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Home-Based Daycare/Preschool
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Jose Perez
daycarekchanning [at]
West Berkeley/ Channing way
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6 months - 60 months
8:00am - 5:00pm
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Lunch provided,
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Special diet support
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Kidsland Channing offers 100% Loving Spanish immersion programs for infants, toddlers and preschoolers.

Parent Reviews

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My family can't say enough good things about Kidsland Channing! Our daughter started there around age 1.5, and is now ready for preschool, but we are still so sad to leave Kidsland! Every day we dropped her off there knowing that she would be surrounded by love and care, eat healthy food that she enjoyed, and be stimulated by all kinds of activities and field trips. In her time there she has had the chance to do yoga, martial arts, soccer, swimming lessons, trips to farms and pumpkin patches, and so much more. Our daughter learned Spanish with no help from us at home! We loved how Kidsland has kids of all different ages, because the little ones can learn from the bigger ones, and the bigger ones get a chance to help the little ones. Besides all the enrichment, we just always got the sense that the caretakers at Kidsland think about the kids as their own family - this place has so much love to give. Thank you Erika, Juanita, Luis and Andrea so much for helping our daughter grow and laugh and learn!

Our son started at Kidsland Channing two years ago at 8 months old, and will soon be moving on to preschool, but it will be hard to leave! Erika and her family, and Juanita, have been incredibly supportive and caring to him and our family in the time we've been there, and their love for the kids is always evident. The transition to daycare was tough at first, but I think the structure at Kidsland really helped, and it's been great seeing him get more comfortable there over time, making friends, starting to participate in more activities (craft projects, yoga classes, field trips), and learning some Spanish. We feel so lucky to have found Kidsland, and highly recommend it.

Our little one started at Kidsland Channing in September when she turned 18 months old. It took her about 3-4 months to get accustomed to the daycare. She now absolutely loves it. It has been a joy watching her blossom at Kidsland with the help of Erika and team. In these 8 months, she has learned a tremendous amount of Spanish - days of the week, counting, shapes, alphabet, months of the year, and loves to draw and play independently. She has become very self-sufficient and independent - all thanks to the Kidsland Channing team who has encouraged her growth and self-confidence. The team at Kidsland provides support for all developmental stages, including potty training, etc. They regularly take the kids to stimulating activities like story time, music, yoga, dance, and gymnastics classes. The nutritious homemade meals are a big plus as well. Most importantly, they foster an environment where the kids are loved, well cared-for, and learn all while having fun. The daycare community feels very much like one big family. Juanita is especially very sweet and a wonderful caregiver to the younger children under 2. We are so grateful to Erika and team for providing such fantastic care, and are lucky to have found this special community. I highly recommend Kidsland Channing to anyone interested in daycare for their child!

Kidsland Channing provided this type of care for my daughter last year and we were so happy with it! It is a Spanish immersion program and the care is wonderful and flexible. They have a page on BPN, so just use the search field to find them. Best of luck!

My daughter started at Kidsland a couple months after she turned 2, and has been going there for about seven months. It has been a wonderful fit for her and for our family (we don't speak Spanish at home, but that has not been an obstacle for our daughter). Erika and her staff have nurtured her growth, supported her potty training, and maintained clear communication throughout. She loves the homemade snacks and lunches, and she comes home happy every day. We have also appreciated how flexible Erika is with scheduling, and how she has made so much lemonade out of the lemons that the pandemic has thrown us all.

I cannot recommend Kidsland Channing highly enough; I am so glad to have found them.

My child started at Kidsland around 20 mos and has been going there for almost 2 years. My child has been given wonderful care and is very happy at Kidsland, regularly talking about Erika and Luis when we are at home. The last year+ has been tremendous in so many ways, and it was such a blessing (to our family and others - I'm sure) that Kidsland was a constant and stable presence for all of us. 
During COVID Erika and Luis followed all the state guidelines and protocols, in addition to maintaining a nurturing environment. Erika was essential in motivating my child to potty train and helped ensure my child became fully potty trained. Erika worked with my child on pen control, tracing, connecting lines and writing letters and now they can write their name! We attend Kidsland 3 days a week and even with a part-time schedule, and English speaking home environment, my child has learned conversational Spanish. We are grateful for the wonderful care provided at Kidsland and feel lucky to have found them.

We joined Erika's family daycare in October 2019, when our son was 6 months. When we met Erika I was instantly drawn to how structured she is, how she relates to the kids with kindness and genuine love, and how well rounded her program is, with outings, fun classes and activities, and instances for the kids to learn. The fact that it is also a Spanish immersion program made it a perfect fit, given that I'm a native Spanish speaker and I wanted our son to keep speaking the language we have at home.

Due to the pandemic, our son stayed home from March until October 2020, and he returned to Erika's daycare after our daughter was born. He was a year and a half by then, and in that first week he went to Kidsland he came back home singing the alphabet, counting up to ten, and calling for the friends he had reconnected with, as well as asking for Erika, Luis, Andrea and Andrés. I know that when he's at daycare he's surrounded by love, he's learning and having a blast.

During these difficult months of isolation, Erika and her family have managed to still do fun activities with the kids now that parts of their usual program cannot be done due to lockdown. They've brought a sense of normalcy to our son's life in these difficult times, and he's been so happy since returning there. Knowing that he's so well taken care of is an immense relief, and once our daughter is old enough she'll join him too. Erika's daycare has been a perfect fit for us and truly a blessing during this weird year. 

My grandson attended Kidsland Channing for about 3 years. As a bilingual educator, I highly recommend this program. It is a positive environment which emphasizes care and respect for others, but the strongest aspect of this daycare is that it truly supports native Spanish speakers and their families with language maintenance, and develops communication Spanish communication skills for non-Spanish speakers as well as pride in the language and culture...truly powerful beyond any other program I've seen. You can't go wrong if you place your child in this program.

My son has been with Erika at Kidsland Channing for almost 3 years. In this time, he has learned so many skills and made so many friends. Though we speak English at home, our son speaks just as much Spanish due to Erika’s continued reinforcement of Spanish while interacting and building special personal relationships with every child. Before shelter-in-place, Erika took the kids on many outings in the community such as story time at the library, Kuk Sol martial arts, gymnastics, and other seasonal activities. Through these difficult shelter in place times, she and her family have continued to teach and make each day special with art, physical activities outdoors, literature, and fine motor activities. Erika serves healthy and delicious meals. The children all eat in a communal space and encourage each other to eat healthfully. Erika’s kindness and positivity are reflected in all the children and how they treat each other. My son was 7 months old when he started there and now he’s 3. He’s a “big kid” now and helps look after the little ones. This has made me so proud. We are so lucky to have found Erika and her family at Kidsland Channing. They are such a blessing in our lives!

Our son has been with Erika for 3.5 years, and there is so much to appreciate about the care. They provide daily activities like storytime, music/dance time, arts + crafts and time outside, along with "special" event like the celebration of each child's birthday,  and holiday celebrations. Erika, and her whole family, pour their love and care into their community of kids, and also model how to care for each other. One of my happiest moments as a parent has been watching when my son's "big kid friends" helped him play or color, and then, as he got older watching him learn how to support and interact with the younger kids.

As a Spanish speaking family, we also really appreciate how well Erika re-enforces Spanish language use among all her kids. It's amazing to watch /hear the level of fluency among all. The delicious, home-made food is also a huge bonus -- my husband and I sometimes joke about how we wish we could have lunch at Kidsland based on the menu our kid talks about!

We’re so grateful and blessed to have found Kidsland Channing! Like many new parents, we took our time and did extensive research for the best daycare and we were fortunate to have found Erika and her team, they are simply the best! Since attending Kidsland our son has blossomed and developed in so many ways, it’s been amazing to see his progress! 

Since day one, my son melted right into Erika’s arms, I knew then it was the perfect fit. Not only is Erika exceptionally organized and dedicated to her program, she is genuinely patient, nurturing, supportive and loving to all her kids, and it clearly shows in how happy and well behaved they are. Erika’s communication with parents is exceptional and she’s always readily available via text or phone, whatever works best for you. I especially enjoy receiving picture and video updates of my son, which makes me feel completely at ease knowing he’s in good hands. 

Erika makes sure to provide her kids a well balanced variety of fun, educational and safe activities (both indoor and outdoor) such as dancing, gymnastics, yoga, music, art, reading, writing, outings to local parks, library story time and birthday celebrations for every child; to name a few. Fun fact, this is a 100% Spanish Immersion program and I was completely impressed with ALL her kids abilities to learn and speak fluent Spanish! 

Throughout the day, meals and snacks are provided and we’re thrilled our son’s eating has improved so much. He truly enjoys her delicious healthy homemade food. What a relief this has been! 

Our experience with Kidsland Channing has truly been special and we can’t imagine our son anywhere else! As our son continues to thrive, we look forward to spending more time with our Kidsland family! 

I am so grateful to have found Kidsland!  Since being here, my little girl has grown and thrived in so many ways. She has been surrounded by friends, and nurturing adults.  She and all of the babies, toddlers and preschoolers at Kidsland feel loved and receive lots of attention from Erika and her assistants.  She has learned to share, take turns, to apologize and to forgive. She has lots of fun! And she eats vegetables everyday! I’m always impressed to hear what new food she has discovered at lunchtime!

Erika takes the children on lots of mini-adventures: to Tilden’s Little Farm, Habitot, local library events, parks, martial arts classes, swimming lessons.  She is amazingly organized and has great systems in place to keep kids safe, secure and happy on their excursions. They always come back full of excitement and stories to share about their new experiences.  They also have lots of fun at home, playing indoors and outdoors with lots of stimulating toys.

Erika is kind and firm. She gives clear expectations. She is understanding, but also holds kids accountable for their actions. She clearly loves each one, and teaches them to be kind and loving to one another and to their families.  She’s also helped my daughter feel comfortable and proud of her one-parent family.

At Kidsland my daughter’s Spanish has flourished and as a result, was admitted into a Spanish bilingual kindergarten. If you are looking for a school that promotes Spanish fluency and bi-litercy, this is it!  We are sad to say goodbye to Erika and Kidsland Channing, and my only regret is that we didn’t find it sooner!

We love Kidsland Channing!! My daughter (1) gets so excited as soon as she recognizes the colorful pinwheels over the fence when we pull up, and goes with open arms to Erika and her staff each morning. They have facilitated a safe and loving environment for her to grow, learn, explore and make friends. They are constantly going on fun local field trips, and I know that my daughter is not just being "watched", but is constantly being inspired to constantly try new things.

Erika also hosts birthday parties for each kid, and celebrates every holiday in a way that the parents can all form a community together and strengthen the bond that our kids have developed together. We are really excited about the Spanish language component as our daughter is beginning to speak, and believe that she will be more prepared to thrive in our region because of these skills. The mixed age setting is also a big win for us, as the older kids teach our little one new things, and also protect her. She climbs, crawls, and walks with confidence as she tries to keep up with her older friends!

Looking for a close-knit community of learning and adventure for your child? Look no further than Kidsland Channing :)

Our daughter (3) has been attending Kidsland for a few weeks now and we are so pleased with how much are daughters has grown. She has come out of her shell and has been blossoming into a more social butterfly.
My daughter had very little to no interaction with kids her age and she also has not had any interactions with others outside of our family.
So I was a bit worried in how she would interact with others her age and adults whom she was not familiar with.
From the start, Erika has made this process for myself so easy. The transition of my daughter going into daycare has really showed me that not only has Erika completely changed my daughter world but mines as well!
My daughter enjoys the activities that Erika does especially the circle time. She loves to dance so that is her favorite part of daycare.
Since the first day of daycare for her, she was so excited which made me even more happy when She talks about going back to “school.”
I am so happy that we found Erika for my daughter and myself because she genuinely is a beautiful soul and you can tell that she cares for the children as if they were her own!
I am beyond grateful to have had my daughter join Kidsland and so very grateful for how understanding and patient Erika was with me in the whole process.

My two sons (almost 2 and 4) have been attending Kidsland Channing for nearly a year. I was absolutely thrilled that there was an opening for both of my boys at the same time and have not looked back. From day one, both children have loved learning, playing, exploring and trying new things with Erika and the Kidsland team. There is an undeniable warmth and love that the teachers show all the children each day. I am totally blown away by the extra effort Erika puts in taking the children to parks, farms, swimming lessons, karate, museums and story/song events at the library. This is all on top of the wonderful "school" routine of art, Spanish language learning, singing, outdoor play, home-cooked meals and nap time. Erika makes sure each child has a personal Birthday celebration and there are several parties to celebrate Mother's Day, Halloween etc. and for all of these events, parents are welcomed and encouraged to join! It is truly a family atmosphere and one of encouragement and support. 

Erika is generous and understanding when I travel out-of-town for work and our routine is thrown off a bit (or a lot at times)!

We are blown away with the language development of both children as well. My oldest regularly corrects my Spanish accent =) and learns new words and songs weekly. We are all speaking more Spanish at home since our oldest has expanded his vocabulary so quickly.

I can't say enough about the joy I feel dropping my kids off and picking them up at Kidsland. I miss my children throughout the day but I am at ease knowing they are growing, learning and being loved and cared for while I’m not with them. Kidsland Channing is a dream come true and I am beyond grateful to have the support raising two wild and amazing boys from Erika and the lovely kids land team.

My son has been attending Kidsland Channing for 7 months, starting at 2.5 years old, after we moved here from NYC.  My husband and I were wavering between Kidsland Channing and Bright Horizons, and decided on Kidsland based purely on our impression of how loving Erika seemed when we visited Kidsland - and we COULD NOT BE HAPPIER!

My son absolutely loves Kidsland! He is excited to get there every morning, and in the evenings, I often have to drag him out to come home. He talks about activities he does, friends he's made, things Erika has taught him, etc. all the time. He knew no spanish when he started 7 months ago, and, within a few months, he was able to sing multiple songs in spanish. My husband and I both took spanish in high school, so have tried to converse with him, and it wasn't long before he was correcting our spanish, and teaching us new phrases and ways to say things in conversational spanish. He has learned so much, like how to write his name, counting in english and spanish, etc. 

More importantly than the "academic stuff," we are thrilled with the socialization he gets at Kidsland. He has started to really develop friendships, and comes home telling us about social interactions, where he and a Kidsland friend shared a train set, took turns, etc. Additionally, we love that he is in a mixed age group - he has learned to play nicely with babies much younger than him (important, as he's getting a baby sister next month :)), and with children a bit older, as well.

Erika is simply amazing. She gets my son to eat all sorts of vegetables, beans, couscous, etc., and he routinely tells me he likes Erika's cauliflower better than mine, Erika's soup better than mine, etc. She is so loving and patient with the kids, and takes them on so many fun outings. The kids regularly go to nearby parks, Tilden little farm, the library for story time/music time, etc. The older children go to a karate class once a week. The kids are always so well-behaved, and I'm always amazed!

Kidsland Channing truly feels like a family in so many ways. Erika organizes small birthday parties for each child, with fruit salad, balloons, bubbles, play time in the yard, and cupcakes, and parents are invited (there are other small celebrations through the year, like an easter egg hunt, mother's day, father's day etc., where parents come), and, because of the small nature of Kidsland, I've gotten to socialize with other parents, which was so important and fun for me.

We are already excited about sending our second child to Kidsland Channing in January!

Erika has been a wonderful caregiver for our daughter, and I can't imagine sending her anywhere else. She is so amazing, patient and loving with babies and children of all ages. Erika and her family care for the children like they are part of the family. I am always impressed with the creative and age-appropriate activities, field trips and projects she plans for the group. The kids visit nearby parks and libraries, eat healthy home-cooked food, and have a great time every day. I really appreciate how well Erika organizes and structures their routine. She gently teaches the children how to pick up their toys and say please and thank you. In addition, my daughter is not yet two and she can count to ten and say her letters in Spanish. It is much easier going to work every day knowing my daughter is so happy, well loved and cared for there.

My son has been attending Kidsland Channing since he was 6 months old. Erika, her team and her family treat every child with the up most care. My son truly loves attending Kidsland. Throughout the day Erika provides lots of age appropriate opportunities for kids to learn and explore. They regularly attend the library story hour, play at the park and have had outings to Fairyland, Tilden Park and neighborhood gardens. Erika provides a set structured schedule that is child centered and provides healthy home cooked meals. On top of being an awesome caregiver I am regularly impressed with much Spanish my son is now speaking.

Erika runs Kidsland with amazing dedication, order, and love. She has a wonderful warmth about her and infinite patience to give the children. I am always impressed by her connection with the children. She also has a great routine down pat, so all children can adjust to being with the small group. I cannot emphasize enough what a special place this is and how much care she gives to the kids.

Her communication is excellent. I regularly text Erika and she always sends me photos of what my kids are up to. She is easy to reach over text, phone, or email. I always appreciate how response she is.

The daycare takes lots of trips to local libraries and parks. Children surely never get bored because of it--not to mention their daily visits to the park a block or two from the daycare itself. The setup at the daycare is very kid-friendly and the outdoor space is ideal for children, and fenced in.

The food (all meals and snacks!) they provide is high quality and our children love it. I am also so relieved at not having to provide milk, snacks, or any meals. A huge time saver. The food is nutritious and wholesome and age-appropriate.

I was also grateful to Erika/Kidsland that they accept cloth diapers. It turns out many daycares do not.

We didn't join this daycare for its Spanish immersion program, but this has turned out to be a blessing. I have been surprised by how quickly my kids have picked up some words in Spanish.

Every day my eldest comes home and says "I had a great day at Erika's!" (If my youngest could speak I'm sure I'd hear this from her too.) I have seen many daycares in the area, and hers is by far the best fit for my family. I am so grateful to Erika and Kidsland for being such an incredible partner in helping me to raise my two children. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have; I will be happy to share my special experience at Kidsland Channing.