Beatie Street Preschool

Oakland, CA

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Judy Kahn
(510) 835-0131
off Park Av on Beatie St.
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Ages Served: 
36 months - 60 months
Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri
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Pre-K program
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Beatie Street Preschool is also known as Oakland Progressive Daycare

Parent Reviews

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We've been at Beatie Street for 3 years and it's amazing. The group of parents and children make up a wonderful community for us, who doesn't have family around. The teachers have dozens of years of experience and really cater towards each kids' individual needs. There are kids reading at early ages, 5 year olds doing multiplication or kids with some disabilities getting amazing attention and care. Along with the standard education, these kids are learning about community around them, social awareness, and protecting the environment. We have talked to parents whose kids are currently in Kindergarten or 1st grade, after finishing attending this preschool, and they have been amazed by the emotional maturity and awareness that has been taught to their kids.
There is an opening for the upcoming 2016-2017 school year for a T-K or Kindergarten. We just want to promote the school, even if you haven't been there for the past couple of years, it's a great education (almost all the students there have parents who are teachers!), awesome community, and stresses a lot of things that many larger programs won't be able to do. Give Judy a call or PM if you want more information.

Archived Q&A and Reviews

March 2012

Re: Looking for a preK or Bridge K in Oakland
Beatie Street is an amazing place for kids with late-in-year birthdays. My daughter is a late September birthday, and I don't know whether she should start Kindergarten when she's 4 going on 5, or 5 going on 6. Especially since parents have to commit in DECEMBER the year before the kid starts! How the heck will I know whether she'll be developmentally ready 9 months prior?

Beatie Street has a wonderful ''Pencil Box'' program--which is a kindergarten year, for a small, cozy set of only 4-6 kids. So my daughter will attend the Beatie Street Kindergarten year (when she's 4 going on 5), and then I can decide whether she heads straight into first grade the next year, or just starts fresh with Kindergarten class at her public school.

There are only 15 kids total in the pre-school and Pencil Box Kindy program, and it feels really cozy. There's a wonderful parent community, and an amazing head teacher, Judy who I can't recommend highly enough.

My daughter will be attending Beatie Street for 2 years--from everything I've observed, it's really important for kids to attend preschool at Beatie Street least one year prior to the Pencil Box year. Socially and emotionally, they become the leaders of the school, and attending the preschool in conjunction with the Pencil Box year is a wonderful, seamless program that prepares them wonderfully for school and for life! I just attended Beatie Street's 30th anniversary party and met absolutely wonderful people--the ''alumni'' are a shining example of the caring, progressive, socially aware philosophy of the school.

Anyway, I know you were specifically asking about PreK and Bridge K and I wanted to give some information about this special program that really gives kids and families some flexibility around the choice for when late-in-year birthday kids start school.

Anyway--please feel free to get my name and email from the moderator if you would like more information. Thrilled to find Beatie Street!

Jan 2012

Re: Small Oakland Preschool for shy boy
Beatie Street Preschool and Kindergarten is the way to go. 15 kids. very experienced teachers. Very progressive. Funky space. Judy knows what she's doing. This is not just a school, or even a community, it's a kind of a family. I live in the Laurel and would prefer not to have to go down Park Blvd in the morning, but it is worth it. Contact me if you'd like. Michele

April 2010

Looking to see if anyone has information about Beatie Street Preschool. Interested in sending my child there, but wanted more recent information about it. Thank you. Roger

Beatie Street is a gem! It is not well known as it is such a small school but it is a great program. This is a progressive, community-oriented school, supporting social consciousness in our children and families. Beatie Street aims to offer quality, affordable education on a sliding scale or 'fair share' tuition basis and is motivated to include a wide spectrum of family structures, cultures and abilities in its community.

The staff to child ratio is higher than most other community programs with two teachers for 14 children, allowing each one more individual attention. Children are encouraged to develop their interests and there is ample opportunity for free play and experiential learning as well as structured activities. Arts, cooking, science, chess, meditation and dance are among the activities that feature in the weekly routine. The outdoor play space is well designed to allow the children to get the intense movement experiences their bodies need to allow them to return and focus on another task. Children can use the outdoor space at their leisure, except for circle and nap times, accomodating children's individual needs for physical activity and energy expenditure.

There is a kindergarten component to the school that allows a small number of K-aged children to work on their academic and social skills, while taking on a leadership/mentoring role for the younger preschoolers. This structure builds confidence and social competence, helping to prepare these children for the bigger group experience of elementary school. By the way, most of them learn to read along the way!

There is a strong home-school connection here...parents participate in all aspects of the program. We support the curriculum with weekly 'sharing' for the sound of the week and teachers recommend activities to support individual children's needs at home. Parents sit on the board of directors and participate in the decision-making process to support the operation of the school.

I feel very lucky to be part of the Beatie Street 3.5 year old is in her first year here...she is excited every day to go to school and procrastinates when it is time to go home! Her older sister came through before her, well prepared for public education. She continues to be very connected to her Beatie Street friends and has many playdates that continue to support these connections for her.

Beatie Street is a great school...I hope it feels right for you and your family! There are a couple of spots left for this fall...come by and visit or feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Jennifer

April 2010

I'd like to put in a very positive review of Beatie Street Preschool. Judith Kahn, the director, and the staff, have been with our daughter since she was just under three years old. She has thrived there, and has had a great balance of play (and more play!), child-friendly routine in a home-like setting, and developmentally appropriate Montessori-inspired learning. We planned to keep our daughter at Beatie Street for the her kindergarten year (where kids take a real leadership role and often emerge as full-fledged readers!) and are sad to have to leave the school and community this fall. It is a small school - 15 kids total - with a great community that helps to run the school but does not provide the childcare, as Judy and her very experienced staff do that job. The school is well-established (over 20 yrs!), and there is true diversity with a sliding-scale tuition serving working parents from all walks of life. Since we have to give up our much-coveted spot in the fall there *might* be an opening there for an older girl. Contact Judy @ 510-835-0131. Laura

May 2008

Re: Full-Time Preschools in Oakland
I also looked at Beatie Street preschool, which is very small at 15 students. I have friends whose kids have gone or are going and they speak highly of it. I would have sent my daughter there but they did not have any openings at the time--the downside of being small.

Nov 2007

Re: Preschools w/ accredited Kindergarten
Come visit Beatie Street in Oakland off of Park. There are only 15 kids and instruction is differentiated to support both preschoolers and kindergardeners. There are two instructional circle times per day with all kids participating at their developmental level and then there is individualized instruction for kids who have shown reading readiness (most of these are of Kindergarten age). Many students graduate and move into first grade while others, though most can already read, go into kindergarten. The program is both Montessori and play-based, a unique combination that seems to work great for the kids. Beatie Street's director, Judy Kahn is a passionate and committed teacher and is a wonderful person. The school is committed to creating a strong community, having diversity (in all senses of the word), and also offers sliding scale tuition. Full time only and commitment through kindergarten is preferred. Marielle

Nov 2005

We feel fortunate to have been let in on this hidden treasure of a preschool and kindergarten by my daughter's kindergarten teacher. Usually no advertisement is required for this school as turnover is extremely low. Due to an unexpected cross-country relocation of one of our families Beatie Street now has one mid-year opening. Beatie Street is a full-time, year-round, non-profit Preschool and Kindergarten in the heart of Oakland tailored to support working families with children age 2.9-6 years. Many children stay though kindergarten. Director Judy Kahn combines play with developmentally appropriate Montessori inspired teaching resulting in solid preparation for elementary school within a fun and socially progressive atmosphere. Tuition is moderate, based on income. Hours are 8:15-5:30 Monday through Friday. The staff and community are culturally diverse. Alternative families welcome. Cantonese, Manderin, and English spoken. No part-time care is offered.
Contact: Director: Judy Kahn, (510) 835-0131