Shahin Bahmanian Childcare

El Cerrito, CA

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Home-Based Daycare/Preschool
Fatemeh Shahin Bahmanian
El Cerrito
El Cerrito on Cutting
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3 months - 60 months

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Jan 2013

Our Daughter spent 3 years and 3 months at Shahin's daycare where she was Safe, Happy and Loved. It was a nice stable environment and I appreciate that we did not have to move our daughter around to find a safe, happy, growth oriented daycare. Shahin and the caregivers are now our extended family. As working parents, we relied on Shahin to love and nurture our daughter while we were working. She provides meals which are nutritious and good tasting. She is reliably open from 730am to 6pm and has parent 'date-night' once a month. They prepared our daughter for pre-school and built her into a caring, helpful, well adapted citizen. Shahin's is a safe and stimulating home daycare and my daughter was always happy to go there. We appreciate that we were lucky to have a referral and find Shahin on our first try and not experience the stress of trying several providers in a stressful daycare shuffle. The other parents are wonderful and the entire environment is very supportive. She does not have frequent openings, so get our spot while it is still available. Shahin Bahamian(510) 234-1238 (no calls during nap time from 1-3:30 PM please) Lisa C

March 2010

The small, in-home daycare my son and daughter have attended has a couple of (rare!) spots open beginning in September. I cannot begin to explain how wonderful Shahin (the owner) is, or how fortunate we have felt having her care for our two children these past several years. Shahin has been running this licensed daycare in her lovely home for 14 years. Children are aged 3 mos to 3+ years. The snacks and homemade lunches (mainly organic food) are nutritious and yummy, they get a nice amount of outside time in her backyard, there is music and art and most of all the love she showers on the kids is truly special. Shahin truly is the family we don't have here in the Bay Area and I cannot recommend her enough. I know all the parents of the kids in her care feel the same way--we have all sent siblings year after year and recommended her to neighbors and friends.

Please contact Shahin (Sha-heen) Bahmanian for information and to visit: 510-234-1238 (no calls from 1-3:30 PM please, kids napping!). I am also very happy to answer any questions.