Staffing and colds at Gooseberry?

Does Eryn have help watching the 5-6 children or is it only her? Also, how often did your child get sick once starting at Gooseberry? I hear that colds and such are a given whenever kids start daycare but keep hearing stories about kids (and then their parents) getting sick super often until they’re 2 or 3. Our 7-month old is at a nanny share and hasn’t gotten sick yet, but I’m researching potential future daycare options since the good ones seem to have a long waitlist. Thanks! 

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 We all really miss the blissful years with Eryn at Gooseberry.  Our son was with Eryn for 2 years. The 2 years with Eryn had the occasional cold for our son that we parents never caught. Eryn herself may have caught the occasional cold but she never missed a day herself.  Before Eryn (nannyshare) and now (Preschool) we had and have seemingly endless colds and other expected ailments spread by large groups (the other nannyshare kid had an older sibling in preschool).