RIE/Reggio-friendly toddler/early preschool programs in Berkeley?

I'm looking for a RIE/Reggio Emilia-friendly toddler and early-start preschool program located in Berkeley for my child. I'm specifically looking for something that would allow kids to start sometime between 12-18 months, has a great outdoor environment and lets kids get messy, is truly play-based and child-led (rather than just giving lip service to these approaches), has an emphasis on social-emotional growth, and would take kids on a part-time basis (4-5 hours/day 3-4 days/week). I know that is a long list :) Location close Strawberry Creek Park is a plus but not necessary. Would love to hear any ideas people might have! 

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Aquatic Park School (APS) in Berkeley is a wonderful Reggio daycare/preschool.  My 4 year old has been going there since he was 18 months and he is thriving.  Check out the reviews on BPN (one is mine).  I believe the tuition rates are for full time only until you get to the 3-year old group, which you can then pare down to 3-5 days/week.  Not so much with the hourly thing, though. 
Good luck!

We are a RIE family that attends a weekly playgroup. Some families in our group with older children have graduated their children to Happy Baby Small School in Berkeley.

Child Education Center http://www.childeducationcenter.org is an excellent program. My two grandsons attended there and I have been very impressed.  There is lots of messy play - not sure about all of your requests it is an excellent play- based program. 

Look up Happy Baby Small School in Berkeley! It incorporates almost every trait you describe. The only catch is that your child needs to be 18 months to start there. My daughter is there now and is having a great experience.

I checked out St John's on College Ave not too far from the UCB campus, which seems to meet most of your criteria and is highly rated by parents.  From what I saw when I visited, they're definitely play-based and child-led, and the center director has attended RIE trainings.  We didn't end up switching to them because my daughter is pretty content where she is and I didn't want to pull her out in the middle of the year, but we're still on the interest list for later. Their fee schedule includes PT in terms of days, but not hours per day--check it out and see if any of the options might work for you.  https://www.sites.google.com/site/stjohnit/enrollment

I was told good things about Happy Baby in Berkeley they fit alot of the things you are looking for. Hope you find the perfect place!