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Oakland, CA

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Home-Based Daycare/Preschool
DSS Facility License #: 
Sonam Diki
compassionatechildcare3416 [at]
Lower Dimond District - 94602
Maximum Capacity: 
Language(s) Spoken: 
English, Hindi, Tibetan
Ages Served: 
4 months - 48 months
Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri
7:00am - 7:00pm
Additional Services & Features: 
Year-round, Breakfast provided, Lunch provided, Snacks provided, Potty training support
About Our Program: 

We're a childcare provider in the lower dimond district with easy access to I-580 and the casual carpool stop. We specialize in infant care based on the traditional Tibetan way of nurturing child with development of immense love and compassion to others.

CCC also provides a beautiful and safe indoor and outdoor play area. A typical day includes bottle-feeding and breakfast, reading and singing, snacks, indoor free play, napping, diapering, lunch, art work, outdoor free play, story time, snacks and clean up. 

Current OPENING: 18 months and above only - updated 6/28/2021.

Parent Reviews

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Our twins were at CCC for almost 2 years until they transitioned to preschool at age 3. The fact that our kids are no longer at CCC still makes me teary - we all miss Sonam and Dickey very much! They have created a truly special place.

A few notes: 

  • Everything at CCC is pristinely clean, bright and cheerful - Sonam and Dickey take a very good care of the space, toys, and all the objects the kids come into contact.  
  • They provide nutritious and healthy breakfast, lunch and snacks. They somehow manage to make all the veggies and legumes palatable to the little kids - something we have not been as successful at home!
  • At CCC, kids get exposed to various age-appropriate activities - water color painting, drawing, watering the garden, celebrating birthdays, etc. 
  • As first time parents, we very much appreciated Sonam and Dickey guiding our little ones through their major milestones - regular naps (!), potty training, and even learning basic alphabets and numbers. They make learning fun for the kids through play.  
  • They are very well organized and professional. The communications and policies are timely and clear – this was invaluable during the covid time. Sonam and Dickey managed the chaotic covid year as well as anyone – we felt at ease knowing they would take every precaution necessary to keep the little ones under their care safe.

We are forever grateful for the love and care Sonam and Dickey provided to our twins. 

When I first started looking for a daycare I really had a vision for what I wanted for my kiddo: care providers that had a motherly touch, a feeling of family & home. As well as a smaller group of kiddos. CCC hit all my requirements and then come. My kiddo has been with CCC for over two years now. Run by two sisters with the help of their three daughters, CCC truly feels like a family. Their space is immaculate inside and out. They keep the children busy with endless activities. Home cooked meals, fresh fruits & veggies for snacks. They intentionally keep their group small and younger so every child gets plenty of attention and the children are constantly learning from each other. They helped us with every milestone (potty training, pacifier, bottle etc) The love and care they have for the little ones is very obvious. Most importantly they have kept everyone safe during Covid. They really took the lead in making sure all of us were on the same page with precautions and it truly paid off during our time there.

I could not speak more highly of these women. I feel so lucky to have had them in our lives, caring for the most important little person in our life. It breaks my heart that this time of transition has come for our little one but know that Sonam & Dickey will forever be in our lives.

I can’t properly express my gratitude to Sonam and her sister Dickey for the profound love and expert care given to our daughters over the past three years. Our older child was three months old and our younger child was four months old when starting at CCC. We could not imagine a more warm, loving, happy and safe place for them to play and learn in their earliest months and years. On top of that, we learned so much from Sonam and Dickey as new parents. They have a calm and loving energy that runs through everything they do. The backyard is a slice of paradise, so beautifully kept and well-shaded with lots to do. The playroom is colorful, clean, decorated with the seasons, and full of fun. The home-cooked Tibetan meals nourished our children. Communicating with Sonam was direct and clear. These are just snippets of the experience our family had at CCC. I cannot recommend them highly enough, and my family and I are forever grateful. 

Between my sister and I, my family has had children in the care of this special family for 12 years. My sisters kids were cared for by Sonam since birth. When I had my first child four years ago, we were delighted to know Sonam had opened a home daycare. Both my sons were here from three months to two years. We are sad to move on but though children grow up, we hope to keep our connection to this wonderful family. This is a wonderful place for your child and for community. You will feel total trust every day and Sonam and Dickey build relationships with all the babies and toddlers in their care, as well as fostering good relationships between children and the parent community. All the basics are here, certainly, and that is where the trust begins. Great regular routines, a consistent peaceful atmosphere, an ability to get children to nap, to clean up, to get along....But the ways this family goes above and beyond are what makes this a truly exceptional place. The bright, cheery and spotless decor changes with the seasons. The toys are carefully rotated at the first sign of wear. The activities are varied and many—from arts and crafts to music to sandbox play and games and water tables and little pools when it is hot. There will be hot tea and pastries for parents on Tibetan holidays and sometimes American ones too. A lovely festive party gathers the parent community every year. Photos of your child are shared with you regularly via a password locked photo blog. Truly everything is above and beyond expectations. And the food your child is provided is healthy and homemade. I cannot express my gratitude to this family but hope my words help another family make the right decision. Happy to connect with anyone needing to speak to a former CCC family.

Hi! I hope you will check out Compassionate Child Care (CCC) between the Laurel and Dimond districts. Sonam and her family are amazing! They are listed on BPN

We were so lucky to have found Compassionate Child Care. My  daughter, now in preschool, attended from 4 months to just under 2.5 years old. Sonam and Dickey became our extended family, and their home became a safe haven for our daughter to grow. The individual care, attention, and love that Sonam and Dickey provide are really unmatched. Moreover, they stay consistent and firm with the kids, implementing structure while encouraging them to take risks and have fun. My daughter learned to nap well, picked up good habits, and developed important skills. Even now, my daughter will refer to the lessons that she learned or the toys that she played with at CCC. There were many days when it was a struggle to get my daughter to leave since she wanted to stay longer. CCC is a community that we will always remember fondly, and I highly recommend it!

Sonam and her sister Dickey are the most caring, compassionate and loving people you could ever ask for to watch your children.  We started our first child at 6 months when they were still doing a nanny share before they had their beautiful and immaculately clean house.  The space itself is so perfect for children and they keep it so clean and tidy.  The kids spend so much time outside in the beautiful and safe backyard.  The love and care they have for the kids are so genuine and often the babies would cry when the parents would come for them at the end of the day.  Choosing a child care provider is stressful but these ladies take such great care of your babies and toddlers!  Our first child attended CCC from 6 months until he was almost 3.  Our second child started at 4 months until he was 2 so we spend many great years with Sonam and Dickey!  Their homemade meals were so delicious and so lovingly prepared.  We miss seeing them every day now that our kids have moved on.  We really think of them as family!

We loved our time at CCC. My son attended starting at 4 months until he was 3 years old. Sonam and her sister Dickey create a warm and loving environment for the children, the indoor and outdoor spaces are wonderful, and the food is delicious and healthy. My son loved the place, and as first-time parents it made our lives so much easier to feel confident and trusting about where he spent his days while we were working. When I dropped my son in the morning, he would walk right over and sit on Sonam's lap, and when I picked him up in the afternoon he would be laughing and playing in the yard with Dickey and the other children. The group size is small and intimate and each child gets lots of individual care. I highly recommend this daycare! 

We love Sonam and CCC! This was our daughter's first daycare experience at 13 months old, and CCC helped her with the transition beautifully. We felt so comfortable and reassured sending our daughter to Sonam where we knew she would be loved, nurtured, and encouraged to develop appropriate behaviors for peer interaction. Our daughter struggled (and still does!) with napping during the day, and Sonam was able to get her to nap during the day with consistency. Our daughter loved the outdoor play space, and we felt great knowing that the indoor space was bright with lots of light flowing through the sliding glass doors since our daughter is much calmer when outside in the fresh air. The room is meticulously clean, and CCC even provides homemade Tibetan snacks and lunch for the kids! Our daughter has now transitioned to preschool, but we are expecting our second baby and hope that CCC will have space to care for our newborn when the time comes- it is absolutely our first choice. These women are so sweet and loving and we are so grateful for the care they provided to our family to make her first daycare experience such a great one.

I highly recommend Sonam Diki and her daycare, Compassionate Child Care. She and her sister provided wonderful care for my son for about a year from age 1 to age 2 up until he started the preschool that his older brother went to. Her many years of experience as a nanny were apparent in the caring, calm and knowledgeable way she cares for young children. The home-based day care is filled with fun, age-appropriate toys and small play structures. We were provided with daily notes about his eating, napping and bowel movements so that we kept well informed about how his day went. Sonam was also very accommodating of schedule changes that we had. We felt confident that when we dropped him off, our son would be well cared for.

I want to offer the highest recommendation for Compassionate Child Care. Sonam cared for my older daughter until she went to preschool, and now my younger daughter is at CCC. Both my kids have absolutely thrived in the care of this wonderful family.  The kids are treated with love, kindness, and respect. My younger daughter went through a hitting phase, and was really impressed with how they dealt with it: immediate redirection, while still maintaining patience that I wish I possessed! The kids are fed excellent, healthy homemade food.  The atmosphere is just always so calm and happy.  The space is bright and clean and both the indoor and outdoor areas are great. It's a really special place!