Goosebeary Parade

Oakland, CA

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Home-Based Daycare/Preschool
Eryn McNair
erynmcn [at]
Montclair on Saroni Dr.
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Sept 2014

I'd like to give a more recent shout-out to Eryn McNair of Goosebeary Parade. My son was with her for about a year and a half leading up to preschool - see my review below, from Aug 2010 - and I have equally positive things to say about my daughter's time there, since February of this year. Everything I wrote then is true now and my daughter took to Eryn even more quickly when I started her on a part-time basis shortly after her 1st birthday! She has clearly bonded with Eryn and, like my son, some days doesn't want to leave when I get there to pick her up at the end of the day! Eryn is a true gem, not only in terms of childcare for the infant/toddler set - she is truly like a warm, nurturing pre-pre-school! - but also in terms of her wonderful personality. I love chatting with her at drop-off and pick-up and the kids pick up on that, too. If Eryn has an opening and Montclair is a convenient spot for you, I highly recommend you check her out for your pre-preschool daycare needs! Becky

August 2011

I would like to HIGHLY recommend Eryn McNair. Eryn watched my toddler-aged son for almost two years, and my infant son for 9 months before we had to leave for unrelated reasons. Eryn was warm, caring, fun, and flexible, and both of my children had wonderful experiences with her. She spent a LOT of time reading with the children, and whenever the weather permitted, the children spent hours outside playing in the well-appointed yard. I found Eryn to be professional, personable, and completely trustworthy. We were very sad to leave her, and would be happy knowing that other children get to enjoy their time with Eryn. Jody

Aug 2010

I'd like to recommend Eryn of Goosebeary Parade in Montclair. My son, now 2, has been with Eryn since January and we couldn't be happier! He was home full-time until last fall when we tried a very part-time arrangement that didn't work out. When we were referred to Eryn by a friend of a friend I was apprehensive about giving part-time daycare another go. I got a great vibe from Eryn from our very first meeting but we still braced ourselves for that first week. Eryn had great suggestions for getting through the transition and by day five my son walked to her with open arms! He's always happy to go and some afternoons does not want to leave! Eryn reads tons of books, keeps them busy and engaged on rainy days (and there were a lot this winter!), and when the weather permits, they play outside in the morning and afternoon. Eryn is warm, positive, and energetic, even after a long day with a full house! I believe Eryn has one part-time opening in September. Feel free to email me with any questions!

June 2009

I wanted to provide a recent recommendation for Eryn of Goosebeary Parade, who we've been with for two months and are so happy with. I was a stay at home mom for 2.5 years, so I was worried that it would be hard for my daughter and I to transition to daycare, but it has been amazing! Eryn is very positive, energetic and caring. My daughter is the oldest child there, and Eryn comes up with activities to keep her engaged, and my daughter loves playing with the younger kids. They read a lot of books together, play with toys, have art time and play in the yard everyday. I don't live in Montclair and was initially worried about the distance since Eryn's place is up in the hills, but the reality is that it doesn't take much time to get there, and even so, the extra distance is more than worth it given how happy we all are. I had given up on finding a good home daycare after visiting a number of dreadful ones--in the course of calling someone about a nanny, I was luckily referred to Eryn. I'd be happy to talk to anyone further about our great experience.Eryn can also provide my phone number. -Christine

June 2009

I wanted to recommend my daycare - Goosebeary in Montclair. It's a family based daycare run by Eryn. My daughter who is now 2 was previously with a nanny full time, so when my husband and I were looking for a daycare, we wanted her in a smaller, more intimate setting. Eryn is great, she reads all day long, sings songs, paints, does crafts and provides the kids with healthy, home-made meals and snacks. My daughter adores her and is always excited when we drop her off. Eryn has some openings now at her daycare, its a great opportunity for any family looking for a smaller, more personal experience for their kids. Please feel free to call me with any questions: 510-229-0312 or you can contact Eryn on her cell at 510-684-0375 - Leslie

Sept 2008

I wanted to update the postings related to the Gooseberry Parade home based daycare- last posting was as of Feb. 2008 and states the home based day care is not open yet. Eryn McNair has indeed started back up Gooseberry parade in September 2008. My daughter, 16 months, is her first child to join the home based day care with another 1 1/2 year old boy starting next week. We have been with Eryn for just one month and are so pleased with our decision. She provides such a loving, warm, and energetic environment in a home setting. Eryn used to teach pre- school and really knows how to connect and help the children develop in a healthy way. Her costs are reasonble given her experience with children and the thoughtful play environment she has created. Please contact Eryn at 510.339.9389 if you are interested.

Feb 2008

I recently found out that Gooseberry Parade is no longer in existance. Laura McNair, who ran Gooseberry Parade has recently taken a position as the director of Bright Futures Daycare in Downtown Oakland. However, her daughter, Erin, will be starting a family daycare at the same location as Gooseberry Parade by April of 2008. Unfortunately, not soon enough for me but maybe for you. Erin sounds lovely, energetic, she told me she would accept cloth diapers and serve organic foods for snacks/lunch. Contact: Erin, 510.339.9389

March 2004

I would like to recommend a home-based daycare in Montclair, Gooseberry Parade, to anyone looking for 3-4 days of care. It's run by Laura McNair and her daughter, Eryn. They are loving, attentive, responsive, and nurturing. My son has been there since he was fourteen months old (one year so far) and has flourished. The daily "program" includes lots of reading, art activities, puzzles, outdoor playtime, lunch, two snacks, nap, and unstructured play. There are a few spots opening up in the fall as kids "graduate" to preschool. I have only positive things to say about Laura, Eryn, and the program. Contact Laura for information about openings. Contact: Laura McNair, 339-9389

Jan 2004

Laura McNair, who runs Goosebeary Parade, has asked me to announce that she will have openings this coming fall for children ages 1 to 3. If you are looking for a place for your toddler, I would give Laura and her home my highest possible recommendation. I honestly can't think of enough good things to say about her. She is warm, flexible, kind, and caring . She uses her amazing creative energy to make sure the kids are happy, engaged, well rested and well fed. My son's cognitive, language, and social skills have blossomed while he has been at Laura's. Laura is working on a masters degree in early childhood development, and has cared for children for something like 18 years. I trust her completely. My son is thriving in her care. Feel free to contact me by email if you have any questions or wish further information. Contact: Laura McNair, 339-9389