Staffing and colds at Gooseberry?

Does Eryn have help watching the 5-6 children or is it only her? Also, how often did your child get sick once starting at Gooseberry? I hear that colds and such are a given whenever kids start daycare but keep hearing stories about kids (and then their parents) getting sick super often until they’re 2 or 3. Our 7-month old is at a nanny share and hasn’t gotten sick yet, but I’m researching potential future daycare options since the good ones seem to have a long waitlist. Thanks! 

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Our son was with Eryn for 2 years. Before (nannyshare) and now (Preschool) he - and his parents - had and have seemingly endless colds and other expected ailments spread by large groups (the other nannyshare kid had an older sibling in preschool). The 2 years with Eryn had the occasional cold for our son that we - parents - never caught. Eryn herself may have caught the occasional cold that she hadn’t been exposed to before from the kids but she never missed a day herself. We all really miss the blissful years with Eryn.