Flora Child Care

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Albany, CA

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Home-Based Daycare/Preschool, Afterschool Care
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Fang Zhang (Flora)
510-575-4610, 510-488-2149
zhangfang99 [at] gmail.com
San Pablo/Washington
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Chinese, English
Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri

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Hi Ember, 

We put our baby (she is in kindegarten now) at Flora day care in Albany from when she is 1 to 4. Her number 510 575 4610. She is superb! If you havent checked her out yet, feel free to give her a call.

Our son went to Flora and Jack's daycare when he was 14 months after a 6 months waiting list and it is well worthy. Although we ended up moving to east coast after a short 2 months, Flora's daycare is definitely one of the hardest thing for us to give up. We still miss their daycare and feel that we may never be able to find one as great as theirs again. Here is just a small portion of the long reason list:
1) our son loves them and happy to go there after only 2 days--kids love them in general;
2) they pay great attention to every kid and found out issues that we as 1st time parents didn't notice;
3) you can see your kid almost real time since they post kid activity everyday:). We captured so many great moment due to their efforts. As a 1st time dad, I don't want to miss a thing;
4) they are professionals, they hold formal children's education degrees and really provide guide not only to the kid but to their parents;
Their daycare is absolutely a gem in Albany and I will recommend them without reservation.

Flora and Jack are absolutely amazing!!  They open the door with the sweetest, most welcoming energy to the kids.  They plan fun craft for the kids during the day, and it absolutely makes my work day to see the cute pictures that Flora sends to me while I'm at work.  They have so much patience, kindness, and joy in watching my daughter and the other kids.  They keep things super clean, yet very stimulating (always something new they plan).  Plus, my daughter is learning Mandarin which is a huge bonus for us!! This was a big reason we chose Flora's Daycare as we wanted our daughter to be exposed to Chinese.  Flora and Jack also speak English,  and they have diverse kids that attend their day care.  I am blown away by how much heart Flora and Jack bring to their daycare.  I would never guess it was the end of a day when I pick up my daughter, as they are still smiling away and eagerly share updates about her day.   I truly can leave my daughter with confidence that she is nurtured and well taken care of!!  I highly recommend Flora's Daycare wholeheartedly!! 

My daughter was in Flora Day care from when she turned 1 to 4. She was well cared, nurtured and well feed while she was going there, As a working Mom, I always have worries about having someone else taking care my daughter, but Flora and Jack ensured me by making sure that they looked out my daughter like their own. She was potty trained when after she turned 2. She always make various arts and crafts that she took home. Their place is spacious and clean, and children are in general very happy. They made their own food for the children, so fresh food all the time. They also enrolled in California food program, and thus, guarantee balance meal for you little ones. 

Archived Q&A and Reviews

Dec 2013

Opened on August 1. Flora and Jack, the owners have many years of experience caring for young children. Before running their own day care, they were my daughter's caretakers at a regular preschool.

We love Flora and Jack! They are very loving, caring, and have great patience since my daughter was an infant. She and another 2 yo were potty-trained in a week!

They use play to enhance a self-esteem for babies and toddlers. They teach Chinese language/culture through dancing, music, art, and fun activities (developmentally appropriate, often incorporating the suggestions of the children)