Contra Costa College Early Learning Center

San Pablo, CA

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Contra Costa College
510.235.7800 x4370 or 510-215-4885
San Pablo
Mission Bell Dr.
Maximum Capacity: 
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Ages Served: 
33 months - 60 months
Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri
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  • The Early Learning Center at Contra Costa College is opening back up in May. I'd love to connect with any parents that are planning on enrolling their children!I'm feeling a bit nervous enrolling sight unseen, and have some back up daycares for August enrollment just in case.Eager to hear from anyone who attended in the past, or is planning on attending.

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RE: Affordable Daycare ()

Contra Costa College has an Early Learning Center with much cheaper prices for childcare (could be around $900/month). It is a bit far from Oakland though. I would've put my kids in this center, but they follow the colleges policies on COVID so were closed for much of the lockdown in 2020/2021. I visited several times and were always impressed with the staff; their assistants are often students-in-training and they are very up-to-date with their early childhood education research. They are probably taking a waitlist for Fall 2022 now, so I'd definitely go to the Contra Costa College website and give them a call. Another option would be El Nuevo Mundo in Richmond, a Spanish/English preschool. It was maybe around $1100/month in 2019. The only downside to this one was that they required the child be potty-trained, which ours wasn't. Not sure if this is still the case, but you can always call and ask.

Our daughter has been enrolled at the ELC for almost 6 months. We could not be happier with our experience here. The staff are dedicated and truly care about all of the children. We (and others) noticed the difference in our daughter after just a couple of months. She is much happier and more self confident, plus she is learning so much. We toured many facilities and chose this one over some that cost significantly more (despite cost not being a major factor in our decision). Please note that they are now accepting children younger than published here or on their website (2 years I think). Another very happy ELC mom!

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April 2014

The Early Learning Center at a Contra Costa College in San Pablo, CA (ELC) has openings for children starting a 2.9 to 5. My son has been at the ELC for 3 years . We have been very happy with the support, loving welcome he gets each day and the classroom curricula. Parents get 3 sessions per school year to see how your child is doing in their class and all the teachers are always available to chat about your kids progress or day. There is lots of imaginative play and great outside play yard full of different kinds of activities including a community garden! ELC is great and the monthly tuition is very affordable. Call or visit to learn more. 510-215-4885 Happy ELC Mom

March 2003

Re: Part-time preschool in El Cerrito or Richmond

Check Contra Costa Community College Preschool. They have a Montesori and regular preschool. I was paying $2.5 a hour because I was not a student. However, if you are a student you pay less. Good luck. Norma