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Richmond, CA

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Home-Based Daycare/Preschool
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Roberto Ocampo
kidslandannex [at]
Richmond Annex
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Spanish Immersion Program in El Cerrito/Annex Border

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Our son was at Kidsland Annex from the age of 1 to 2.5 years old (February 2021 to August 2022). It was a wonderful daycare and we only left because we decided to send him to a preschool closer to our home due to a change in my partner’s work commute. Ana Sr. made the daycare a true home away from home. Every day I dropped him off I felt confident that he was safe, happy, and thriving. I loved that they provided fresh food (breakfast, lunch, and snacks), so I never had to think about making lunch. It made a big difference as both parents work full time. Our son absolutely flourished there, and I felt he was very well prepared for preschool. He did lots of art projects and went on so many exciting and educational field trips. Ana also helped him learn how to use the potty. Plus, he understands and speaks Spanish, when neither parent speaks the language! Often after pickup, our son would immediately ask to go back to daycare; he just didn’t want to leave. Additionally, Kidsland was always very responsive and communicated well. We received lots of really high-quality pictures and videos via text, and a verbal report of his day at pick up. If there were ever any concerns about anything, Ana Sr. always worked with us to come up with a solution. It really felt like we had a partner in parenting our son. Parenting during the pandemic was pretty isolating, but Kidsland was great about fostering a community – parents would chat at pickup, and there were multiple outdoor gatherings throughout the year (Halloween festival, Christmas party, Easter egg hunt, etc.). We miss Kidsland and Ana but are so thankful that we found them!

Our daughter has been attending Kidsland Annex since April 2020. We love the environment and our daughter is thriving. 

Each day we get text updates, usually photos, of our child playing. She seems very happy to be there. She eats and sleeps well too! We recently started potty training our kiddo and Ana and her team has been very helpful in making the transition a success. 

The teachers provide a very warm and loving atmosphere for the kids. It is clear that our daughter loves school and is well taken care of because she often does not want to leave! We really appreciate the level of care that Ana and her assistants provide. 

Kidsland Annex is an absolutely wonderful, loving place for children. We sent our daughter there from when she was 8 months (April 2021) to almost 2. We only left because we moved out of California, and leaving Kidsland was honestly one of the hardest factors in our move. I cried the entire last week knowing it would be our last. Ana Sr sincerely loves each child who steps foot in the door, and the space is *impeccably* clean. The kids are all well behaved and happy and laughing every time I do drop off or pick up, and my daughter loves going to school. When she is tough to dress in the morning, all I had to say was “don’t you want to go see Ana?” And she would say yes and help get to the door. Honestly, starting daycare in the pandemic was so scary, and I can’t imagine having given my trust in anyone else. Ana and Kidsland really do treat your child like family. Our toddler also now speaks English and Spanish, and has so many skills! And, they go ALL OUT on special days- Easter egg hunts and family parties, special fridge pictures and crafts for parents.. it is just the best. I feel so unbelievably lucky we got to experience Kidsland, and am heartbroken that our out of state move meant we had to leave. Thank you for everything Ana!! We miss you already. -  Em, P, and Hunter  

Our daughter has been attending this daycare since August 2020 when we moved during the pandemic.  The owner of this place is the brother/sister-in-law of our prior Spanish immersion daycare (also named Kidsland) in San Leandro and we really trust her.  She was amazing with our child and we have found that Anna, the lady who runs Kidsland Annex in Richmond, is also equally amazing with our daughter.  

Our main requirements are simple: we want our daughter to speak Spanish, be loved, and to eat healthy food.  Kidsland Annex has done an amazing job with all our requirements.  They send us multiple pictures a day.  When our daughter is home she is always asking for "Anna" all day which shows us that she has a great time at the daycare.   They are always responsive with questions and concerns and have great communication.

We are very lucky to have our daughter there and look forward to keeping her here.  Thank you Anna and Kidsland.  It's also very conveniently located close to Point Richmond which is nice.