Seeking a Preschool with Reggio Emilia Approach

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Play play play!! Is there a school?

Oct 2013

My daughter (2.5) is currently at a school which says they emphasize play and a child led program. However, I am findjg myself seeing the teachers showing her how to play and use the art project. I am very specific on what I want for my daughter: RIE principals would be great, but I haven't found that. Regio Emilia would be great too, but not Duck's Nest on Piemont. I know many parents love it there, but it is too large for us and there is too much teacher leading (for me). I want something where my daughter can basically play and do things the way she wants to. No circle time. Not even well meaning suggestions on how to roll play dough into balls. She is an amazing learner and loves to discover these things on her own. Does anyone know of a small, very play based program like I have described? Thanks! Play Based mom

A truly excellent play based preschool is Blue Skies in Oakland (formerly AOCS), a non-profit that offers infant care-preschool. It's based on Reggio Emiliano and our daughter had a great experience in the almost five years years she spent there. Our younger daughter went to the Child Study Center at Berkeley, also an excellent play based program, but of the two I preferred Blue Skies. A Blue Skies fan

Check out the Play Yard in Berkeley on Blake, where my younger son went. Denise is a genius who totally gets how preschool aged children learn -- play! She is nature's gift to children. Denise is somewhat Reggio-inspired, but not like other preschool programs that claim to be Reggio or play-based but really are all about sending home the kid's handprint with their name in glitter letters -- my older son attended one of those, so I know exactly what you're talking about. Denise walks the walk (or, should I say, plays the play!). Good luck, Jenn G.

If you want a true play based program without the direction you noted in your post, I highly recommend The New School . If you want academics, this is not the place. But if you want a place where kids get really messy, are only directed away from activities that are unsafe or unkind, then this is the place. There are so many fun things to do at New School--lots of water play, huge sand box, lots of dress-up, art galore. And if your kid just wants to play in the sand or play Legos for 3 hours because he/she is working out a problem, this is the place for you. Its not small, but in the 2s program they are kept separated from the bigger kids (3s/4s) for most of the day. For parents, it can seem like chaos, but for kids it is a safe and organized chaos that helps kids to play at their own pace. Love the Play at New School

the imaginarium near the Children's Hospital. My friend runs it and my daughter goes there. Huge backyard. The kids have many things to do. Organic, home-cooked lunch and snacks. Cool, sporadic field trips and a teacher who strongly believes in young children's inherent ability to learn by themselves and each other. chelsea h.

The Room to Grow preschool in upper Rockridge. I recommend it highly! The school uses the Reggio Emilia approach for the children to explore their world through play. While my son was there the children led many projects such as an elaborate water sculpture that evolved over many days, recreating scenes and characters from favorite books and stories and art work using natural materials. It's a small school with nurturing and fun teachers. anon

Reggio Emilia school in Albany, El Cerrito area?

Sept 2011

I've recently discovered that what I find lacking in Montessori (which my son currently attends) is available in a Reggio Emilia school. I've toured a wonderful school in Rockridge, but it seems too far from our home in Richmond to make it work. Our younger son is in a daycare in El Cerrito. I'm wondering if there are any Reggio Emilia schools in the 80 corridor, especially around El Cerrito, Albany, or Richmond. I'm aware of Duck's Nest and Aquatic Park School, but neither have full-time openings. We are looking to start immediately. If anyone is aware of another Reggio school with immediate full-time (8-6 M-F) openings, please let me know. Thanks!! Searching for the right school

I would like to recommend a school that is not in that geographic area but is a Reggio Emelia-inspired school that I find totally worth the drive for my daughter. I live farther than Richmond and drive to Oakland Garden School because outdoor play and the Reggio experience are both very important to me. I visited in the spring and my daughter and I both fell in LOVE with the expansive outdoor grounds, the nature-based curriculum, and the beautiful and magical classrooms. You will not find a school with a larger, more stunning outdoor space, which includes egg-laying chickens and goats! It is worth a look if you are truly interested in a Reggio curriculum. My daughter, a gentle and somewhat shy soul, begs to go to school on the weekends and comes home dirty and covered in paint. It is worth it for me to make the drive for the one year she is in preschool before she starts kindergarten. In full disclosure, since enrolling her, I have become a parent volunteer and serve as the school's office coordinator. Driving for the Reggio Experience

Sept 2010

My daughter is 18 months old and I am looking into preschools for her. I would like to start part time (maybe mornings several days a week) then maybe increase her hours the older she gets. Specifically, I am looking for a Preschool with the philosophy of Reggio-Emilia or Play with Structure. It could be either in Berkeley or Oakland. Your insights, advice, personal recommendations and thoughts welcome. Cheers, Raquel

Ducks Nest is a fantastic Reggio Emilia school. We've sent 3 happy kids there and the program is amazing. christine

If you are looking for a co-op, the only co-op for kids 18 months old in CA is Skytown in Kensington. I started my daughter there at 20 months and loved it (we are still there for her final year before kindergarten. We lived in Oakland when she started, but it was worth the drive! It incorporates elements from Reggio and Montesourri and other play-based methods. We are filling up spaces quickly, though, so if you are interested, check it out!

Nov 2007

Duck's Nest PreSchool in the East Bay Area is an Emmergent/Project Approach school, inspired by the Reggio Emillo Philosophy in Italy. Duck's Nest is also very fortunate to has several male teachers at all locations.

June 2002

Hi, I was wondering if anyone knows of a preschool that uses the Reggio Emilia approach. I have been reading about it and am quite intrigued. Thanks Kelsie

The Old Firehouse School on Moraga Road in downtown Lafayette follows the Reggio Emiglia approach. They take kids from infancy through preschool age, and have both part-time and full- time programs. You can reach them at 925-284-4321. The director is Dorothy Stewart. Sharon

I think Via Nova uses Reggio Emilia, at least in part.

I heard Aquatic Park Preschool billed themselves as Reggio Emilia inspired.

Other recommendations:

April 2002

I've been checking out preschools and reading the archives but still can't find what I'm looking for. Can anyone recommend a school that has a lot of free play and creative activities, but accompanied by very serious teacher facilatation? (a la Reggio Emilia). I also want only three full days, and I'm a graduate student so price is an issue. My child is three and I'm looking for the Fall. Thanks for any ideas you might have. Ilona