Looking for a Reggio Emilia inspired preschool

We are moving to Montclaire Oakland area from the east cost this summer, and we have been searching for a preschool for our 4 year old son.  He has been in a traditional preschool, and we are interested in switching to a Reggio Emilia inspired school going forward.  Wondering whether anyone has an opinion about a good Reggio inspired preschool, in particular Room To Grow vs the Aquatic Park school.  I have read fantastic reviews about both.  Thanks in advance!


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We are a current APS family and love it. The staff is impressive and committed, the kids spend lots of time outside getting filthy, and there's a strong commitment to taking kids seriously and giving them opportunities to develop projects, classroom themes, etc. That said, the school tends to have a long waitlist, and so (as with many preschools around here) there are no guarantees of space. I believe the 4-5 group may have a few spots for next year, but there may be kids lined up for them. Definitely inquire before expending too much mental energy on it.

Have you considered Via Nova? Via Nova is a wonderful Reggio inspired school with a great play space directly across the street from Bart and has a very rare opening in its Dinosaur/pre-k classroom. My second child is entering the school now and love the highly experienced teachers and director and the space!