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Oakland, CA

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Childcare Center, Preschool
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Feyrouze Chunara
Mills College area on Daisy St.
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18 months - 60 months
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Previous owner Eva Lissette Barahona License # 013418977

Parent Reviews

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My family has been connected to Daisy since 2016.  We've stuck with them (and they've stuck with us!) through thick and thin.  My oldest kid, who's now in third grade, finished his preschool years here, and made two friends who are still his best friends to this day, even though all three attend different elementary schools. 

My youngest started the day he was eligible (18 months). He's now SIX and has been attending zoom Kindergarten from Daisy all year long.  He knows the Daisy campus like the back of his hand; he knows the goats and the chickens, he knows each of the small and big yards (there are three outdoor areas, including a large playyard with fun equipment).

Pre-pandemic they enjoyed yoga and lots of fun extracurriculars, and at least annual field trips.  But Irfan and Fey pivoted admirably in pandemic times, and have kept us all safe while remaining flexible so our kids could continue to play together. 

I highly recommend Daisy for any family with a child between the ages of 18 months-4yrs! in fact, can't recommend them enough! I enrolled my daughter there at 19 months during the COVID re-openings. While although there were many uncertainties during that time, Irfan, the director, put our worries at ease with his attention to safety and care for the children, which is always top priority.

Irfan and the staff are very communicative with daily updates when necessary, pictures throughout the days and clarity on expectations from the families and students.

My daughter absolutely loves being there, and oftentimes it’s a challenge to pull her away from her friends and the outdoor area in the afternoons. Over the the last 4 months, she has developed tremendously with her communication skills and vocabulary, social/play skills, and academics (shapes, colors, words).

Our experience at Daisy has surpassed our expectations. We are, unfortunately, relocating out of state, and the saddest part about moving is having to unenroll my daughter. I would have loved to have seen her grow and learn under the care of the staff at Daisy over the years. 

Our experience at Daisy has gone beyond our expectations in the best ways. I recommend it highly! 

2020 has been a rough year, and sending our daughter to Daisy is the one thing that has been really great this year. We were at another daycare pre-COVID, and I thought I was happy with them, but after changing to Daisy in late May, I have to say it was a totally different experience, and I'm so glad we switched. 

The director Irfan, his wife Fey, and another longtime teacher, Ron, are the only teachers right now with the reduced student attendance. I've been incredibly impressed by how they've treated my kid, and how they value safety above all. The love they show my daughter is like family. 

They are highly communicative, sending photos throughout the day, and answering parents' texts and calls, and sharing how my daughter's day was. Irfan and Fey made us feel welcomed, reassured about how seriously they are taking the public health situation, and how serious they are about earning the trust of parents. 

Our previous daycare was nothing like that! The director and teachers at the daycare we used before Daisy never told us about her day, rarely responded to calls or emails even with important questions. Daisy's teachers have made it clear there is no question too small, or unimportant. Fey and Irfan go above and beyond to earn and keep our trust, again and again. 

I'm hugely impressed by how much my daughter is learning. She started at 18 months old and has made leaps and bounds with her learning colors, shapes, letters, and better listening, and kinder social interaction.

The outdoor space is fantastic, and they have goats, chickens, and other animals that the kids get to interact with. 

If you're looking for a daycare that prizes the safety and happiness of kids above all, Daisy is a great choice! The director and teachers are incredibly caring. They show immense respect for the families that go there, and expect those families to respect one another too, and to be mindful every family's background, resources, and structure is different. Truly, nothing in 2020 has brought me more happiness and peace of mind than enrolling my toddler at Daisy, and the happiness my daughter gets from school is without measure. I would be so happy if she can go there throughout preschool and TK.

Irfan and Faye (the directors), along with Nikki (our daughter’s teacher), and all of the teachers and helpers at Daisy are some of the nicest, most caring people I’ve ever met. Their primary goal is the safety of all the kids, which they take very seriously. The directors regularly help out and interact with the kids, so it feels like there’s a nice comradery between everyone. Most of the teachers speak very good English, but some of the helpers do not, like most daycares. In the morning Nikki is there, but sometimes when we pick our daughter up at the end of the day, she’s with a helper who is a little harder to communicate with, so it’s great that the directors know what’s going on in case we need to ask a question, and if they don’t know they find out, as they really want the parents to feel supported and comfortable. They’re also incredibly knowledgeable about child development and what works and what doesn’t after running Daisy for 7 years. Many of the staff have been there for over 15 years, which is really reassuring as a parent. They’re also very transparent about what they think might help (Irfan suggested having our daughter walk more at home instead of carrying her), and what to expect about starting at Daisy, which was really helpful as a first-time parent. Irfan told my husband and I that it would probably take our daughter 1 month to acclimate to Daisy, and us 3 months, which was true. I had a lot of fear and anxiety in the beginning, as I was home with her for the first year, and then jumped back into a demanding job where I couldn’t drop her off or pick her up, so I felt like I didn’t know what was going on. But Irfan and Nikki really supported Lucy by slowly increasing the hours she was at Daisy, paying special attention to her, and encouraging us to bring in any soothing objects (stuffies, a blanket, etc.). They were also very supportive of me during this time by always being available to talk or text, sending pictures of Lucy, and by encouraging me to speak with other parents who had gone through what I was experiencing (having a child start at Daisy around 18 months). Overall, Daisy has been an incredibly positive experience for my daughter, my husband, and I. I feel so lucky and thankful that our daughter is able to go to a daycare under the care of such smart, positive people, where she’s safe but also encouraged to play, be creative, and interact with other kids. Daisy is very special place and we couldn’t be happier to be a part of it.

Both my kids attended Daisy and have loved it. The staff is caring and positive, most have been with Daisy for many years. Kids have lots of enrichment, from yoga and music to goats and carpentry. I appreciate the relaxed environment that honors kids for who they are. It feels very secure with a locking gate and an attentive staff. Daisy is a wonderful place!

On walks through a quaint neighborhood street, I would admire the building that resembles an Italian villa set into the hillside. I knew of Daisy CDC from a coworker that lit up when sharing that their child attended more than a decade ago and with a previous owner. Sounded good when the time came for me to find new care for my 2 year old. In panic-mode from a bad experience with a previous provider that left me feeling anxious--and yet a winning lawsuit, I 100% flipped into being calm, relieved, and excited for my son. It was then, that I found this wonderful, happy school. First with Daisy, Irfan's greeting was super chill. He is a supportive business leader and loving husband to Fey, who is likewise full of positivity and kindness. As a team directing, the school is mindfully active and loving. There's plenty of rooms for the kids to grow into. And, the teachers amaze me! As regular people, they are smart with ideas and highly organized. As leaders, they all gain the kids' respect while being relaxed and playful. There's great storytelling and creative art/craft/building lessons they incorporate into the holidays and calendar schedules. My son speaks Spanish and knows yoga poses! The yard is huge with things to climb, dig, run around. It's both shaded and sunny, and you'll find animals! It's impressive to see all the care for goats, chickens and the gardens happening there. You'll want to volunteer to help in anyway, because of the welcoming vibes and fun activities throughout the year. The overall feeling of Daisy CDC is easy and trustworthy. There's superb communication between us all and the motivation of growth is obvious in the kids' attitudes and that of the friendly parents at the end of the day. I really love this place and the people involved.  

Daisy CDC has truly been a wonderful place for our 3 year old to learn and grow. We loved their play based curriculum, and the emphasis on healthy snacks and food. Being relatively new parents, finding a safe and nurturing place for our only child was intimidating. But, Daisy makes it easy to drop off our child and trust he is in good hands. We are now moving out of the area and are super sad about moving our child to a new school, but if we had stayed we would have kept our child there through TK. Hands down, a wonderful community and a wonderful place for young children.

Like previous reviewers, we can't say enough good things about Daisy. We have two children there, one in the Galaxy Room and one in Cloud. We started about a year ago and have seen our 3 (now 4) year old blossom enormously in that time. He came from smaller, daycare environments and is definitely more on the reserved side, personality-wise, but he acclimated very quickly to Daisy. We're thrilled with the development we've seen in the past year, and with the level of care given by the directors and teachers. The preschool classrooms strike a nice balance between play and "work," and the transition from Rainbow (the 3-year-old classroom) to Cloud has been great for our son-- he's gone from lots of art projects, carpentry, and playtime to all of that plus some more structured "classwork" time mixed in, and he loves it. I'm delighted to see him learning to write and read, and I feel it's helping prepare him for the transition to kindergarten. Our younger child is absolutely thriving in Galaxy, which is a paradise for the little ones--- they sing and dance and do art projects all day. They also learn about animals and gardening and all kinds of other outdoor things-- the playground and outdoor spaces are wonderful at Daisy. Finding a good fit (preschool, daycare or otherwise) can be challenging for any family, and we couldn't be happier to have found Daisy CDC.

My daughter started Daisy at 18 months and is now almost 3 and we have been so happy with our experience there. The teachers are awesome! They are both nurturing and loving while at the same time not afraid to make rules and stick by them. I like that the school is mixture between play and classroom learning. I love that the children are doing circle time, learning letters, shapes, etc. and also cooking, gardening, dancing, music, yoga, and Spanish. You can really tell the kids are learning! And they are also taught to be kind and respectful to each other. I love how all the teachers have different styles that really compliment each other. The space is also amazing, there are 3 separate outdoor play areas, animals, and a small garden. We feel so lucky to have found such a great community at Daisy. I can tell my daughter is truly experiencing the joy of learning about the world around her. Also many important social skills such as; learning how to take turns, enjoy the company of many children, and be confident. I feel so lucky we found them!

We have had our daughter at Daisy since she was 18 Months old. In the early years, the nurturing, love, attention, and empathy she and the other kids received from the teachers was worth its weight in gold. My daughter is shy & slow to warm up, but the teachers always engaged her, hugged her, and facilitated her transition in the morning, and she is now a much happier individual (and student) for it. Three years later, she is more than ready for kindergarten. The TK program Ms. Fey heads has prepared the class with the basics of writing, numbers, and letters but has also given the confidence to be successful in their next school. The carpentry classes, science projects, gardening time, chickens & goats, Spanish, and yoga classes are all icing on the cake. It’s the attention each student gets, the personalized instruction, and a genuine consideration and kindness that makes the school a truly wonderful place.

We have been delighted with our experience at Daisy. It is a loving, responsible, friendly, and vibrant environment with happy well-managed kids, empathetic instructors, in a lovely campus not far from Mills College. When we enrolled our son a year and a half ago at the age of 3, he was a reluctant talker due to a mild speech development issue, and we were a little nervous about how he'd do in a preschool environment. Since starting at Daisy he has blossomed into an extrovert who engages anyone he's introduced with confidence and joy and that has everything to do with the compassionate attention they provide to each child's specific needs. I also feel that they're educational development is at exactly the right pace, introducing structured learning in an almost quiet way that the kids seem to view as a simple extension of the many fun preschool activities that are available at Daisy (carpentry, yoga, dance, art). It's a very special place and we feel lucky to be a part of it. 

We brought our 4-year-old son to Daisy after about 2.5 years at another local preschool. We made the move because the other preschool didn't have a well-defined pre-K program and we wanted him to have a bit more structured learning. We toured a Montessori school and felt that was too rigorous (you could hear a pin drop in a room of 20 three-year-olds). We toured Daisy and felt it was the Goldilocks mix of unstructured play and purposeful instruction. What sealed the deal and made our decision easy was when Irfan (the school's director and co-owner with wife Fey) told us their order of priorities:

  1. Each child is safe
  2. Each child has fun
  3. Each child learns
  4. Parents are informed and happy

Those priorities, in that order, told us we had found the right place for our son. Daisy has lived up to those priorities in the ~3 months we've entrusted them with our son's welfare and development so far. I wholeheartedly recommend them if you share these same principals. 

We go to Daisy and love it. Your child is the same age as my daughter and would probably be in the “galaxy room,” where the teachers are super loving and kind. 

5 stars- absolutely recommend Daisy! We have sent our child here for ages 3-4.5 (Rainbow and Cloud classrooms) and have loved the whole process- sadly now it is time to move on to kindergarten. What we most appreciated about Daisy: the play-based environment, the flexibility (i.e. adding or removing a day here or there), the additional activities (yoga, spanish, woodworking, field trips, parents coming in to do art or cooking projects, etc.) the warmth of the teachers and the owners (Fey & Irfan), and easy parking! I don’t have any critiques of the school- I feel really lucky to have been able to send our kid there and get them off on the right foot. My child is super confident now because of the right right social skills (not to mention academics) for kinder.

Our family definitely recommends Daisy CDC. Our daughter started in the Galaxy Room and we were immediately impressed with Nikki and the rest of the Galaxy teachers. With them our daughter thrived and absolutely loved her time at Daisy. They let kids be kids but also help them with important social and developmental skills. (Just last week I was making a cake and my daughter asked if she could crack the eggs in the batter for me. She just turned 3 and my first thought was, “Nope! I don't want eggshells in my batter!” Sensing my hesitation she added “I learned how to crack eggs at Daisy!” So, I let her try and wouldn't you know it, she cracked those eggs more carefully and better than I ever could, lol.) There are animals including chickens at Daisy, a large play space, and great classes like yoga and music. Directors Irfan and Fey are incredibly kind, respectful, and keep parents informed at all times. They listen and work well with families to ensure what is best for the child. It's clear that they love what they do.

Daisy has been excellent for our 3.5 yr old son. In fact, we will be enrolling our 20-mo-old son soon because I know he will be in such good hands. My very favorite part of Daisy is the Director's interest and willingness to discuss my son's well-being whenever needed. Irfan texts directly with parents as things come up and several of the teachers do as well. They also maintain a private FB page so you can see what happening from day-to-day.

From the beginning, the Director, Irfan, was sincerely interested in my son's smooth transition to the new environment, which I appreciated very much. He recommended starting him off in a slightly younger classroom, which allowed him to "learn the ropes" in a very nurturing setting.  When is was time for him to transition to the one of the upper classrooms, all of the staff were supportive and open-minded to his needs. With a light hand, they make sure the kids are making friends and getting along well, and with a firm hand, they hold down expectations of behavior- like learning to sit in chairs and listen at times and holding rails as they walk up stairs, things like that. It is a nice balance that results in our kid feeling safe, maturing and being held accountable, and thriving socially. 

A few of the other things I love about Daisy are the animals in the yards (chicken, goats, dogs) and in the classrooms (turtles, etc) and the free yoga, movement, music, and woodwork they are exposed to on a weekly basis. They also cook together, which I think is great. There are four classrooms of age groups and two main play yards where kids of all ages play together in a pretty fluid way (the smallest kiddos are kept fairly separate when outside). 

The STEAM TK program looks really great also, although our son hasn't reached that age yet.

Being new to the Oakland area, finding the right pre-school for my four year old was at the top of my priority list. His birthday did not qualify him for TK, which I knew he was ready to attend. My son had been going to a Montessori pre-school prior to moving, so finding a place that stimulated him academically but also allowed him some freedom was a key balance I wanted to maintain.  My first call with the director was lengthy, quickly indicating the level of care he has for his students, taking the time to explain the school’s philosophy and approach. That thoughtfulness and time given let me know that they have the students’ best interests in mind, determining if Daisy was the right fit. He & his wife (who together, run the school) made the transition for my son (and me!) easy. They kept me informed of his progress, even texting me pictures the first couple of weeks! They’ve also been very generous in including my two year old in the school culture.  They have a private FB page that is updated on a daily basis that keeps us informed and creates an involved parent community.  The school has an emphasis on nature and the STEAM TK room allows the children to be curious & ask questions which often lead to experiments and lesson plans for the week. The teachers are patient, thoughtful and it's clear they really enjoy spending time with the children. They even have a carpenter on site that works with the children on special projects! They include a dance class on Monday afternoons & yoga on Friday mornings, which my boys love. I think it’s a great way to start and end the week! The unique lay out of the school allows for chickens, pigeons and newly added Pygmy goats along with their class pets (stick bugs, guinea pigs, turtle & puppy).  The events we've attended – a field trip to a pumpkin patch, the Fall Festival & the Thanksgiving Potluck - were laid back to organize and fun to attend. I'm looking forward to the Holiday Celebration/Book Exchange coming up! All the children are thriving - they feel safe & comfortable with their best interests in mind. It is an open-minded school, inclusive of every culture/lifestyle. I’d recommend this school to any parent with children in the age range of 1-5 years. Don't send them to school in their Sunday best, they let the kids be kids and do lots of fun activities - be ready to pick up a happy (and possibly dirty) kid with sand in their shoes!

My daughter is thriving at this school. She loves the active environment and interactions with her teachers and the other kids. I love that the teachers and students are from diverse backgrounds. Curriculum includes plenty of play, art, letters, numbers, science, spanish, woodworking, and yoga. The directors, Feyrouze and Irfan, make a daily effort to keep open communication with my family and have been very supportive and flexible with accommodating our needs and requests.  The campus is beautiful and well-maintained. 

Our son loves his daycare! He started at 20m (he's now 27m), and feels very comfortable at Daisy with both the caregivers and the friends he's made. The transition from being at home with me, to full days at Daisy was hard, but it took him less time than I'd expected to transition. In one week time he already started taking naps there, and he was happy when I came to pick him up. Our son is very active, and at Daisy, they make sure the kids can get rid of all their energy. The 'big yard' is A-MA-ZING! Very well maintained with a ton of different playstructures. They even have some chickens and pigeons... Classroom activities include arts projects, cooking, yoga, dance, music, play with Oscar (the guinea pig), study walking sticks, etc. So much fun! And they make sure the parents can join in on the fun by posting pics on a (private) FB group. Everyone is very friendly, and the owners (Fey and Irfan) are always around and available to answer any questions or concerns. They are open to feedback, and truly committed to make all the kids (and parents) feel happy and at ease at Daisy. Thumbs up!!

I highly recommend Daisy CDC. My daughter has attended the school for only a few months, and we will be leaving because we are moving away, but we really wish we could have kept her at Daisy because it's a wonderful school. We started there because my daughter was attending another school a year, and we were suddenly told on a Sunday that she could not come back the next day because there were too many children. I am in law school and had exams that week, so I had no idea what to do. On that Monday, I called Daisy CDC because a friend on Facebook recommended it to me. One of the school's directors, Irfan, answered the phone and with great emotional intelligence, saw that I was worried and guided me through the process. There was a lot of paperwork and thorough consideration of my family and child before he could tell us that she was able to start at Daisy, and he had her come in for a half-day on the Wednesday to make sure it was a good fit, but after that, she was in. When it comes to creating a positive and nurturing educational environment for the children, Daisy is amazing. Irfan sat me down and asked lots of specific questions about my daughter, and had me fill out information sheets about her that he assured me would be read by teachers so that they knew how best to relate to her as an individual. I thought that maybe this was just to give me peace of mind, but I later realized, when we had our parent-teacher conferences, that the teachers at Daisy do in fact pay a great deal of attention to individual children's needs and personalities. They provided me with a sheet of paper in a report card format that showed what educational, interpersonal and physical milestones my daughter had reached and which she still needed to work on. Irfan in particular is extremely deliberate when it comes to designing a curriculum and teaching children to be kind to one another. He is also very caring and affectionate with the children, and so are all of the teachers. There is a requirement that parents volunteer two hours a month, in order to foster relationships between the school and families and to keep parents involved in their children's education, but for very busy people like myself and most others, they are extremely flexible with what that might entail. I always did my volunteer hours from home. There are schools with newer, more sterile environments than Daisy, but the building is nice and safe, and full of wonderful toys for the kids, and the playground is the best preschool playground that I have ever seen. My daughter has gotten so much better at climbing and steadier on her feet. I have also noticed that my daughter's vocabulary has improved, and that she shows more compassion and thoughtfulness towards others than she did before. She even reminds me not to use profane language! When I have been stressed, and have forgotten my daughter's lunch at home, they have always made sure she had something to eat. The one time that my daughter had a conflict with another child, Irfan called me on the phone and told me about it, and I had a positive dialogue with the parent of that child, in front of the children, and the children get along fine now. On top of all that, the teachers take pictures of the kids every single day and put them on a private parent group on Facebook. Regularly seeing a picture of my little girl playing happily at school during the day gives me confidence that I have her in a nice, safe place, and warms my heart when I am missing her. If you can't tell already, I can't recommend Daisy enough. I hope that I can find a school as lovely as Daisy near our new home. 

My daughter has been attending Daisy since September 2016 and it's been such a wonderful environment for her to be a part of!  The directors and teaching staff are attentive and nurturing, and they have always been available to field our questions when they've come up. My daughter is in the Cloud Room with Ghada, who she absolutely adores and has been a wonderful first teacher for her. She always comes home smiling at the end of the day and has gained a lot of confidence that will prepare her for her upcoming transition to kindergarten. I would highly recommend Daisy CDC!

Our daughter attends the STEAM TK at Daisy CDC. I am not sure that I have the words to properly express how completely happy we are with Daisy. Our daughter has thrived in Vickie's STEAM TK class. She has learned so many things in the time she has been there it is amazing. They have studied everything from understanding human body structures, exploring various species of insects and animals, understanding the seasons, creativity and art, math, the alphabet and beginning reading and writing. They also have daily Spanish lessons, weekly yoga, dance & music and carpentry classes. There is a great focus on encouraging compassion and communication between the children. There is a warm and inviting feeling at Daisy. I see that they really care about the kids. The administration at Daisy is sincere, considerate and clear. We absolutely love Daisy CDC.

I really just ran into this preschool and absolutely love it.  I initially My son is now 4 years old and has been at Daisy since he was 2 1/2. Since starting this program, his vocabulary is a lot bigger and his speech is so much clearer.   He absolutely loves the environment and I can see his development getting so much better, day by day.  The directors, as all of the Daisy teachers, are very flexible to ensure that your child's needs are being met.  They accommodate different learning styles and very knowledgeable in working with the 18 month to 6 year old population.  I will never look in other preschool options since my son have been at Daisy.  Highly recommended!

We love this place so much. Our daughter has been there for 2 years, she is now almost 4.5. Our son is also there now, he is a little over 1.5 years. Both started out in galaxy room, though our daughter is now in cloud room. This school is so special for so many reasons. The teachers are the heart of any school. The teachers at daisy go above and beyond every moment they are there. They are loving and attentive and smart and kind. My daughter asks regularly if she can go live with her teacher, Ghada. The administrators are direct, thoughtful and very lovely. We really feel like we are part of a family at daisy. Our kids are so happy there. They play all day, but also learn so much! There are tons of extras at daisy (kinderboost, yoga, soccer, carpentry, spanish, dance, etc). I feel like my kids are getting great attention but also learning how to be one of the group. They are having tons of play time but also learning amazing things. I am so thankful for daisy!

This is an update to my last review from January 8, 2016. My daughter has attended other preschools now, and I can really see how exceptional Daisy CDC. The director, Fey, let us brings our daughter back for a few days (free of charge) because she's been having a rough time. And they were, once again, amazing and loving toward her. So I just wanted to give them another shout-out, and hopefully other parents and their children can experience what we have.

Archived Q&A and Reviews

Nov 2015

RE: Preschools in Upper Dimond/Glenview

I would like to recommend Daisy Child Development Center. It is actually a bit east of you on the 580, but extremely convenient right off the freeway where it merges with 13. Current reviews on Yelp are extremely mixed due to some political issues going on there, but I strongly believe that it is a very good school with loving and caring teachers. There is fabulous outdoor space with several play structures, sand pit, a garden, chickens and ducks, and places to ride bikes, do art, play with trains, etc. There is one classroom for 18 months-2 year olds, three classrooms for 3-4 year olds, and a wonderful TK class. Tuition is quite reasonable, they provide care from 7:30-6:00, and include breakfast and two snacks per day. The curriculum is play based with structured activities as well. My son is so happy there and loves his teachers. There is wonderful diversity among both kids and teachers. Check it out. They have plenty of openings right now as a number of kids left for kinder recently, as well as some unhappy parents who wanted a more stringent curriculum and moved their kids. If you appreciate a loving, play-based preschool, it is worth a visit! Happy Daisy Mom

June 2014

I'm curious to hear some current reviews of Daisy Child Development Center in Oakland. I believe they went through an ownership change at the beginning of this year after many years with the previous owner, and I'm curious how people are feeling about it at this point. Thank you for any information! curious mom

We love Daisy. My daughter has been there since she turned 2 and is now getting ready to leave for kindergarten. The teachers are wonderful and the community is very friendly. My daughter has made lots of good friends and has grown so much over her time there. The ownership change was a little rocky due to some communication issues around a teacher leaving. Some families left, but the situation seems stable now and the new owners are really working to keep everyone in the loop. We won't hesitate to send our second daughter to Daisy when the time comes...nothing but good things to say about our experience there. Daisy fan

April 2013

Re: Oakland preschools with great outdoor spaces?
I suggest you check out Daisy Child Development Center. We have a super active boy and outdoor space was important to our choice of preschool. They are a play based school with a progressive vibe. The main play structure was parent built and therefore unique. They have a garden and chickens. It is a larger school with four classes but the wonderful teachers make every child feel special. We loved everything about Daisy. http://www.daisycdc.com/ Happy Daisy Parent

March 2011

Re: Pre-School Recommendations in Oakland/Berkeley
I would like to recommend Daisy Child Development Center. My daughter went to Daisy from the age of 18 months until she went to Kindergarten and loved it the whole way through. It is a play based pre-school and in addition they do a pre-K program with the older kids before they leave for Kindergarten (my daughter was totally prepared for Kindergarten when the time came). The staff is diverse and multi-cultural, the atmosphere is very warm and family like (it is actually owned by a family who all work in the business in some capacity). Their physical space is spectacular, large building and a great deal of outdoor space that is varied and interesting. Take a tour, it's just a great place and I still feel very lucky that my daughter had such a wonderful pre-school experience, it was a great foundation for her. If you are driving from Pleasanton to Oakland it is super convenient. It is right off the 580 where it intersects Hwy 13 with easy on and off access to the freeway. Brooke

Jan 2011

Re: Nurturing preschool for very active son
We changed preschools in order to find a better fit for our high energy child. We couldn't be happier. Check out Daisy Child Development Center, in Oakland, across 580 from Mills. The teachers are great at seeing each child's gifts and recognizing that each child has challenges and that it is their job to assist the child. It is a play-based program and has lots of room for kids to be kids. Great playground, too. http://www.daisycdc.com/

mama of high energy kid

Oct 2008

Re: Full-time, playbased, preschool near Glenview
I have the perfect place for you - Daisy Child Development Center, located near the intersection of Hwy 13 and Hwy 580 in the Oakland foothills. It has everything you want. My daughter went there from 18 mos until 5+ years and we both loved it. Call the director Eva Barahona at 531-6426. Brooke

Hi Sarah, I would definitely check out Daisy Child Development Center... a wonderful play based daycare/preschool. http://www.daisycdc.com/ 5016 Daisy Street located right above 580 where it intersects Hwy 13 My daughter started in the toddler room at 18 months a year and a half ago and loves it there. The teachers are extremely loving and dedicated, and there is a great community of families there. I plan on enrolling my son as well in 9 months. Hope this helps! YJ

Jan 2008

Re: Looking for preschool openings in Oakland
Look at Daisy Child Development Center (5016 Daisy Street) located right above 580 where it intersects Hwy 13. I live in the neighborhood and my daughter has been there for 3 years. She has really thrived at Daisy and will be going to Kindergarten this fall very well prepared. It is a play based pre-school with very dedicated and loving teachers and a great community of families. The Director is Eva Barahona 531-6426. Good luck in your search. b

Jan 2008

We're considering Daisy CDC for our 2 yr old toddler, who's been at home with mom until now. We'd really appreciate any comments from parents of recent or current students at the schools. Thank you very much!

My son goes to Daisy Child Development Center and I can't say enough good things about the place. http://www.daisycdc.com/

They have a play based curriculum, but don't let the seeming looseness of the structure fool you. The kids are learning. We started our son at Daisy when he was two, so he started in the toddler room. When he got there, he went through a language explosion, which was great, because he wasn't speaking a lot before that. We love all the teachers in the toddler room and have been just as pleased with the teachers in the preschool room. There is a big emphasis on socialization in the toddler room, which is so important for that age.

When you get to the preschool room, in addition to the regular pre school stuff, they have a Kindergarten boost class that the 4 year olds go to three days a week. They have a music teacher and a movement teacher come in once a week. They also have the librarian from the Dimond Park library come and read once a month. Most of the teachers have been there a long time and the director is wonderful.

My kid loves going, and continues to progress emotionally, socially, and intellectually. So give em a look! Jen

Nov 2007

Re: Preschools with Male Teachers
Daisy Child Development Center at 5016 Daisy Street in Oakland 510.531.6426 www.daisycdc.com has two incredible male teachers, Ron Dickinson and Mark Stewart. Our son currently attends Daisy. A large part of our decision to send him there is the presence of these men, in addition to the wide-ranging experience of the teachers, the warm and caring attitudes all employees and the incredible diversity and strength of the parent community. Note that the website is a bit outdated - it's in the process of being updated, but will still provide some great basic information. Happy Daisy parent

May 2007

If you live in the Laurel/Redwood Heights/Mills area and your girls are over 18 months, I would encourage to you check out Daisy Child Development Center. I have been INCREDIBLY PLEASED with this preschool. They have a lovely staff and the Director is wonderful! Website - daisycdc.com Nina

Feb 2007

We are considering Daisy Child Development Center in Oakland for preschool for our daughter, who will be 3 in the fall. (She's now in a family day care with 3 other little ones.) We really like what we saw when we visited there and love the philosophy on their website. We'd be grateful to hear from families there now or recently. One qustion is whats the difference between the upstairs and downstairs preK rooms, and do parents have any input as to which room their child is in? And how much individual attention do children get? Coming from such a small daycare the class of 20 seems big to us. Do parents get reports on how they napped, toileted, who/what they played with? We'd also love to hear overall reviews of the school. Thank you.

In response to your questions about Daisy CDC: We chose Daisy for a few reasons; one of them is that we are raising our son bilingually and there are many Spanish-speaking teachers there. The other and probably more important, was that it reminded us of the places where we went to school at that age - they were focused on a lot of arts and crafts, music, story-telling, etc. To be frank, it's kind of one of the last of the hippy schools and is true to most of the negative and positive associations accompanying that label. They are not as organized as I wish they were, and the communication with parents leaves something to be desired. If you want to know about napping and food and activities, you need to ask. The flip side is that the teachers are highly unique and encourage thoughtful and original play. Yes, there is some choice between the classrooms, but a lot of it has to do with where there is a space. Good luck! j

Feb 2005

We're considering Daisy in Oakland for our 3 year old boy. I'd like to hear the experiences, positive and negative, of families who've attended. Thank you. Mara

I would highly reccomend Daisy Child Development Center. I have 2 boys, 2 1/2 and 4 1/2 and they have both been at Daisy since October 2004. Having moved them from a very ''institutional'' center in SF, we were a bit concerned with the facility at first. It has a much more ''shabby'' look than we were used too. I have to say, the teachers have more than made up for our concerns. Both of our children love it there and are doing great. Our older son, who was allowed to just play with the trains all day at his other school, has now learned to write the alphabet and is starting to read. He is also turning into a very creative artist. The staff there is very attuned to each child and they work with them to expand on their interests and skills. Also, we have found a great sense of community among the families that attend the center. This is fostered with regular center work days, parties, and potlucks. I am constantly impressed with the teachers who show up on weekends to have a holiday party with the kids. It really shows me how much they care about the children.

March 2004

Re: Preschool for Child with Autism Spectrum Disorder
I know one family has enrolled a child with Asperger's at the preschool my son goes to, Daisy Child Dev. Center in Oakland. Most of the kids are Neuro-typical, but they seem sensitive to meeting a wide range of needs. They actually say in their materials that they welcome special needs children, which is a nice change. They seem committed to it, and by and large we are very happy with the program. It's worth chatting with them about in any case. Here is their contact info: 531-6426 anon

Nov 2003

Re: Seeking smaller preschool for shy 3 1/2 year old
I think Daisy, where my child attended, would be a good fit for a shy child. Though it is actually fairly large, it "feels" smaller. They have done a really good job nurturing a few children with special needs in their classes and recongnizing and valuing each child. The Galaxy room has two VERY experienced teachers, and I think they would be very straight ahead whether they thought it was a good fit.

Sept. 2003

Re: Preschool Openings for Jan 2004
I know that Daisy Child Dev in Oakland (Redwood Heights/Mills area) has openings. I have a child who started there this August and we have largely been very pleased with the program, and she is very happy to be there every day. It's got good place space outdoors, very experienced staff, and a very homey feel. Lots of kisses, hugs and a diverse student and teacher population. Contact information: Daisy Child Development Center 5016 Daisy Street Oakland, CA  94619  510-531-6426 

August 2003

Re: Urgent Need for Preschool
I just enrolled my 3 year old son 2 weeks ago at Daisy Child Development Center. I believe they have openings beginning in September(I was told they have kids leaving for Kindergarten)

My son is loving it. It is a developmental preschool (learning through play) as opposed to academic. Culturally diverse, one teacher teaches Spanish to the children, and one plays music on her cello at playtime in the afternoon. They have chickens and 2 pet snakes, and an organic garden. They take kids in at all stages of potty training. They have 2 teachers per class, one is the Galaxy Room, one is the Rainbow room, and they have a younger program that is separate. The number is 510-531-6426. It is located at the V of Hwy 13 and 580.

Maybe this will help you or some of the other families. I will answer anything I can, but we are new to the school..so I am still going on early impressions. I searched several schools in person before choosing this one, so I know how hard it is. They do tours in the mornings at 8:30 and 9am with the center director Eva. Hope this helps!

May 2003

Does anyone have recent experience with Daisy Child developement Center or the Geranium Cottage at Mills. I saw some older posts, but am interested in more recent experiences. We went and visited Daisy and got a good vibe from it, but I am interested in other opinions. Thanks. Mom

Friends of ours send their two kids to Daisy and rave about it. Sorry I don't have more info, just wanted to confirm your positive vibe! Christina


My daughter attended Daisy Child Development Center on Daisy Street located in the V where 580 and 13 meet. She was there from age 2 1/4 to 5 1/4 and liked it very much. They have arrangements for parttime, including half-days. Since it's been over a year since she attended and change can happen fast, I'd recommend visiting and observing to see if it suits your needs. It's rather large with lots of activity, which suited my daughter, but that may not be for everyone Cathy

A few weeks ago I posted that my daughter's preschool, Sunflower House, would be closing, and that we were searching for a new place. It's been a hard search which has confirmed what I had felt before: Sunflower House was a really special place! But I have found a place that I think will be good for my daughter--Daisy Child Development Center. I thought I'd share a brief accounting of some of what I found in my search, including updates to several of the recommendations that I got from the UCB Parents website and other parents (thanks for writing!). If you are interested in more information (I have some pretty detailed check-sheets that I made up), e-mail me directly, and I can fax you copies of my notes. dawn

Daisy Child Development Center 5016 Daisy, Oakland (near the intersection of 13 and 580) 531-6426 Eva and Joanna, co-directors

I am in love with the people here! I met both directors, and the two teachers for the Galaxy Room (the downstairs classroom where my daughter will attend). They are very loving and obviously cherish the kids. Opportunities and creativity abound. They apparently "have it all"--music, art, books, dramatic play, multicultural activities, large play area, with slides, swings, grass, sandbox, an organic garden (the kids help!), bunnies, chickens etc etc. They have field trips monthly, and strongly encourage parent participation (2 hours/month, or you can buy out of this for $20/mo). The ONLY concern that I have is the high child:teacher ratio, which is 9:1 for preschool (each preschool class has 18 children and 2 teachers). But I think their usually high experience level will make up for this. Toni (a woman) and Ron (a man)--the two teachers in the Galaxy room--have worked together at Daisy for 7 years. 80% of the staff have been there for 8 years. The cost is reasonable (I think), though the price structure is a little opaque (there is a separate "materials fee" and the parent involvement time, in addition to the regular tuition). Prices are higher for toddlers and preschoolers who are not yet potty-trained. There are two preschool classes, a 12-child toddler class, and a separate infant-care facility. As I write this, there are still 1 or 2 openings in the Galaxy room.

One measure of how comfortable we were there: The day after our visit at Daisy, we drove to Sunflower House for a regular day of daycare. When we pulled up, my daughter looked outside the car, and said "Not here--Daisy!" and she began to cry, because we weren't going to Daisy immediately! Dawn

From: Mary

Re: Laurel/Redwood Heights preschool
Check out Daisy Child Care on Daisy Street, you can get the number from Bananas. We just recently put our baby there. We got LOTS of good references from other parents, and feel the place is a good start for our daughter. The staff is friendly and well-trained, the environment is good.