daycare based on Tseyang's professionalism and competency alone, but the real reason I will miss her daycare is because of that genuine loving, nurturing feeling. I really felt that she cared about each of the kids in the daycare, and I think the kids reflected that back at her and at each other. Now that I'm searching for a new daycare, I'm more aware of how rare that feeling is. Highly recommended!

Our former Nanny Tseyang (pronounced Tse-young) opened a home day care on the El Cerrito Richmond border.  It is called Kunga Day Care and it is listed on the BPN's website.

Tseyang is magical.  Seriously she is the best.  The place is beautiful and clean and she is meticulous in her care.  If I can answer any questions for you, feel free to contact me via my user name.


We have known Tseyang for almost 8 years. She started caring for our daughter when she was about 15mos. She was the first person we entrusted to watch her after interviewing many candidates. Being first time parents, we were very protective and particular. After only spending a small amount of time with Tseyang, it was very clear how fortunate we were to have found her. Aside from having the necessary credentials: years of experience, caring for multiple children, etc. Tseyang has something that not every nanny can offer, she will love and care for your child as if it were her own. She is affectionate, compassionate and dependable. She speaks English very well and is easy to communicate with. She is detail-oriented, punctual and flexible. She takes initiative and exceeds expectations. She will stick to the schedule, maintain requested routines and somehow keep the house spotless! Best of all, our daughter adored her. She called Tseyang her friend and lit up when she would come over to ''play''! Tseyang cared for our daughter until she was 3yrs old and she was easily able to adapt to her changing developmental needs. The mutual love between Tseyang and our daughter was truly heartwarming, and today, 8 years later, our daughter still has fond memories of their time together. We recently moved, but have stayed in contact with Tseyang throughout the years. We now have a 3yr old son and went through many babysitters trying to find a good match. I found myself comparing everyone to Tseyang and no one lived up to her exceptional standards! She is truly an amazing and wonderful person - your children will love her. Please contact me with any questions.

Our former nanny, Tseyang has started her own fully licensed in-home daycare! This is your good fortune as she is truly the BEST caregiver you could hope to have watching your little ones. She gives such loving care and treats the children as if they are her own! She was our nanny for close to five years so we know her well. She really loves what she does so her happy, energetic attitude is really nice for the children and us. She engages the children with age appropriate activities, but also keeps them on a routine schedule with solid naps and eating.  My husband and I always refer to her as "magical" since she could often get our children to eat and sleep better than we could.  See the basic details below, but feel free to contact me with questions. She has many glowing references!

Kunga Daycare
(near El Cerrito Del Norte Bart Station)
Time - 7AM – 6PM, Monday - Friday
Ages - newborn – 5
Rate - $75/day
- 2 organic snacks provided daily
- can teach/speak Hindi to children
- offers circle time in Spanish